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What are the best Dislyte 5 star Espers ?

What are the best Dislyte 5 star Espers ?

In this Dislyte 5 star Tier list, we present you the best 5* espers according to different categories. You will find our selection of fighters, supports, controllers and defenders that we recommend. If you are lucky enough to own the espers in this Dislyte 5 stars tier list, don't hesitate for a second to invest resources in these heroes: you won't regret it!

Dislyte 5 star Tier list of the best Dislyte espers

5-star espers are the most sought-after characters because they have better stats. In addition, their captain's bonus offers higher values than their lower rarity counterparts. On the other hand, they have a 1% chance of being summoned in the classic banner. If you still haven't received a legendary after 99 summons, the 100th one will guarantee you a 5* hero.

Tiye and Ollie, the fastest 5* captains

We explained it to you in our Dislyte APs guide, but speed remains a very important stat. Having a captain with a VIT bonus represents an undeniable advantage in PvE as well as in PvP. So we find in this Dislyte 5-star Tier list Tiye and Ollie.

Tiye and his speed bonus guarantee his place in our Dislyte 5 stars tier list
Ollie prevents an ally from dying in addition to his top tier captain bonus

These two 5* espers offer a 25% bonus in SPD, regardless of content. Only Unas can outrun them with his team captain buff, which increases speed by 35%. However, this buff only works in holobattle.

Tiye is a bit more control oriented with her abilities to manipulate APs. Ollie, on the other hand, is a fighter/support single-target who will prevent an ally from dying. He is particularly effective with Hyde or accompanied by other characters able to bring back to life. On the other hand, he is countered by the debuff blocker.

The fighters at the top of this Dislyte 5 star tier list

We did not recommend Li Ling by chance in our guide to getting started Dislyte. Indeed, this 5* esper remains a sure value in many contents. He is a formidable fighter, capable of stealing AP, who will stay with you for a long time if you are lucky enough to get him in the Beginner benefits banner.

Li Ling, one of the best dps of the Dislyte 5 star tier list
Gaïus is the best water dps of this Dislyte 5 star tier list

Available since late summer, Gaius is a formidable dps role in the game. While firefighters were taking over many tier list and the PvP meta in general, Gaius has turned that around. He has quickly become one of the best characters in the game. He is one of the most sought-after heroes in the game thanks to his lightning attacks that can decimate enemy teams.

The best 5 star espers fighter in late game

Narmer, Hyde and Jiang Jiuli, also called JJ, are demanding 5* espers. Some of them require a lot of buffs, others the presence of heroes with certain abilities, or simply almost perfect relics. In short, these fighters will have a hard time proving themselves in early game.

Narmer is one of the few dps who can break through the defense of his opponents
Hyde, one of the best DPS in this Dislyte 5 stars Tier list
Jiang Jiuli resists death and then enters a fearsome trance.

On the other hand, they are real threats in late game. Indeed, these 5-star espers will single-handedly manage all those who face them. They are particularly famous in PvP, but will also perform great feats in PvE.

Espers tier list of multipurpose fighters

Raven and the very recent Ashley are quite special 5 star espers. They are rarely found in Dislyte 5 star espers tier list for a simple reason: they remain difficult to equip, as they require a lot of stats. Their debuffs can be a game changer, so investing in ACC at the expense of damage is an understandable choice.

The iconic Raven deserves its place in this Dislyte 5 stars tier list
Recently available, Ashley fits in this Dislyte 5 stars tier list

However, they become less effective DPS. And yet, these two characters deserve to be in our Dislyte 5 star tier list for what they bring to their team. And besides, between us, they are classy.

The best healers of this Dislyte 5 stars tier list

Already present in our espers tier list, Clara and Sally alone could be on the podium in this category. The former is preferred in PvP while the latter is more in demand in PvE. However, since patch 3.1.1, Ahmed has more consistent care.

Clara, the top tier PvP healer
Sally, the PvE healer
Recently, Ahmed has positioned himself as a top tier healer

Even though he is limited to removing only the disease debuff, he reduces the cooldowns of all his team's abilities by one turn. He is also one of the few esper able to restore max HP reduced by enemies like the dreaded Hyde for example.

The best 5 star support espers

Unas is still the most popular 5* glitter esper. Fast, able to give immunity to his team, an AP boost and reduce the def of a target, he is an excellent support. In holobattle, it is imperative to use it as a group captain to get the best speed bonus in the game.

Gabrielle, an esper support offensive f2p
Sienna, an AP manipulator
Unas remains the number 1 of this Dislyte 5 stars tier list

Although she is f2p due to the fact that she is obtained via fusion, Gabrielle remains one of the best 5 star support espers. She has many debuffs in zone attack and her buffs allow you to protect your whole team with immunity and increased defense.

Even though she belongs to the support category, Sienna is half a controller thanks to her ability to control the opponent. Indeed, she drains her enemies' AP and stuns them in addition to giving action points to her allies, as well as attack and speed bonuses. Beware of this 5* esper in PvP.

Dislyte 5 star tier list of the best controllers

If you've made it past floor 100 of the Spatial Tower, then Lucas is already in your ranks. This hero does good damage while stunning, generating AP to play faster, but also reducing his opponents' AP. Although he requires demanding runes in order to assert himself as a secondary DPS, he is a controller to be feared.

Lucas, a top tier esper but hard to get
Triki, a formidable esper to face

Facing Triki always brings its share of anxiety. His passive means that his attacks never fail. Moreover, he punishes anyone who would take debuffs away from his enemies by knocking them out and reducing their max HP.

Finally, he can remove buffs like immunity, transfer his debuffs to a target, but also increase the duration of debuffs in general. Triki has every reason to be in this Dislyte 5 star espers tier list, because he severely weakens his opponents, keeps them weak and thus leads his team to victory.

The best tank Dislyte

Admittedly, Donar is the only legendary tank in existence. However, his kit as well as his performance justify his presence in this Dislyte 5 star tier list. He is a hero capable of soloing Kronos and can surprise in PvP.

Donar, the best tank in the game deserves its place in this Dislyte 5 star tier list

He deals damage that is linked with his defense. Thus, Donar not only resists enemy assaults, but also deals significant damage in response.

This Dislyte 5 star tier list is now complete. Are your favorite characters on this list? What was your first Legendary not counting the Beginner benefits? Share your preferences and gameplay experience in the comments.

Finally, to discover all the best characters of the game of Lilith Games, you can consult our best espers general tier list, but also the one dedicated to the 4 star espers or our 3 star espers tier list.

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