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Coin Master Links: what are they? Where to find them?

Link Coin Master daily

You play Coin Master ? Then you have probably already read somewhere the term links Coin Master without really understanding. And yet, a link can bring you a lot in game! Let's take a look at what links are in Coin Master and where to find as many as possible.

What are links Coin Master ?

The Coin Master links are clickable links to retrieve rewards. These links are official and not hacks. The game publisher publishes them himself. So we can say that it is a reliable source! Moon Active posts them often, mostly several times a day. The more you have available, the more treasures you will get. And the publisher is quite generous in this respect. Note that these generate various rewards and that you cannot choose your loot.

Links Coin Master daily

As a player, this can help you progress much faster. You will then receive gold, tricks or even both! In some rare cases, such as during events, you will get a chest, cards or experience potions instead.

If you're a bit confused with all the things to keep track of, check out our guide to rewards Coin Master . Players at Coin Master use these links daily to get their daily bonus, so why not you?

Where to find a link Coin Master ?

The links are pretty easy to find. However, the fact that they can only be used once and for a limited time makes them extremely perishable. To counter the bad luck, we have set up a list of daily links for Coin Master free spins and others Rewards.

With this, you will be sure never to miss a daily Coin Master link. You can even find the ones from the previous day if you haven't used them, as they often still work the next day.

Daily CM link Raid game

This will give you plenty of loot and prevent you from falling behind other players who click on these links every day. This will allow you to change villages faster and climb the overall leaderboard.

Get more treasures

The Coin Master links are mostly published on the game's Facebook page. Moon Active usually offers between 3 and 5 per day. So don't be surprised if you only find three on Monday, but more the next day.

In addition to these treasures to be collected via the official network Coin Master, the game's Community Manager is setting up mini-games competitions. Based on riddles, these competitions offer the possibility for certain lucky players to win even more resources!

Links Coin Master competitions
Facebook riddle for a CM competition

Be careful though, the competition is tough and the puzzles not always obvious when you are a beginner. The links are still your best source for getting tricks and other treasures. Rather than waiting an hour to get five tricks, click on a link that will give you 25 instantly!

This is already the end of this article, but you now have all the answers to your questions. So, please pass it on to anyone who asks you where to find Coin Masterlinks and what they are for. 👍
And don't forget, to make your life easier, you can also play Coin Master on PC!

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