How to get started on Dislyte ?

Dislyte Beginner Guide

In this Dislyte beginner guide, we share tips on how to get started in the game in the best way possible. Reroll, Espers, Nexus Crystals, Gold, Relics and Gold records, you'll know what to focus on, how and when to use your resources, and what you need to know to have a great early game.

Get your first legendary esper in Dislyte

To get started, your goal is to recruit new units. For this, we advise Dislyte beginners to finish chapter 2 of the story mode. Then you should have enough gold discs to make your first 10 summons. If you run out, exchange them for your crystals and complete a few missions in the Courses. Finally, don't forget to check out the Dislyte codes pages for additional summons and crystals.

In early game, we advise you to convert your crystals into gold discs and use them to recruit units. Saving this resource is only interesting in late game where you can afford to make 450 summons over a period of time to get the legendary esper.

The Dislyte beginners special banner

At the beginning of the game, a special banner will appear. After 10 summonses you will get a legendary spy: Li Ling or Tang Xuan. In this Dislyte beginner guide, we recommend Li Ling. Although Tang Xuan is still a good esper, Li Ling surpasses him. Indeed, in addition to having good damage, he can steal AP (Action Points) from an enemy. Now, in PvE as well as in PvP, impacting the action bar of allies and enemies will always be a non-negligible advantage.

When, how and why reroll?

If you haven't summoned Li Ling or a good epic esper, then our advice is to reroll your account. By doing so, you will lose your game data and start from the beginning. If you want an even more optimized early game, try to get Sander, Chloe, or if you are very lucky, the coveted Lin Xiao.

To perform a reroll, click on the portrait of your avatar located in the upper left corner of the screen. Go to the Settings tab, then Services. Then find the Initialization button in the Account Service subcategory and press it.

How to reroll in Dislyte

The game will ask you to enter a code to confirm your choice. Please note that this maneuver is limited and can be performed 3 times a day. Finally, note that if you have spent a certain amount of real money in Dislyte, the reroll will be impossible.

Which heroes to use in Dislyte for beginners?

We'll continue this Dislyte beginner guide by talking about the composition of your main group. Mona, along with your legendary esper, are units that are likely to be with you for a long time. Complete this duo with a third fighter from the missing element. You can choose Tang Yun if you have Li Ling, and Drew for Tang Xuan. As for the healer, replace Helena with Chang Pu. Finally, for the last spot, favor another support character, a tank or ideally a Controller.

Another tip we can give you is to join a club as soon as this feature is unlocked. Indeed, you will have access to an additional store to stock up on resources. In addition, you will be able to get your hands on Melanie. Even though she is a 3 star esper, she is a very good neutralizer of the glitter element. Finally, if she is in the place of the group captain, she will give a speed bonus to the team. For the beginning of the game, use your legendary as captain to give an offensive bonus to your allies. However, don't forget that hitting hard is good, but playing first is even better!

Dislyte beginner guide : The Club Store

While legendary espers are generally more powerful, they take a long time to upgrade, unlike their 3 and 4 star counterparts. Keep in mind that on the same role, a freshly acquired 5-star unit will often prove less effective than a fully upgraded rare or epic. Our advice at this point on Dislyte for beginners is to hold on to some espers until the new ones can replace them properly.

Tips for progressing in the Dislyte story mode

In this Dislyte beginner guide, we advise you to focus mainly on the story mode. The story mode consists of 12 levels. Each time you finish a chapter, you will get gold disks, relic sets, upgrades for your espers, etc. In short, this mode allows you to get your hands on a good amount of resources that are both very useful and sought after in early game. However, the fights will not always be easy.

Here are some tips to simplify your progress:

  • Even if having a higher level than the enemies does not guarantee victory, it remains a significant comfort.
  • Don't hesitate to adapt your group according to your opponents by favouring the element that has the advantage.
  • Also consider putting relics on each of your espers. Removing them doesn't cost anything so take the opportunity to equip better ones. In general, we favor ANG and KRT for dps, LP and VTD for tanks, ZLG and GSW for neutralizers, and finally LP and RESIST for supports. Of course, GSW is still a very popular stat, regardless of the role.
Dyslite Beginner Guide: xp levels

Finally, don't forget to raise your main heroes level in Dislyte if you are a beginner. Indeed, at the third level, an esper's skill improves. At the beginning of the game, just level up Mona and your legendary as a priority. Also beware of auto battles, as the AI is not very smart. Your units may foolishly focus their attacks on an invincible enemy. If you fail a level in auto, try in manual and take care to select your targets. This is sometimes enough to win.

The early game in Dislyte as a beginner

As you progress through Story Mode and Challenge Mode, your account level will increase. The priority is to reach level 20. This will allow you to participate in the temporary events offered by the game. In fact, in this Dislyte beginner guide we recommend that you use your stamina on these events. Even if you don't pass all the difficulties, you will have access to the special store. In addition to all kinds of resources, you can even get your hands on espers.

Here are some tips on how to get extra resources. Go to the Gold Shop several times a day. The gold shop uses gold and may have records, new relics, Starimons or Abilimons for sale. Finally, if you run out of stamina, don't forget to pick up the free daily gift. It can be found by clicking on Plaza, then on the Packs tab and gives you 60 stamina points and 6,000 gold coins.

Dislyte beginner guide: get free resources

This Dislyte beginner guide is now coming to an end. We hope that thanks to it, you will be able to easily progress in the game, and especially in the best conditions. Don't hesitate to consult our Dislyte tier list to find out if the esper you have just obtained is worth improving or not. Also, don't forget that you can play Dislyte from your computer.

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