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How to make a success of TOA with a farmable team?

best team farmable toa Summoners War

To conquer the Ascension Court in Summoners War, you have to apply several strategies and test several compositions. To do this, you will need to spend time obtaining your monsters and testing their runages. Here are some tips on how to use a viable farmable team and easily pass the TOA and its 100 floor.

How to climb the SW TOA?

First of all, you should know that the TOA is a hellish tower in which you meet several monsters to beat. Every 10 floors, you face a boss against which you will have to apply different strategies.

Summoners War ascension court

You must therefore have several monsters capable of cooperating together (with a good synergy) to form an unbeatable team. To do this, there are a very large number of possible teams given the large number of monsters in the game (1189).

Among these teams, there are some that only include farmable monsters (which can be obtained via dungeons or fusion) while some include monsters that can only be obtained via mystical and/or legendary scrolls .

Best farmable team for TOA and floor 100

Farmable teams for TOA, which are also called "F2P teams" (free-to-play), are a big part of your composition. Indeed, they allow a good balance in your monsters, which is highly recommended.

You need different categories of monsters:

  • healer: allows you to grant heals (1 minimum);
  • Buffering: allows you to grant advantages to your monsters and disadvantages to enemy monsters (2 minimum);
  • controller: allows you to control the opposing team (1 minimum);
  • DoT dealer: allows you to apply continuous damage to enemies (1 minimum).

Here is a list of monsters that can be useful in TOA to have the best farmable team:


Belladeon: Farmable in light dungeons, this is a very good healer that can set breakdefs and can increase attack gauge while healing your monsters. He can be rune as Fast/Energy or Violent/Energy. In slots 2/4/6, it rune to VIT/PV%/PV%.

Belladeon Monster

Fran: Farmable thanks to the antique coins. She allows you to reduce your attack gauge and to set an immunity thanks to her skill 3 while healing your monsters. Same runage as Belladeon, but aiming for a bit more speed to take advantage of her skill 3 from the start. She rune in VIT/PV%/PV%.

Monster Fran


Bernard: It is very useful to put a breakdef and also a boost atb. It can be rune in Quick/Focus in VIT/PV%/PV% too.

Bernard Monster

Mav: He is very well known for being a very strong monster on the TOA ! It allows you to reduce the wait time of your monsters' abilities but also to stun enemies and provoke them. It rune in Fast/Energy in FPS/PV%/PV%.

Mav monster

Verdehile : It increases the attack gauge of your monsters with each critical hit it inflicts. You must have 100% critical rate on this monster to use it! It can be rune as Quick/Blade or Violent/Blade in VIT/TXCR%/PV%.

Verdehile Monster


Veromos : He can be farmed from the beginning of the game through a main quest. He can stun enemies and set DoTs. He runes in Violent/Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%. When you finish his fusion, you will receive a violent rune set as a reward, it is very important to apply this rune set to him!

Veromos Monster

Spectra: Yet another monster that is essential to your success! It can be farmed quite easily in the secret fire dungeons . It reduces the attack gauge of enemies and also allows you to hit bosses hard thanks to its skill 2, it can be rune in Fast/Energy or in Violent/Focus in VIT/DCR/PV%.

Spectra Monster

DoT Dealer

Baretta: He is farmable like Veromos, via the fusion hexagram. It allows to put DoT on all enemies thanks to its skill 3 and to reduce the atb of an enemy to zero thanks to its skill 2. It rune in Despair/Energy or in Despair/Focus in VIT/PV%/PREC%.

Baretta Monster

Tips for optimising your TOA team

Once you have obtained these monsters, you will of course have to mount them and optimize your runes to reach certain minimum statistics:

  • more than 23,000 PVs ;
  • about 50% accuracy on ALL your monsters and 80% minimum for Baretta;
  • aim for a minimum speed of 180 on all your monsters;
  • ride your monsters 6 stars and max level.

Of course, it is possible that some teams will not be able to pass on certain floors , especially on the last three floors of the TOA. You will have to test different compositions and improve your runes if necessary.

Your strategy will not be the same on the two final bosses of the TOA(Lyrith and Ath'taros). This last stage seems to be the most complicated, but only the first two waves will be a real challenge! You'll have to think carefully about your strategy before you start.

The TOA strategy is based on control. The more you control, the more you will succeed ! Some floors can take dozens of minutes, but no matter how long you take, if it passes, it's perfect !

Remember, the TOA is a test for your runes. So arm yourself with patience and go for it!


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