Eversoul Tier List: the best characters

Eversoul Tier List: the best souls for your composition

Are you interested in a character from the Pick-Up banner? Are you hesitating to upgrade one of your souls because you wonder if it's really worth it? Then this tier list Eversoul is for you! Today, we take stock of the best souls of Eversoul; type, class, strengths and weaknesses, we tell you everything in this ranking.

Choice of the best souls ranking

Tier list Eversoul of the best Souls

If you have been following our Eversoul beginner's guide and our Eversoul reroll guide, you should have a few epic souls on your team. Thus, the tier list presented here only takes into account epic characters. They are more than enough to build powerful teams for any situation.

Eversoul Tier List: tier S characters

We start this Eversoul Tier List with the best characters of the game, in tier S. Indeed, characters like Adrianne, Chloe or Catherine are very powerful souls. If you have the opportunity to improve them and include them in your team, don't deprive yourself! We also find the famous Mephistopheles; icon of the game and caster of choice!

On the other hand, it is difficult to compose a team only with these souls since there are no warriors or strikers. However, they remain the key pieces of your formation and they will not disappoint you.

CharacterTypeClassSkills and strengthsWeakness(es)

AngelDefenderA defender of choice; effective for control, care and protectionThe only drawback is that bosses are not his forte
Honglan Eversoul, one of the best characters in the gameHonglanBeastCasterHonglan is an Eversoul OP character because of its versatility: cc, debuffs, mana reduction, damage over time, etc.-

HumanSupportSpecialist in shields and debuffs but also a caretakerHere too, Catherine is not very efficient against the bosses

FairyDefenderA true control freak, Chloe can also debuff enemies and provoke themNot ideal to face the bosses

HumanDefenderIn addition to her control skills, Claire can inflict damage over time on opponentsClaire is less efficient against bosses and at the beginning of the game

HumanSupportExtremely versatile, Jiho can boost, protect and heal her allies as well as put obstacles in the way of her enemies-

Human CasterIdeal for control but also for inflicting powerful debuffs on enemies-
Eversoul Velanna Tier S WarriorVelannaUndeadWarriorThe vampire Velanna is one of the best damage dealers in the game.Lack of escape in its spell kit, difficult to play in late-game

FairyCasterNaiah is very effective in controlling opponentsNot ideal for bosses

UndeadDefenderThis defender holds back opponents while removing their buffs to weaken them instead-

FairySupportA supporter with multiple specialties; heal, mana recharge or control have no secrets for her-

FairyCasterVivienne is ideal for applying attack and speed bonuses to your team-
Mephistopheles is a caster of Eversoul
Mephistopheles is not only the icon of Eversoul, he is also a very powerful caster

Eversoul Tier List: Tier A Souls

We continue our Eversoul Tier List with the souls of tier A, to use without moderation in your team. Most of the most efficient warriors and strikers can be found here. When combined with Tier S souls, these characters will be able to display their full power. Be careful though, some of these souls need good equipment to be really useful.

CharacterTypeClassSkills and strengthsWeakness(es)

Beast WarriorThis warrior will apply many malus to the enemies while controlling them-

Beast StrikerHaru combines hard control and reduction of the heal of the enemies, it can also inflict damage on the duration-

UndeadStrikerIn addition to being a control specialist, Jacqueline can strike directly behind enemy lines; very useful for hitting specific targets-

HumanWarriorLinzy is ideal for provoking enemies and hitting them in the backLinzy benefits from being used with good equipment

FairyRangerMiriam focuses on the malus applied to enemiesThis ranger is more powerful after a bit of progress in the game

UndeadSupportBoth healer and buffs pro, Prim is also very effective against a boss, which is rare-

Eversoul Tier List: Tier B Souls

Although Tier B souls are medium power souls, they can still complete a team satisfactorily. However, there is a reason why they are not at the top of this Eversoul Tier List. Don't count on them to be the main pillar. Indeed, without tier S or tier A souls to support them, they may quickly show their weaknesses.

CharacterTypeClassSkills and strengthsWeakness(es)

DemonCasterControl, damage over time and mana reduction are the specialties of AyameTo be avoided at the beginning of the game

BeastSupportPro of control and heal, Clara is a good character at the beginning of the game-

HumanWarriorDora is very specialized in hard control and will be effective from the beginning of the game-

UndeadCasterThis caster uses both damage over time and hard controlErusha is not ideal at the beginning of the game

HumanCasterIn addition to improving the attack of your souls, Jade can remove enemy buffs and control them-

Fairy RangerNicole is perfect for applying various debuffs to opponentsRequires good equipment to be truly effective

BeastDefenderBuffs, control and debuffs combined in a soul capable of provoking enemiesWeak against bosses

The characters of tier C

Finally, at the end of our Eversoul Tier List ranking, these are the least powerful souls in our opinion. Although these characters are not the best, they can complete a team if you have no other alternative. On the other hand, some souls such as Violet can still be very powerful against bosses or in specific situations. It's up to you to familiarize yourself with their skills and abilities in order to get the most out of them.

CharacterTypeClassSkills and strengthsWeakness(es)

HumanRangerIts anti-healing abilities and long-lasting damage allow it to weaken enemies for a long timeLess efficient after a little bit of progress in the game

Beast RangerControl and debuffing capabilities are its strengthsNot very effective

FairyStrikerNumerous skills in control and malus to enemiesDespite her many skills, Renee remains ineffective

BeastStrikerMalus and control are Mica's specialtiesBosses are not her forte and she is not very useful

UndeadCasterSoft control and debuffs combined with long lasting damage. In addition, she knows how to defend herself against a boss

UndeadRangerRebecca has a lot of skills; debuffs, damage over time, bonus to allies...

Beast SupportSeeha is a specialist in buffs, soft control and soul careThis soul is not very useful against the bosses and is not among the best

UndeadCasterA real pro at taking out bonuses from her opponents, Violette displays her full potential against the bossesNot very effective at the beginning of the game

To finish this Eversoul Tier List, we would like to remind you that it only takes into account epic characters. Moreover, the game doesn't present a great variety of bosses for the moment, so the supposed power of souls against bosses is only based on the current situation. Finally, note that some souls are only perfectly effective after a certain progression in the game.

Indeed, these sometimes require rarer artifacts and therefore take longer to obtain to reach their full potential. In any case, you now have all the elements in your possession to try to obtain the most powerful souls of Eversoul and to compose implacable teams!

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