Dislyte Kronos 10 Guide : Team and Strategy for K10 Success

Dislyte Kronos 10 Guide : Team and Strategy for K10 Success

Dislyte Kronos 10 is the most accessible early game Ritual Miracle boss. Defeating him unlocks the higher rarity relic sets War Machine, Wind Walker, Snow Dowager, Master Grove, Stoneveins and Apollo's Bow. So here is our guide to get through floor 10 more easily.

Defeat Kronos on difficulty 10

Dislyte Kronos 10 has two area attacks. One of them does extra damage to the member of your team with the least health points. If the latter dies, the boss will attack again.

Two tablets accompany Kronos. The first one makes damages of zone which can stun. As for the second, it removes the debuffs of the boss and will increase his AP.

Face Dislyte Kronos 10

The strategy is to focus and speed run the boss. This also means ignoring the shelves perfectly, because even if breaking them simplifies the fight, it will also unnecessarily lengthen it.

The espers to make the best team

To pass Dislyte Kronos 10, we need espers to reduce the action points of the boss to prevent him from acting. We will also apply a defense debuff to him in order to do maximum damage. Finally, if he attacks, we also need to take Kronos' zone attacks and tablets.

The best captains for our team for difficulty 10

Sander, the best captain for Dislyte Kronos 10
Melanie makes a good captain K10 in early game

Sanders and Melanie have two advantages: they have the valuable speed bonus and their kit also includes AP drops. They are key characters against Dislyte Kronos 10 To avoid the boss resisting to the AP reduction, you need ideally minimum stats of 70% in ACC and 140 in SPD.

The best fighters to face K10

Lin Xiao is an excellent dps for Dislyte Kronos 10
Chloe requires precise companions but is still very effective.
Xie Chuyi is perfect for Dislyte Kronos 10

Lin Xiao remains an excellent dps for this fight. Chloe is also very bad, but must be accompanied by an esper capable of applying a defense malus. Finally, Xie Chuyi also stands out thanks to the numerous debuffs he inflicts.

For f2p teams in early game, Drew and Chalmers will be your fighters. In 5*, Gaïus remains ideal even if Li Ling is doing very well. Finally, note that with the right runes, Donar can pass K10 in solo.

The best AP handlers to defeat Dislyte Kronos 10

Eira is an excellent support for Dislyte Kronos 10
Lucas can help against Dislyte Kronos 10
If he is with his brother, Xie Chuyi is perfect for Dislyte Kronos 10

With her speed reduction debuff and ability to reduce AP, Eira is perfect for K10. If you have defeated Space Tower, Lucas will be very useful. Obviously, if you have Xie Chuyi in dps, Xie Yuzhi will lower the boss's AP more often.

To boost your team's action points, Unas, Dhalia and Asenath will remain your best bet.

The best supports to succeed in stage 10 of the Ritual Miracle

Ye Suhua has both an offensive and defensive kit

In early game as well as in late game, Ye Suhua remains the best thanks to her excellent kit. If your team is struggling to defeat Kronos quickly, you can add Heng Yue, Clara or Sally, while you reinforce your team with good relics. For f2p teams, Chang Pu will be your healer.

Examples of teams to pass Kronos 10 Dislyte

Here are some team ideas for K10 in auto:

  • Sanders, Lin Xiao, Xie Chuyi, Xie Yuzhi, Asenath
  • Melanie, Eira, Anubis, Li Ling, Ye Yusuha

Our current team consists of Sanders, Li Ling, Xie Chuyi, Xie Yuzhi and Unas. Sanders and the twins are only level 50, but they do a lot of damage before the boss can even attack.

Start of the fight against Dislyte Kronos 10
End of the fight against Dislyte Kronos 10

This guide to Dislyte Kronos 10 is finished. We hope that it will help you to pass the Ritual Miracle level. Which team did you use? Share your experience in the comments.

Finally, don't forget that we also offer a guide for Apep 10, as well as various Dislyte tips.

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