Learn all about the action points (AP) in Dislyte

All about the action points (AP) in Dislyte

AP Dislyte designate the action points and are an essential mechanic in the battles of the game. However, it is not uncommon to confuse AP with speed. However, even if these two elements are closely linked, it is important to know how to differentiate them.

Speed and APs Dislyte

AP Dislyte are visible on the screen as a bar. The portraits of the characters present in combat are there and progress from left to right. Once a hero reaches the end of the bar, it is his turn to act. When his turn ends, his portrait returns to the left.

Dislyte AP bar

When you select an ally or an enemy, small diamonds appear at the top and bottom of the portrait. In this way, you can easily locate the location of this character on the bar. We also have an idea of when his turn will come.

It is the esper speed and not the AP Dislyte that determines the starting placement of the portraits on the action bar as well as the speed with which they move there. Indeed, the higher the hero's speed, the closer his portrait will be to the left end. Thus, he will act before the others, but also more frequently. That's why speed remains a top priority in high level PvP content such as Point Wars or Holobattles.

Altering the action bar in combat

There are several ways to have an impact on AP Dislyte Indeed, having a group captain offering a speed bonus will give your espers a definite advantage in battle. Equipping a hero with a Wind Walker Set will also help him to see his turn come faster.

Many skills will reduce, absorb, reallocate or simply increase the action points of one or more espers. These abilities greatly affect the course of a fight and are therefore very powerful. Therefore, you will not be surprised to find some espers with these skills in our Dislyte espers tier list.

Among the famous espers that allow you to get a AP Dislyte boost, we can mention Unas, Clara, Dhalia, Fabrice or Loren.

Unas gives 30% action points to his teammates
Clara gives 20% AP to her team
Fabrice gives 100% action points to an ally

Here is a small list of heroes able to make one or more enemies lose action points. We find Li Ling, Tiye, Lin Xiao or Xie Yuzhi.

Li Ling absorbs the APs Dislyte from his targets
Lin Xiao reduces her enemy's AP by 30% when she deals a critical hit
Xie Yuzhi in Dislyte

Finally, note that speed bonuses also cause a temporary atb boost. On the other hand, a SPD malus will slow down the progress of the portrait on the action bar.

How to protect yourself against malus or PA theft Dislyte ?

The immunity buff protects against attempts to reduce or steal AP Dislyte. So don't just bet on a team that will prevent your opponent from playing, because the immunity buff will completely thwart your plans. Remember that the immunity buff can be found at the beginning of the fight on an espers equipped with the The Light Above set. Finally, even if immunity doesn't get in the way, don't forget that espers naturally have a 20% chance of resisting negative states, which includes the reduction or theft of action points.

This guide to APs Dislyte is coming to an end. We hope that you have found it useful and that you have a better understanding of the speed importance in the game. In PvP, always be wary of teams with espers as captains who offer SPD bonuses. For more tips on how to progress in the game, please visit our Dislyte tips page. Finally, don't forget that, for more comfort and for longer sessions without constraints, you can play Dislyte from your computer.

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