Clash Royale Bowler guide

Clash Royale Bowler guide

Looking for a remote unit with HP? Then we've got the solution for you in this Clash Royale Bowler guide. With our tips and tricks, discover the card's effects, learn how to play the card effectively and integrate it into a deck that highlights its strengths while compensating for its weaknesses.

Bowler strengths and weaknesses

The Bowler card in Clash Royale is available from Arena 8: Frozen Peak. It is an epic card that costs 5 units of Elixir. The Bowler moves at slow speed and targets enemies at a high range of 6 squares.

His attack deals area damage every 2.5 seconds, which is effective against quickly destroying large troops such as the Skeleton Army, Barbarians or Goblins. He has a large amount of health, but can quickly be overwhelmed by hand-to-hand enemies.

Clash Royale Bowler card

On the other hand, the Bowler is easy to counter in Clash Royale with air units, such as the Minions or the Inferno Dragon for example. Spells such as Rocket or Lightning can also help you get rid of the Bowler. It is also quite expensive in Elixir, which can make it difficult to use effectively if you don't have the Elixir advantage.

How to play with the Bowler in Clash Royale?

The Bowler in Clash Royale is a card that is used to attack enemies from a distance. It throws fireballs at enemies, causing high area damage. Although he has a lot of health points, it's important to manage the defense cards well so that you're not caught off guard and avoid being exposed to enemy attacks.

Clash Royale Bowler visual

In attack, it is necessary to place units in the first line to use effectively the Bowler in Clash Royale. Ideally, send a tank like a Golem or a Giant first. Depending on your opponent's response, send your Bouliste behind to keep it on defense and add units like Barbarians to buy some more time to launch the counter-attack.

The best deck with the Bowler in Clash Royale

For our best deck with the Bowler in Clash Royale, we're going to recommend a deck that we've already introduced in our Balloon guide. Your frontline tank is the Lumberjack, which doesn't cost much and releases a Rage spell when it dies. He should be sent before the Bowler, who must be protected to be able to do maximum damage.

Since he is unable to defend against air units, use the Baby Dragon and Inferno Dragon combo to counter air units and the Barbarian Barrel.

The best deck with the Bowler in Clash Royale

Then launch the counter-attack with the Balloon and cast your Freeze spell to give it time to reach the opponent's tower. If many enemies are present when the Balloon dies, the Tornado can be an interesting option to maximize the damage of the explosion.

That's it for our Clash Royale Bowler guide. You now know how to compose an efficient deck with the Balloon, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the card. All that's left is to start playing games to test your new deck.

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