Team to pass the floors of the Dislyte Tower

Team to pass the floors of the Dislyte Tower

The Dislyte Tower, also known as the Spatial Tower, is a content of the Infinite Miracle. It has 100 floors offering rewards with each level passed. Defeating this tower also earns the right to recruit the legendary esper Lucas. In addition, you can access other towers that reset and therefore generate prizes each time you complete the different floors.

Which espers to choose for the Dislyte Tower?

Generally, we do the Dislyte Tower with a captain who gives team bonuses. We will also want a healer and at least 2 fighters in our team. The rest of the composition varies depending on the heroes recruited, but also on the enemies that will oppose us.

Thelegendary esper obtained in the Beginner benefits banner will probably accompany you from level 1 to 100. After all, he'll be the first member of your team to reach level 60 and completely high. Also, his captain's bonus is still good even though he doesn't offer speed.

Legendary esper from Beginner benefits banner, useful for the Dislyte Tower

As far as the healer is concerned, Chang Pu is a good start. She will then be replaced by Heng Yue, Clara or Sally. Even if she is still very strong, Ye Suhua will have a hard time making your whole team survive if she takes on the role of healer. However, she can be chosen as a second support.

For the rest, it's hard to say which espers to use since it will depend on your summons and the opponents on each floor. However, here are some abilities that will be very useful to defeat the Dislyte Tower's enemies.

The skills to easily pass the Dislyte Tower

Don't underestimate the fact that you can apply debuffs en masse. By doing so, you will weaken your enemies considerably. So, even if they are not present in the best espers tier list, Falken, Pritzker or Jiang Man make great allies in your team to start the Dislyte Tower. Having an esper that can inflict a defense malus will also help you defeat your opponents faster.

Falken can weaken and force enemies to attack him
Pritzker easily manipulates the Dislyte Tower's enemies
Jiang Man hinders and can do great damage to the Dislyte Tower's enemies

Heroes who can remove buffs from enemies, remove malus from the team or give you an immunity buff may be the key to leveling up. As explained in our Dislyte AP guide, espers that can influence action points and speed will also be powerful teammates.

Some strategies for more complex floors

In this guide, we recommend that you manually do the Dislyte Tower levels that you find difficult. In automatic, the AI will target opponents based on their element, not their role. Prioritize attacking healers or espers that can bring back to life like Lauren and Cecilia.

Also beware of characters that gain power over the turns such as Narmer or Hyde. Finally, using basic skills when an enemy wave is almost defeated so that the others can be recharged for the next fight is a very effective strategy.

Cecilia is to be defeated in priority to prevent him from bringing his team back to life
As the rounds go by, Narmer is doing more and more damage
Hyde is a formidable enemy of the Dislyte Tower

If you can't pass a level manually, go and reinforce your characters with better relics. As the days go by, you will gain a higher and higher damage bonus on the floor you are having trouble with. Sometimes it's that little bonus that makes the difference and allows you to progress.

This Tower Dislyte guide is now coming to an end. We hope you will find it easier to get through some of the floors with our tips and tricks for building your team and strategy. To learn more about the characters, I invite you to consult our guides in the Dislyte tips section. Finally, don't forget that for more comfort and longer sessions, you can play Dislyte from your computer.

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