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Clash Royale Night Witch Guide

Clash Royale Night Witch Guide

After recently discussing the Witch, learn about her nighttime version in this Clash Royale Night Witch guide. With our tips and tricks, learn how to play the card effectively and put together a deck that takes advantage of its qualities while overcoming its flaws.

Night Witch strengths and weaknesses

Clash Royale Night Witch card is available from Arena 5: Spell Valley. It is a legendary card that costs 4 units of Elixir. The Night Witch attacks ground troops every 1.5 seconds at a melee range of 1.2 squares.

In the same way as the Witch and her skeletons, the Night Witch summons bats at regular intervals, which target ground and air units. Upon her death, the Night Witch is replaced by 4 bats.

Clash Royale Night Witch Card

Its main advantage is definitely its ability to generate bats. Although its damage is very decent, it has few hit points and is disarmed against air units if its bats are dealing with another target.

How to play Clash Royale with the Night Witch?

Despite the similarities between these two Clash Royale cards , the Night Witch is not played at all the same way as the Witch. Indeed, the night version of the Witch is a melee unit, so you need to place it as close as possible to the units to be targeted to maximize its damage.

However, it is possible to place it at the back of the field to generate more bats, but the Night Witch may succumb to opposing assaults before she can reach a target.

Like the Prince and the Dark Prince, the Night Witch and the Witch form a very good combo, since you have ground and air troops, hand-to-hand attacks, but also ranged attacks with area damage.

Clash Royale NIght Witch Guide: The Three Witches

The Night Witch is more vulnerable than the Witch, since bats do not attract ground units. However, it is a good solution against tanks that are vulnerable to air units.

To counter an opposing Night Witch, the Baby Dragon is the most effective option. In addition to eliminating her bats in one hit with her area damage, she will not be able to target him. Large units like the Skeleton Army or Minion Horde, as well as the Lightning and Fireball spells will also get the better of the Night Witch.

The best Clash Royale Night Witch deck

Let's start the composition of the best Clash Royale Night Witch deck with our two tanks: the Golem and the Woodcutter. These two cards should be used alternately to allow your other units to advance as far as possible.

To accompany them, send the Night Witch, who will protect them with the help of her bats. By the way, the Rage triggered by the death of the Woodcutter also applies to his flying companions, which can do a lot of damage in a very short time. The Bomber is also a good offensive support if the opponent uses mass troops against your tanks.

The best Clash Royale Night Witch deck

On defense, you can use the Elite Barbarians to slow the progress of enemy units, and the Mega Minion to attack hand-to-hand from the air. Finally, use the Arrows and Zap spells in a versatile way to respond to an assault or counter the opponent's defense.

That's it for this Clash Royale NIght Witch guide. Now you know how to strategically play this card and what deck to put it in to win and reach the top arenas. For more card guides and new decks, check out our Clash Royale tips page.

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