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How to get Dislyte Gold Record ?

How to get Dislyte Gold Record ?

Dislyte Gold Record are essential since they are used to perform espers invocations. This resource is therefore very much in demand. Fortunately, when you start on Dislyte, you can quickly get the legendary beginner summons to obtain Li Ling or Tang Xuan. But what happens next? We'll take a look at the different ways to get your hands on these famous discs.

Drop rates for echo invocations

Before we get into the topic of Dislyte Gold Record, it is important to know the odds of a legendary summon. When you do an espers summon in the echo, you have a 1% chance of calling a legendary. You are bound to get one after 100 espers summons. This count resets with each legendary summon.

Summoning espers with Dislyte Gold Record

Epic characters have a 9% drop rate. A pity occurs every 20 summons, if you have only gathered rare units before. Finally, you should also know that glittering heroes have a lower drop rate than other items. After all, they have no weaknesses.

How to get Dislyte Gold Record ?

The path missions offer many Dislyte Gold Record as well as other summoning disks. For example, the growth plan allows you to get your hands on 16 Gold Record and 2 Super Sound Matrix. The missions: Recon Plan, Ritual miracle, Infinite Miracle, Point War, Sonic Miracle, and Desolate lands all give a few extra records.

Growth plan offers Dislyte gold records
Ritual Miracle missions yield Dislyte Gold Records

Completing the story mode in the easy, hard and purgatory difficulties allows you to obtain Gold Record. Indeed, some chapter loot will give you the coveted resources. You'll also get a Shimmer record the first time you complete level 12-8 in each difficulty.

However, once you have completed the missions of the course and finished the story mode, how can you continue to earn a Dislyte Gold Record? There are many ways, rest assured, and if some depend on luck, others will allow you to regularly earn several records.

Recover Dislyte gold records regularly

Once again, the stores are in the spotlight. Indeed, the tournament, the cube and the club store offer the possibility to get Dislyte Gold Record So regularly perform content related to the point war, your club's missions and the Cube miracle. This will allow you to collect different currencies to spend in the relevant stores each time you replenish your supply.

Participating in the points war allows you to buy Dislyte Gold Record
Making cubic Erebium allows you to earn Dislyte Gold Record.
Completing club missions gives Dislyte Gold Records

Note that if you belong to a club, you can get pieces of the elemental disc via the wish system. Once you have collected 20 fragments, or 50 for the Shimmer, they will turn into an espers summoning record of the element concerned. Our advice: look at the wishes made by the other members of the club and choose the least present element. This will make it easier to get stickers from clan members.

Helping your club members gives you the basic building blocks

Once the Spatial tower of the Infinite Miracle is defeated, a new tower appears. This one offers rewards for each defeated floor. Unlike the space tower, this tower resets every week. This way, by resetting the floors, you will get the rewards such as gold and elemental records each time.

Even if they are not there permanently, the events offer many rewards including different types of summoning records. Since they are only present for a certain period of time, we advise you to use your energy on the event in order to empty its store of its contents.

Finally, don't forget that Dislyte codes can give Dislyte Gold Records. Stay responsive, as these are no longer valid after a certain amount of time.

Get more gold records if you are lucky

A simple, yet random way to get your hands on a gold record is to simply farm. Whether it's the ritual miracle or the XP-rich levels in the story mode, they all have a small chance of giving you a Dislyte Gold Record.

Win golden discs Dislyte via multi-combat

The difficult cubic eribium levels also have the potential to give you a gold disc. If possible, favor the paths where you encounter them to maximize your chances of getting discs.

The gold shop very rarely offers espers summoning records for gold coins. Be sure to visit the gold store every time the stock is updated. You never know what you might get.

Finally, high rarity bounty missions sometimes offer a record as a reward. As their appearance rate remains low, don't hesitate to fall back on missions of lower rarity giving Core crystals or stamina. In fact, you can exchange 200 crystals for a GOld Record by going to the echo.

Have a Dislyte Gold Record with bounties

This guide revealing the different ways to get Dislyte Gold Records is now finished. We hope that it has been of great help to you and that you will be able to perform many invocations thanks to us. Feel free to check out our Dislyte tier list to see what the latest espers you have recruited are worth.

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