Dislyte Fafnir 10 Guide : Team and Strategy for F10 success

Dislyte Fafnir 10 Guide : Team and Strategy for F10 success

Dislyte Fafnir 10 is the last boss of the Ritual Miracle and the most difficult of the trio. His level 8 is roughly equivalent to the difficulty 10 of Apep and Kronos. It also unlocks the top rarities of the relic sets Tyranny of Zeus, Hammer of Thor, Astral Witchcraft, the Enchanter, Immensus Peak and Light Above. So here are our tips and tricks for completing Dislyte Fafnir's stage 10.

Defeat Fafnir on difficulty 10

Dislyte Fafnir 10 has a lot of health points, protects himself with shields and can't lose AP. It is therefore impossible to try to speed run the fight. His area attack lowers speed, has a chance to stun, does more damage over the turns and if there have been deaths.

Another ability freezes, dispels buffs and reduces Max HP. Note that espers that are insensitive to many state alterations like Hyde or Jin Yuyao will still be frozen by Fafnir.

The tablets do damage, inflict disease, dispel Fafnir's debuffs and give him an immunity buff. However, destroying them gives the boss permanent speed and attack bonuses.

Dislyte Fafnir 10 in the Ritual Miracle

As with every Ritual Miracle boss, the strategy is to ignore the tablets and focus on Fafnir to break his shields and hurt him.

The best espers to succeed on floor 10 in car

For Dislyte Fafnir 10, removing debuffs and having an immunity bonus is essential. Also prefer monocible abilities to destroy the boss's shield. The Sword Avatara set helps well, however the attacks can also backfire on the tablets.

Heroes with debuffs are a plus, but need to remove the boss immunity buff. Regarding the minimum stats, we want to reach 180 in SPD and minimum 19 000 HP for each esper.

Captains to lead the best F10 team

Sander brings a speed bonus for Dislyte Fafnir 10
As a captain, Gabrielle gives extra HP on Dislyte Fafnir 10

We find Sanders for his speed bonus, even if the boss is not affected by the decrease of AP. If your espers are struggling to defeat Fafnir on difficulty 10 or if you are in the early game, opt for additional HP offered by Gabrielle or Ahmed while you reinforce your team with better relics.

The best fighters to face Dislyte Fafnir 10

Lu Yi, the best fighter for Dislyte Fafnir 10
Li Guang can chain attacks to break the shield of Dislyte Fafnir 10
Tang Yun has his share of multiple attacks single-target

Lu Yi remains the ideal fighter to succeed F10 in Dislyte. Li Guang is also another option. For a f2p or early game team, Tang Yun will be your best choice. Finally, in 5*, Hyde can remove Dislyte Fafnir 10 buffs.

AP boosters to compose the best F10 team

Unas boosts the team's AP on Dislyte Fafnir 10
Catherine removes debuffs and boosts action points

Catherine removes a debuff from your team each turn and boosts your action points. On the other hand, Unas brings an immunity buff as well as a defense malus.

The best supports to succeed in stage 10 of the Ritual Miracle

Ahmed cures the disease and restores maximum HP
Sally is an excellent caretaker for Dislyte Fafnir 10
Berenice has good shields to protect the team from Dislyte Fafnir's attacks 10

Ahmed removes illness, heals your team and allows you to cycle your rotations faster. Sally has constant healing, as does Heng Yue for 4*. In early game and for f2p teams, Berenice's shields help with F10 attacks.

Some teams to pass Dislyte Fafnir 10

Here are some examples of team f2p or late game to defeat Dislyte Fafnir 10 in auto.

  • Sander, Lu Yi, Tang Yun, Berenice, Heng Yue
  • Gabrielle, Ahmed, Li Guang, Tang Yun, Berenice

Our current team consists of Heng Yue for the HP bonus, Catherine, Lu Yi, Unas and Hyde. Catherine helps Heng Yue to remove debuffs and boosts the team's AP with Unas. Hyde and Lu Yi are there to do maximum damage.

Start of the fight Dislyte Fafnir 10
End of the fight Dislyte Fafnir 10

This guide on Dislyte Fafnir 10 is finished. We hope our tips will help you get through this Ritual Miracle floor. Feel free to share your teams in the comments! Finally, don't forget that you can check out our other guides on Kronos 10 and Apep 10 to perfect your teams, as well as our tips for progressing through the game on our Dislyte tips page.

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