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Coin Master Free Spins: chests and free coins daily

Coin Master free spins

Are you dreaming of an avalanche of gifts, a rain of corners and a mountain of free spins in Coin Master?
As you know, in this game, it can be difficult to get enough spins each day to make your village grow. Fortunately, Moon Active, the game's publisher, offers daily links to get a maximum of free spins Coin Master, free corners and other goodies.
These famous links are totally legal and allow you to quickly pass a village. By the way, the links in this article are updated daily. So if you're wondering how to get more free spins at Coin Master, it's over here! 🎁

How to get free spins Coin Master, coins and free spins every day?

The game is Coin Master is very active, so the links change every day! Therefore, you may come across links that were good yesterday, but no longer work today.
This is why we want to keep this list of free spins Coin Master up to date. You can also get free chests, corners, pet food and experience potions in addition to your free spins! 🤩 There is no magic method to get unlimited free spins for Coin Master... But by following the updates in the following links, optimizing your Coin Master experience with a free spin (or several) has never been easier.

Here is the updated list of new treasures available on 21 October 2021!

Indeed, several links of free tours Coin Master have already been published. If you're looking for the right link to follow, it's here.
Here are today's free links spins :

RewardsDateLink to Coin Master
Link 1: 40M coins21 October 2021Collect
Link 2: 3.6M coins21 October 2021Collect
Link 3: 10 spins and 2M coins21 October 2021Collect
Coin Master free spins

Here are the links from yesterday and the previous days if you haven't had a chance to use them (don't always work).

RewardsDateLink to Coin Master
Link 1: 25 spins20 October 2021Collect
Link 2: 10 spins and 2M coins20 October 2021Collect
Link 3: 3.6M coins20 October 2021Collect
Link 4: 25 spins20 October 2021Collect
Link 5: 25 spins20 October 2021Collect
Link 6: 10 spins and 2M coins19 October 2021Collect
Link 7: 10 spins and 2M coins19 October 2021Collect
Link 8: 25 spins19 October 2021Collect
Link 9: 25 spins19 October 2021Collect
Link 10: 10 spins and 2M coins19 October 2021Collect
Link 11: 25 spins19 October 2021Collect
Link 12: 25 spins18 October 2021Collect
Link 13: 10 spins and 2M coins18 October 2021Collect
Link 14: 3.6M coins18 October 2021Collect
Link 15: 25 spins18 October 2021Collect
Link 16: 25 spins17 October 2021Collect
Link 17: 3.6M coins17 October 2021Collect
Link 18: 3.6M coins17 October 2021Collect
Link 19: 25 spins17 October 2021Collect
Link 20: 25 spins16 October 2021Collect

If you're wondering how to get the free spins from there, it's very simple. To collect the rewards, just click on the link from your Android device, iOS device or PC (if you are playing on an emulator).
It will take a few seconds before you see the in-game reward, but you don't even have to be logged into Facebook. And miracle! The free spins on Coin Master and the avalanche of corners will be yours.
However, a link can only be used once. So there's no need to go after a link that doesn't offer you rewards.

Daily bonus corners CM

If these offers are not enough for you, you can follow our other tips to get free spins for Coin Master or take a look at the official Moon Active Facebook page. This is where the links to rewards are posted. So you'll be among the first to know when a new link is posted, so you won't miss out.

Our tip: bookmark this article ⭐️ and check it out every day when you play Coin Master.

Please note that no Coin Master code is available in-game. It is the Coin Master links that, in the same way as gift codes, give access to various free rewards .

Daily gifts and special spins events

Like many other mobile games, Coin Master offers a system of dailrewards y events and . It is when the events are active that you have to use all your spins ! So save your daily free spins Coin Master, as these can earn you even more.

Tour Coin Master event

Using a free ride coin master as part of an event earns you different points. Whether it's foxes, acorns, fir trees or some other type of point, they all offer bonuses. As with the daily links, they will give you experience potions, freecorners and a maximum of free spins Coin Master.

For example, if you have your 50 turns in stock and use them in the Foxy event, each fox in your draws earns you Foxy points. At various levels, 100 Foxy Points can give you 25 extra spins and 1,000 Foxy Points can give you over 1,000 free spins. Whereas if you had used your laps before the event, you would not have earned any Foxy Points.

Invite friends to earn more rewards

One of the most important elements of the game to progress quickly is to help each other. On your own, you will have to make do with links and gifts to win free spins Coin Master. But by inviting your friends to join the game, you will be entitled to 30 free spins per friend, or even more!
Afterwards, you can take advantage of this to attack them or exchange cards with them. This will make you progress even faster.

Card exchange Coin Master

In fact, you'll get even more free spins with this strategy. Indeed, by exchanging cards with your friends or on the Facebook exchange group in your country, you will be able to complete collections easily. Completing collections means that you can get free spins Coin Master cards in large quantities!

That's it for this guide to get free tours on Coin Master every day of the year. I hope you found it useful and don't hesitate to come back to the article every day to make your sessions on spin easier!
And last info, for your comfort, know that you can play Coin Master on your PC! 😉

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  1. Prajapati

    200 spinner

    • Christophe

      Very well made and captivating game when you get into it.

  2. Heike Normann

    Good game, need more information about the value of the cards

  3. Boureau

    The game is very good, but it's a pity that you can only give 2 moves to your friends and that you accumulate so many cards that are not used or that you can't exchange them as you wish and that you can't give your team at least the gold cards

  4. Silano Daniele

    It is extraordinary


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