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Clash Royale Prince Guide

Clash Royale Prince Guide

Just unlocked the Clash Royale Prince card and don't know how to play it? Don't panic, in our guide we reveal its pros and cons, our tips and tricks for playing the card effectively, and the best deck to put it in to win trophies and advance to higher arenas.

The strengths and weaknesses of the Prince

Originally offered at the end of the tutorial, the Clash Royale Prince card is now unlockable from Arena 7: Royal Arena. It is an epic card that costs 5 Elixir units.

On his horse, Prince attacks ground units and buildings. He moves at medium speed, but after 2 seconds of uninterrupted riding, his horse starts to gallop and he charges the next obstacle, whether it is a unit, a building or a tower. It deals intermediate damage that is doubled when charging, at an attack speed of 1.4 seconds and a long melee range of 1.6.

Clash Royale Prince Card

Its main strength lies in its balance. Indeed, the Prince can both inflict heavy damage with his charge, but also save time on defense thanks to his high health points. However, he only targets one unit at a time and only on the ground.

How to play Clash Royale with the Prince?

In Clash Royale, the Prince is a mini-tank similar to the Valkyrie, except that he only attacks one unit at a time. To make up for this, accompany him with a unit or spell that does area damage, which will prevent the Prince from being overwhelmed by large units. He can be sent to the front, but is most effective when covered by a tank.

On defense, it can defeat the Giant, Golems or Hog Rider. It also allows you to stall against units like the Valkyrie or the Mini P.E.K.K.A while the archers in your tower fire their arrows. It is mainly at the beginning of your Clash Royale games that the Prince is the most effective. Indeed, in double Elixir, he is much more easily defended.

Clash Royale Prince visual

If sent alone by your opponent, the Prince is very easy to counter. When he crosses your deck, place the Skeleton Army around him and he won't be able to do anything to defend himself. The same is true with air units, such as Minions or Bats, but you risk taking a charge on your turn if you don't place ground units to slow him down.

The best Clash Royale Prince deck

The best Clash Royale Prince deck works on the Log Bait principle. As a reminder, this strategy consists in forcing the opponent to use his spells in order to be able to launch units like the Goblin Barrel or the Princess safely. As you can see, the composition of our deck starts with the Prince, who will be the leader of your attacks. Although he has a large amount of health points, he is not the one who has to shield against enemy towers.

This is the role of the Rascals, which also initiate the Log Bait strategy with the two rascals. To support this move, place the Goblin Gang and wait for your opponent's reaction. If he sends the Log Bait, Arrows or Zap, it's time to send the Goblin Barrel to the foot of the enemy tower.

On top of that, you have two versatile units: The Princess, whose arrows inflict area damage at very long range, and the Royal Ghost, who remains invisible until he attacks.

The best Clash Royale Prince deck

Even if your goal is to force your opponent to defend all the time, they may still gain an advantage. If this is the case, defend with the Log against large units and the Goblin Gang against tanks. You can also use the Rascals and Prince against units that deal area damage to initiate a counterattack.

Finally, Poison can be used to defend, but also during offensive phases to protect your units or complete the destruction of a tower.

That's it, we're done with this Clash Royale Prince guide. You know how to play this card as well as put together the best deck possible to take advantage of its strengths and weaknesses. For more decks and card guides, I'll direct you to our Clash Royale tips page.

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