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Clash Royale Musketeer Guide

Clash Royale Musketeer Guide

Looking for a unit to protect your tanks from air units? Then discover our Clash Royale Musketierin guide and learn how to play this card, but also how to compose a deck to take advantage of its qualities and fill its defects.

Musketeer strengths and weaknesses

Clash Royale Musketeer card is available from the Training Camp. It is a rare card that costs 4 Elixir units and deploys a fighter that attacks ground and air enemies with a range of 6 squares.

Equipped with her musket, the Musketeer moves at medium speed and attacks every 1.1 seconds. She deals intermediate damage to one enemy at a time.

Clash Royale Musketeer Card

Its main strength is that it targets all units while staying out of the fray. It is a very useful card against air units. On the other hand, it lacks resistance and is quickly overwhelmed in close combat.

How to play Clash Royale with the Musketeer?

As you can see, in Clash Royale, the Musketeer must stay out of the fight to survive. When attacking, place her behind a tank, such as the P.E.K.K.A, a Golem or a Giant, so that she can do damage from a distance without risking losing health points.

The Musketeer can be placed behind the king's rook at the beginning of the game, to force your opponent to reveal his game. In general, when defending, you should always place it at the back of the field to keep it at a distance as long as possible.

Clash Royale Musketeer visual

To counter your opponent's Musketeer, the trick is to opt for numerous units, such as the Barbarians or the Skeleton Army. The Fireball is also a solution to eliminate a defensive Musketeer, unreachable by your units. Depending on its positioning, it is also possible to hit other troops as well as an opposing tower.

The best Clash Royale Musketeer deck

To open up games by playing the best Clash Royale Musketeer deck, place the Graveyard on your side of the field. It will generate small skeletons that put pressure and force your opponent to play.

To attack, you only have a mini-tank on the ground with the Knight. However, you have two spells, the Log and Poison, to counter the numerous units in attack and defense. Add to this the Baby Dragon, which deals area damage from the air, and the Musketeer, which stays back and targets ground and air units.

The best Clash Royale Musketeer deck

On defense, the Inferno Tower deals heavy damage and monopolizes the attention of enemy units, allowing time for your tower's Archers, Poison, and Musketeer to do damage. Finally, send in the Skeletons as soon as you can, as this card only costs 1 Elixir and allows you to cycle your cards faster.

That's it for this Clash Royale Musketeer guide. Now you know the pros and cons of this card. To discover new decks or other card guides, head to our Clash Royale tips page.

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