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How do I create a New Mobile Legends Account?

Create a new Mobile Legends account

In order to play Mobile Legends, you will need to create a game account. This account is not only used to start games. Since each account is associated with purchasable content (skin, pass, emblem, emote, etc.) as well as a ranking, for players who like competition and the Ranked game mode. There is nothing scandalous or very surprising about this, since the vast majority of games work with a similar system, especially when there are microtransactions in the equation. While usually you can get away with having a single account, the situation is different for this mobile MOBA. For a variety of reasons, you may want to create a new Mobile Legends account. To guide you through this process, our guide will explain the step-by-step steps to take and the benefits of having multiple accounts. ➡

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Why create a new Mobile Legends account?

Everyone may have their own reasons for creating a new account. Some may want to start the adventure all over again to get the adrenaline rush of discovery. Others may want to change their nickname for free. It can also be assumed that there are players who want to delete their personal data, especially if their account is linked to their Facebook profile.

But the vast majority of players who are wondering how to create a new Mobile Legends account are looking to create a smurf. A sort of alternative account that allows you to train in ranked games on new heroes or in new roles, without risking losing precious ranking stars in case of defeat. This is a good way to improve in games that remain competitive by removing the fear of defeat. Using another account can also be useful when you want to play with your friends and they are lower ranked than you. While the game imposes restrictions (maximum 2/3 difference in the group), with a new account you can continue to play in Ranked with almost everyone. If some consider that smurfing is not very ethical and can ruin the experience of other players, there is no formal ban. So everyone is free to do as they please. 😈

Create a new account via the phone settings

This first method has the advantage of being simple since everything is done from the settings of your phone. First of all, make sure that the Mobile Legends application is not open in the background before starting the procedure.

Mobile Legends settings to create a new account
Information about the application.
  • Open the settings from the menu on your phone, outside the Mobile Legends application.
  • Click on the management of your applications.
  • Scroll through your applications until you find the Google Play Service entry.
  • In the storage usage, clear the data and empty the cache.
  • Then go back to the applications menu to find the Mobile Legends entry.
  • Do the same to clear the data and empty the cache.
  • Open the Mobile Legends application. When you log in, the game should ask you to create a new account. Use this opportunity to find a new nickname, different from your first account. Obviously, avoid linking your account to a Facebook account to avoid potential conflicts.

Once you have multiple accounts, you will need to repeat this process to switch between them. But instead of creating a new account via the home screen, indicate that you already have a Moonton Mobile Legends account to log in. Please note that to retrieve your Mobile Legends account you will need to remember your password!

For those using iOS, app management is less flexible and this method may not work. You will have to uninstall the application completely and install it again to create a smurf. It takes a little bit more time but it's still easy to do. 😎

Create a new account via a third-party application

For those wondering how to create a new Mobile Legends account, there is also a slightly more advanced method. This requires the use of a third party application. This complicates things a bit... But it allows you to switch between accounts more fluidly.

Parallel Space, a mobile application
The Parallel Space application.
  • Download Parallel Space - Multicount (or an equivalent application) from your application shop.
  • Once the application is downloaded, start cloning your applications.
  • At first, it should only clone your basic applications. It is up to you to clone Mobile Legends using the "Add to Parallel Space" button.
  • Once Mobile Legends has been cloned, all you have to do is open this second version of the game to create a brand new account. To change your Mobile Legends account, simply switch from one space to another via the application.

This technique has a big advantage. It can be used for Mobile Legends but also for other games. For example, there are games where you can play with multiple accounts and send yourself gifts and resources. In addition, there is no need to go through the gymnastics of deleting data.

What are the dangers of creating a new account?

There is no danger in creating a new Mobile Legends account. The only problem is that your alternative account starts from scratch. As there is no saved data, you will have to go through the tutorial again. Ranked mode is also not available and you will have to level up to level 8 to access it. In addition, your friends list will be empty and you will not have access to the heroes or skins on your main account.

How do I delete a Mobile Legends account?

For now, there is no way to permanently delete your Mobile Legends account. For those who decide to create a bunch of smurfs, they will be open for life... Even if you don't use them. The only thing you can do is to remove the links between your account and your various profiles (Facebook, Google Play Games, VK Account). To do this, go to your account settings by clicking on your avatar in the top left corner. Then click on the linked profile to log out. You will then need to enter your password and a reason. All reasons are valid and will work, so there's no need to bother.

Delete a Mobile Legends account via the account settings
The account settings allow you to link your profile to another application.

Now you know how to create a new Mobile Legends account and switch between your different accounts. Choose the method that feels most comfortable to you and use your alternative account for fun and practice. For beginners, creating a smurf account seems superfluous. Instead, we advise you to take a look at our beginner's guide or to consult a Tier List. 😉

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