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List of all Dragon Ball Legends Codes in 2023

List of  Dragon Ball Legends QR Codes

We have gathered all the Dragon Ball Legends Codes of the year 2023 in a single list for you. Indeed, Bandai Namco's title benefits from an atypical QR Codes system that we will explain a little further in the article. However, you need to find these free rewards by browsing the web extensively, and this can be a huge waste of time. First of all, it is necessary to remind that the codes are not used to cheat.

The game team usually shares a coupon to thank its community. There is no lack of opportunities for this. There are celebrations with Dragon Ball Legends QR Codes related to the current season, the anniversary of the game, a number of downloads reached, etc.

Where to find the codes Dragon Ball Legends ?

Finding a gift code Dragon Ball Legends is not an easy task. It can be found on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Because of this, Namco encourages players to keep up to date with the latest news about their game in case valuable DBL codes are released. However, a promo code sometimes ends up being distributed through influencers.

In this case, the search area extends to Youtube and Twitch, which can make the investigation long and tedious. All the more so as the codes generally have a limited duration in time. This requires a certain reactivity in order to benefit from them in time.

Twitter Dragon Ball Legends

How do I activate the gift QR codes?

The code system in Dragon Ball Legends is a bit peculiar. Indeed, unlike Dragon Ball Idle where it is possible to enter codes in-game, it is not possible in Dragon Ball Legends. This means that if necessary the game team will send rewards directly to your mailbox.

Although this practice is common to many mobile games, Dragon Ball Legends stands out from its competitors by offering an alternative way to get in-game bonuses. During an anniversary event, players had to generate, share and use QR codes to summon the mythical dragon Shenron. By doing so, you would receive many in-game bonuses.

Menu for scanning QR codes Dragon Ball Legends
The "Scan" option is located in the main menu of the game. You can't miss it!
QR Code Scan Dragon Ball Legends
You can choose to scan the QR code from an image or by using the camera of your mobile phone.

List of valid Dragon Ball Legends QR Codes and Codes for 2023

Find the list of valid QR codes below. Moreover, we hope that other occasions asking to use again this system to obtain rewards will take place soon. We think in particular of the arrival of the 5th anniversary of Dragon Ball Legends which should be accompanied by its batch of gifts. The latter should take place in late spring/early summer.

  • 14PNW4nV
  • qhebjHH
  • longzhu888
  • longzhu666
  • longzhu188

Now you know everything about the Dragon Ball Legends Codes. If you are interested in getting DBL bonus items, we invite you to subscribe to JeuMobi notifications and find all the game news on the DB Legends mobile hub. This way, you can easily follow the news of your favorite game! You will be notified immediately when a QR code change for Dragon Ball Legends is made on this page. As a result, you will be among the first to be able to take advantage of the in-game bonuses!

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