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Coin Master Spins: What are they? How to get some?

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If you play Coin Master the game of Moon Active, it is essential to know everything about what is called Coin Master spins. They represent the essence of the game. But then, what exactly is spins in Coin Master? Explanations on the automatic draw mode, the bet multiplier to spend your draws smartly and quickly! It also tells you how to make the best use of your tricks and where to find spins bonuses. Let's discover all this together in this article! Are you ready to be covered in gold and Rewards? 🎰

What is Coin Master spins?

First of all, what are the spins Coin Master ? This term refers to the available draws on the game's slot machine. Every time you spin the wheel, you consume one spin. And these are only collected at a rate of 5 spins per hour. I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that after 10 o'clock, your reserve will be full and you won't be able to store any more. This is what is indicated by the 50/50. By the way, don't forget that you can play Coin Master on PC, which is more convenient to follow regularly your reserve from spins.

However, if you get spins bonuses, these can be added to your starting reserve without any problem. Even though it may seem counter-intuitive, you can still exceed the 50/50 limit. This limit is displayed at the bottom of the slot machine, above the draw button. I will explain afterwards how to get those famous Coin Master spins bonuses.

Spins Coin Master  bonus

For each draw, you will be entitled, most of the time, to a reward. However, it happens (very rarely) that a draw does not give anything. In these cases, no corner animation will appear on your screen and, if you have activated the automatic draw, another spin will be consumed to continue playing. The spins 's therefore represent the available slot machine spins. These allow for the purchase of Coin Master Rewards various, but you still need to have some in stock!

Get bonus Coin Master spins

You are in need of Coin Master spins? Can't keep playing? Don't panic, there are other ways to get some than waiting for 10:00. Indeed, to get more from spins, there are several methods of acquisition. Let's discover together how to get spins in Coin Master.

First of all, you can count on the links Coin Master. These are published every day and offer many treasures in medium quantities.

Gauge spins bonus

They can totally exceed your spins account maximum and reach new heights. Their main interest is the presence of daily Coin Master free spins among the most frequent treasures. On the other hand, bonus spins are available for secondary or main events such as balloon releases. Each exploded balloon can then bring you up to several dozens of spins. Enough to extend your game sessions in just a few clicks! There are many similar events at Coin Master. In fact, these are the perfect opportunity to spend your spins to earn more.

You can also get more prints by completing map collections or by finishing your village, for example.

Spend your prints quickly and intelligently

The Coin Master spins are not always easy to get. Yet, thanks to events, completed collections or some other miracle, it can happen to have tons of them. Especially with the spins bonuses that accumulate. How to sell them without taking hours? That's what we're going to see.

Using the automatic draw mode

Instead of spending 5 hours in front of your phone pressing the play button every time, try the automatic game. Use auto-pull to go faster. The draws will restart without your intervention. It's a great way to sell out your free spins at lightning speed when there are thousands of them. Press and hold down the Play button to activate the automatic mode.

Play in CM auto mode

However, you will still have to stay in front of your screen. There are two reasons why you should pay close attention during an automatic draw. The wheel starts up again automatically but the actions you choose require your intervention. For attacks, you will always have to select your target and then exit. For looting, you will also have to choose where to dig and leave. This can't be done automatically so the game will stay locked on the action without restarting the machine if you don't act.

Active Event CM

In addition, there may also be events that require your attention. I am thinking especially of the appearance of balloons or cookie jars that quickly cross the screen and that you have to burst by touching them with your finger. This way you gain extra coins and spins Coin Master coins. But, if you are not in front of your screen, they will pass by and you will miss many treasures! Likewise, if you get a gift through an event, you have to validate it. Otherwise the wheel won't start up again. In any case, the automatic mode allows you to save time and spend your laps quickly.

Counting on the bet multiplier... or not

As in all casino games, it is possible to bet bigger in Coin Master. To do so, you need to activate the bet multiplier at the bottom of the slot machine. By doing so, you will use several spins for each roll and get the result in coins, shields or points multiplied by this factor. Mathematically, by reducing the number of draws and increasing the bet, the results can be very good or very bad. Let me explain. The more draws you make, the more your results tend towards the average draw result. That is, for a large number of Coin Master spins used one by one, your results will be pretty much average.

Great bet from Spins Coin Master

On the other hand, if the same number of spins is used 20 by 20, you reduce your number of prints. If on those few draws you get excellent results (successful attacks or looting for example), your winnings will be much higher than average. If, on the other hand, your few draws are bad, you won't be able to count on a thousand draws to amortize your losses. You will therefore have lost a lot.

The multiplier allows you to sell thousands of spins in no time at all, but be aware that if luck smiles on the bold, it won't necessarily be on your side. Big winnings can make you think the multiplier is always a good thing. But it's not, it's just a trick of your mind. It's better to be aware of the risks you take with your free or purchased Coin Master spins so you don't waste them.

To optimize your gaming sessions, don't hesitate to take a look at our best tip Coin Masters guide .

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