Eversoul reroll guide: how to get the best souls

Eversoul reroll guide to get the best characters in summoning

In this Eversoul reroll guide, we give you all the tips to get the best characters and succeed in your reroll. That's it, Kakao Games' gacha is installed on your smartphone. You've read our Eversoul beginner's guide and you've finished the game's tutorial. Now you've reached the decisive moment of the infinite draw and you're wondering which souls you need to get to have an ideal team composition. Maybe you've already done your summoning? Don't go to the next step, come and reroll your Souls instead.

Eversoul reroll guide : make the best rerun with the infinite banner

Let's start this Eversoul reroll guide with the easiest way. As in many gacha games, new players of Eversoul benefit from a very useful asset: the infinite summoning banner. Indeed, as soon as the tutorial is over, the game offers you 10 free summons unlike any other.

Epic, rare and common souls for free

Their specificity? You can repeat them until you get the result you want. So, you are probably wondering what is the best print you can hope for. First of all, you should know that no matter what the print, its composition in terms of rarity will always be the same. Namely, with each reroll :

  • A free epic character;
  • 4 rare characters;
  • 5 common souls.

Optimize your Eversoul reroll

So don't bother starting your summonses again hoping to get two epic souls; it won't happen. Next, here are some goals to aim for for a good draw:

  • Ignore the common characters, no matter who you get, these souls are not useful.
  • Try to get 4 different rare characters; diversity is a good thing at the beginning of the game. However, don't make it a priority.
  • Try to get an epic tier S character. For the most powerful souls in Eversoul, check out our tier list Eversoul characters.
  • If you get a free epic soul (we'll tell you about it in the next paragraph), think about rerolling to get another one and thus increase the diversity of your team.
An example of Eversoul reroll to get better characters
After about 30 draws without invoking Adrianne, we settled for this excellent reroll.

Finally, if you are of a motivated and determined temperament, which we don't doubt, try to reroll in Eversoul until you get Adrianne. Indeed, the only angel character in the game is clearly OP at the moment. She is certainly the best epic soul you can get. Otherwise, Jiho or Catherine are also excellent choices.

Get all the free souls of Eversoul

As we have just mentioned, the game is quite generous with beginners. Therefore, many epic souls can be obtained for free, only by progressing a bit in the game.

So you can see why we encouraged you to avoid drawing these souls when invoking the infinite banner. That's also why we're talking about them in this Eversoul reroll guide. So here are the free epic souls and how to get them:

CharacterCondition of obtaining

Chloe will be given to you for free when you finish chapter 2. She is a very powerful tier S defender.

Linzy will be offered to you for the tutorial as well as for chapter 6. She is a tier A warrior.

Although not very efficient, you will get this tier C striker by message at the end of the tutorial.

Talia is a powerful supporter offered to the most generous among you. Indeed, you can get it by spending at least 1 € in the game store.

Clara is a good supporter received as a reward for completing Chapter 3.

Although not very powerful, Rebecca is a ranger that will be offered to you by completing chapter 5 of the story.

At the beginning of the game, several objectives are offered to you in the tab Eden Boot Camp missions. Fulfilling all these objectives will allow you to win Seeha, a correct supporter.

Finally, the famous Mephistopheles, icon of the game and formidable caster, is received after 7 days of connection.

Get as many summons and Everstone tickets as possible

We can't just leave you with a simple Eversoul reroll guide. That's why we're offering you a few bonus tips to guide you through your first summons. After all, you can't build a complete team with the infinite banner!

The first simple trick is to collect all the rewards offered at the beginning of the game, and we can say that there is no lack of them! By completing all the start-up objectives and collecting all the rewards, you can quickly summon free Eversoul characters a few dozen times. So here's your to-do list:

  • Remember to log in every day to retrieve the rewards daily connection.
  • Collect free packs every day, every week and every month on the Eversoul cash shop.
  • Check the messages often; there are many rewards .
  • Ask for friends from the beginning to get hearts for the friendship invocation on the dedicated banner, ideal for boosting your daily invocations after your Eversoul reroll.
  • Complete all daily and weekly quests.
  • Retrieve rewards from the Eversoul soul pass.
  • Complete therecommended tasksand get the everstone and materials you have earned.
  • Complete the missions of the Eden Boot Camp to collect many materials and other gifts.

Finally, advancing through the story is also a great way to get Everstone and summoning tickets. You can get even more free rewards for your draws with Eversoul gift codes.

Rewards of first recommendation of Eversoul tasks
Recommended tasks are an excellent source of materials, Everstone and even tickets

Guide reroll Eversoul : invoke on the right banner

We finish with some recommendations concerning the banners of invocation for this guide reroll Eversoul. Yes! You probably realized that there is not one or two banners but five:

  • Pick-Up banner #1;
  • Pick-Up Banner #2;
  • A common banner;
  • A banner of type ;
  • The friendship banner.

Choice of invocation banners

So how do you know which banner to invoke on? First of all, some invocations can only be done on a banner. This is the case for the draws made with hearts for example. Indeed, hearts only allow you to invoke on the friendship banner. Similarly, summoning tickets can only be used on the associated banner. For example, a type summon ticket can only be spent on a summon on the type banner.

Summon Eversoul characters with your Everstone

On the other hand, the Everstone allows you to buy prints on any banner other than the friendship banner. So which one to choose? There are really two main solutions depending on what you are looking for:

Common bannerAllows you to get all characters
-Pity system guarantees an epic soul after 30 draws
Same probability to get all characters
Pick-UP bannerGreatly increases the chance of getting the featured character on an epic soul draw
-Rewards offered by summoning a certain number of times
No mercy system

As you can see, depending on the character you want to focus on, you should pull on one or the other banner. When we wrote this Eversoul reroll guide, the featured character was Jiho. Since he is a very powerful tier S supporter, we used all of our Everstone on the Pick-Up banner. Rest assured, we got Jiho with no problem!

Jiho's Pick-Up Summoning Banner
Pick-Up banner offers bonuses for every 40 summonses and guarantees the soul at 80 draws

Here we are at the end of this Eversoul reroll guide. We hope that all these tips will help you to get an epic team as efficient as ours! Don't forget to play regularly so you don't miss out on any rewards, and don't forget to follow Eversoul on our site to receive all our next tips on the game! Don't hesitate to share your starting summons in the comments 😉

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