How to play Dislyte Ye Suhua ? - Build, Relics and Tips

How to play Dislyte Ye Suhua ? - Build, Relics and Tips

This is our Dislyte Ye Suhua guide. This esper embodies the deity Shao Siming and possesses the Shimmer element which has no weakness. She is very popular because she brings attack and defense buffs to her team. In single-target, she gives an excellent invincibility buff and some healing. Finally, it can apply an attack debuff to an enemy. It is for these reasons that it finds its place in our Dislyte Tier List.

How to get Dislyte Ye Suhua ?

This esper is impossible to summon via the echo. To get Dislyte Ye Suhua, you have to collect fragments of him in the Ripple Dimension. These dimensions appear randomly and have a limited number of slots. So when they are shared in the game chat, don't wait to click on them. If you are one of the 30 fastest, then the dimension will open up for you for 45 minutes. All you have to do is complete the proposed level 5 times and win the precious fragment. Once the time is up, the dimension disappears.

Get Dislyte Ye Suhua in the Ripple Dimension

As soon as you have 30 fragments, go to the echo, as if you were summoning an esper in the classic way. Then go to the Record Stand tab and select Ye Suhua. Finally, click on Spin to get your new recruit. Ideally, you should summon this character several times in order to improve his stats via resonance.

The best relics for Dislyte Ye Suhua build

Ye Suhua needs accurate relic equipment to reveal his full potential. With a good speed, her turn will come faster. She will be able to apply her buffs quickly and more often. Finally, she needs to be able to stay alive. After all, due to her rarity, she will be much more fragile than a 4 or 5 star esper.

The x4 and x2 sets

The Wind Walker Set remains the Ye Suhua best equipment as it will increase his speed. If you don't mind the luck factor, then the Ocean Waves Set is an excellent alternative. With its 35% chance of reducing the cooldown time of the hero's abilities, Ye Suhua's powerful buffs will launch more often. Finally, the Abiding Panacea Set can also be an option since it increases the power of healing. However, this build is not optimal. Ye Suhua is an incredible support in Dislyte, but its strength lies in its buffs. His healing, while appreciable, is still insufficient.

Ye Suhua build

For x2 sets, the Adamantine Set shields are perfect for short battles and PvP since they increase the survival of Ye Suhua and his team. For longer battles, the Master Grove Set is preferable because it gives 25% more HP, permanently.

Relics stats

To play Ye Suhua efficiently in Dislyte, the trick is to favor the bonus of HP% in main stat for Una II and of SPD for MUI II. For the Una IV, opt for a second bonus of HP% if you find your Ye Suhua still too fragile, otherwise put some SPD. For the secondary stats, without surprise, aim for bonuses of HP%, DEF% and speed. ACC helps Ye Suhua to place his debuff on his opponents, but it is better to optimize the stats mentioned above.

This Dislyte Ye Suhua guide is complete. You now know how to recruit, equip and play this fabulous esper. We wish you good luck in getting her if you haven't already. By the way, feel free to play Dislyte from your computer in order to monitor the game chat more easily and to be able to enter a Ripple Dimension.

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