Clash Royale Mighty Miner Guide

Clash Royale Mighty Miner Guide

Just unlocked a new champion and don't know how to play it? In this Clash Royale Mighty Miner guide, we reveal our tips and tricks for learning how to play the card, but also how to integrate it into a powerful deck to earn trophies and advance to higher arenas.

Mighty Miner strengths and weaknesses

The Clash Royale Mighty Miner card is available from Arena 17: Royal Crypt. It is a champion rarity fighter that costs 4 units of Elixir. The Mighty Miner moves at medium speed and targets ground units in close combat every 0.4 seconds.

Clash Royale Mighty Miner Card

In addition to his fast attack, which deals progressive damage, and his high hit points, he has a champion ability: Explosive Escape, which allows him to tunnel to the opposite lane, leaving a bomb that can cause area damage at the starting point.

How to play Clash Royale with the Mighty Miner?

In Clash Royale, the Mighty Miner is a very strategic card, thanks to its ability to switch sides at the last moment. So you can set traps for your enemies and decide to send all your forces to one side or the other.

His progressive damage attack, similar to that of the Inferno Dragon, is very effective against tanks, such as the Giant or the Golem, which only target buildings. With this ability, which costs one unit of Elixir, the Master Miner easily defeats large units, such as theSkeleton Army.

Clash Royale Mighty Miner visual

Its high hit points, similar to those of the Skeleton King, make the Mighty Miner a very good protection for your ranged units. It also works well in combo with the Graveyard, to be sent lightly before using Explosive Escape to switch sides.

On the other hand, the champion is vulnerable to Zappies or the Freeze spell, which prevents him from attacking and moving. Our advice for countering an opposing Mighty Miner is to place the Musketeer in the middle of the field to anticipate the ability

The best Clash Royale Mighty Miner deck

The best Clash Royale Mighty Miner deck is a variation of the Mirror deck and Log Bait. It features powerful cards and spells that can make a difference, but requires some skill to play. At the beginning of the game, play the Mighty Miner on one side, then use your ability to switch sides when the opponent's defense arrives.

Then you will have the choice to continue defending on the original side if there are still enemy troops and your Minor Master is not threatened. In defense, use the Fire Spirit and the Log against a small wave of units, or the Cannon if your turn is in danger.

The best Clash Royale Mighty Miner deck

If you prefer to support the Mighty Miner in his offensive, send the Dart Goblin in support, the Goblin Barrel to attack the tower directly or the Rocket to finish a tower, causing damage to the opposing units in the process.

Finally, the Mirror allows you to clone the last card played to throw off your opponent. All in all, this best Clash Royale Mighty Miner deck is all about driving your enemies crazy with a poker-like strategy.

That's it for this Clash Royale Mighty Miner guide. You now know the strengths and weaknesses of the card and the best deck to play it effectively. All that's left to do is apply our tips and tricks to climb the leaderboard.

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