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Clash Royale Golem Guide

Clash Royale Golem Guide

Do you need a tank that can withstand the onslaught of your opponents for a long time? We've got the answer in this Clash Royale Golem guide. With our tips and tricks, learn how to play the card effectively and integrate it into a deck that takes advantage of its qualities and makes up for its flaws.

Golem strengths and weaknesses

Clash Royale Golem card is available from Arena 10: Hog Mountain. This is an epic card that costs 8 Elixir units. It summons a Golem that moves slowly and targets only buildings within 0.8 squares of melee range.

Clash Royale Golem Card

Its attack speed is very slow, as it only strikes every 2.5 seconds. On the other hand, it has a huge amount of health. When it dies, it deals area damage and splits into two Golemites, which also target buildings, but have fewer hit points and deal less damage.

How to play Clash Royale with the Golem?

In Clash Royale, the Golem is one of the toughest tanks in the game. However, its slow movement and attacks do not make it a good tower destroyer. Nevertheless, it allows its allies to quietly do damage while the enemies deal with it.

Because of its high cost in Elixir, the Golem is mainly used during the Elixir x2 phase to be able to accompany other units. For this, you have several choices depending on the opponent's response. You can opt for numerous units, if you are facing an enemy single-target.

Clash Royale Golem visual

However, against a large number of units, use a spell such as Poison and Log, or area damage units such as the Baby Dragon or Wizard.

To counter an opponent's Golem, the best solution is undoubtedly the Inferno Tower. By placing it in the middle of your field, both of your towers will come to its aid to eliminate it as quickly as possible. If you don't have this card in your deck, use large, fast units like Skeleton Army and Minion Horde.

The best Clash Royale Golem deck

Before you begin composing the best Clash Royale Golem deck, it's important to understand that your games will take place in two phases. In the first phase, you need to be patient in trying to defend intelligently to gain the Elixir advantage.

To repel enemy assaults, you have the Furnace to stall, as well as the Lightning and the Log, two very effective spells against large units. Use the Mega Minion and Minions to defend from the air, especially against tanks.

The best Clash Royale Golem deck

Once you've entered the Double Elixir phase, it's time to go on the attack. Place your Golem at the bottom of the field to have time to collect as much Elixir as possible before it reaches the deck.

Behind him, send the Inferno Dragon, which will do considerable damage to tanks and towers. Finally, get rid of the Skeletons as soon as you have them in hand to cycle your cards and get the Golem back as soon as possible. All that's left is to support it with units that will take out your opponent's defense while they struggle to deal with the Golem.

That's it for this Clash Royale Golem guide. Now you know the pros and cons of the card, but also how to incorporate it into a deck to win games and get to higher arenas. If you'd like to see more card guides and new decks, head over to our Clash Royale tips page.

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