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Draft phase on Wild Rift | Guide & Tips

Wild Rift draft phase

A waste of time for some, a guilty pleasure for others, the Wild Rift draft phase is a must in the game. It is a determining moment both collectively and individually. A player will have to choose the beginning of his equipment (summoner spells, runes) and determine his position: toplaner, jungler, midlaner, ADC or support. Ideally, it is also during the draft that a team coherence should be established. Try to find synergies and combinations that are conducive to a wombo-combo. In a game, victory often depends on the level of the teams. But the draft phase can also have a big influence on the result. As the saying goes: you can't win a game in the draft phase in LoL: Wild Rift, but you can easily lose it!

Here are some tips to enter the draft in the best possible way. In three steps, learn how to master this preparation phase to optimize your chances of winning in Ranked! 😃

draft Wild Rift

Step 1: Balancing the roles and selecting your champion

Choosing the right champion during the Wild Rift draft phase is a big challenge. You have to take into account multiple parameters. These are relative to you (your preferences, your level, your owned champions, etc.), but also to your teammates. In any case, the absolute priority remains the balance of your composition.

Using the Wild Rift draft tooltip wisely

It is up to you to communicate with the other players in your team in the chat to avoid a chaotic line-up. A first indicator is the game's help bubble. At the time of drafting, good advice appears in the bottom left corner. They inform you about the needs or imbalances of your formation. They are not absolute, but they can be enough to make reluctant teammates bend. For those of you who have read our guide to the jungle, you should already know that a line-up without jungler is a living hell.

help bubble in Wild Rift
Listen to the good advice in the help bubble!

Finding team coherence

Without going into detail, the Wild Rift draft phase allows us to create more or less coherent teams. As a general rule, we try to vary the nature of the damage (magical and physical). With a single type, opponents can quickly accumulate enough resistance to ruin your life.

In addition, wombo-combos are ideally sought after: champions who synergise well with each other to create deadly combos. For example, Yasuo 's ultimate skill can launch itself at any enemy thrown into the air. The wanderer can therefore greatly benefit from the help of champions like Malphite (Indomitable Force) or Braum (Icy Fissure). Another popular and widespread combo is the ultimate skill ofOrianna (Shockwave). This is much easier to cast when the orb is attached to a champion who has a gap closer to go for it. While your comfort and control of your character is most important in your selection, try to keep in mind the potential combinations.

Step 2: Choose Summoner spells during the Wild Rift draft

Among the different summoner spells, each player must choose 2 during the draft phase. It is difficult to do without the Flash, which is as useful defensively as it is offensively. But as a second choice, players are quite free depending on their role.

draft Wild Rift: all summoners
A vital choice to make before the game starts.
  • Toplane (sololane): For those who are collective, we advise you to take the Teleportation. It's also a good way to get back to the base quickly for players who are about to be hit. For fans of duels and brawls, select Embarrassment for more damage or Fatigue which has an underestimated potential in 1vs1. Very rare champions such as Nasus or Tryndamere can play with a Ghost to go after enemies, but the spell remains very situational.
  • Jungle: there is no real debate as the spell Punishment is mandatory. Some people replace the Flash with a Blaze to play very aggressively and invade half the opponent's map. But this is risky and not recommended for beginners.
  • Midlane : you can see a bit of everything, but Embarrassment remains the safest bet. You can also fill a weakness of your champion or match-up with a Care or a Barrier.
  • ADC: a role that does not need extra damage, but rather a bonus safety. Care (also useful for your Support) or Barrier is preferred.
  • Support : A good support player will usually take a Crush or Fatigue to best help his ADC. He can also play with Care if his teammate has selected a Barrier.
The map and the 3 lanes of LoL: Wild Rift

Step 3: Select your runes

Riot Games has been quite nice for the mobile version of League of Legends. In order not to break the heads of new players too much during the Wild Rift draft phase, the rune system is simpler than on PC. The most important thing is to choose the right Keystone (main rune) from the 8 possibilities. The choice of the 3 secondary runes, while not trivial, depends very much on your preferences.

Runes are unlocked at level 10
All keystones are unlocked at level 10 (of the account).
  • Electrocution: Increases the damage burst from a combo of attacks, useful for assassins and solo-laners.
  • Kleptomancy: a casino rune that gives a random bonus. This rune of the beautiful game allows a better lane holding for solo-laners.
  • Aery : a versatile rune, useful for poke opponents and protect allies. A very good choice for Supports.
  • Fountain of Life: Gives extra damage to controlled enemies. An alternative choice for Supports.
  • Conqueror : a welcome damage boost for fighters (off-tank and bruiser) who have minimal resistance.
  • Footwork : some bonus regeneration, mainly useful for ADCs.
  • Grip of the Immortal : Damage, healing and HP gains, an all-in-one rune for tanks with a lot of life.
  • Aftermath: Gains a lot of resistance and a shockwave of damage for tanks that have hard-cc (stun, immobilisation...).

That's the end of this Wild Rift draft guide. With these tips, you won't be a total beginner anymore and you should be able to quickly organize your preparation. For more practical tips during the game, check out our beginner's guide 😉
Enjoy the game!

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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