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Find your Pokémon Unite Trainer ID to play with your friends

Add Friend Pokémon Unite

Instead of playing Nintendo's new MOBA alone and complaining about your mates, why not play with your real friends or find new partners? This article will explain how to find your Pokémon Unite Trainer ID to play with your friends. And I'll take the opportunity to give you some tips on how to find other trainers who are looking for mates. This way, you will only have to join a lobby together using your Trainer ID.

Where to find your Trainer ID in Pokémon Unite?

The Trainer ID is the essential element to be able to play Pokémon Unite with friends. It consists of a list of numbers and letters which identify you as a player. Each Trainer ID is unique and corresponds to a single trainer. To find your Trainer ID, go to the top left of the screen and click on the profile button.

Profile Pokémon Unite

As you can see, the profile button is indicated by the trainer avatar. Clicking on it will open the trainer profile menu. Where your full avatar is displayed, you will find your Trainer ID above your nickname.

Trainer ID on Pokémon Unite

Now that you know where to get the Pokémon Unite Trainer ID, you're wondering how to play with friends. I'll explain that in the next section. However, this Trainer ID acts as a friend code that you can share with other players.

How to add a friend in Pokémon Unite with their Trainer ID ?

You already know how to find the Pokémon Unite friend ID. The rest of the procedure for playing with friends follows the classic pattern of adding a friend in a video game. First of all, ask for the Trainer ID of the person you want to add. Then go to the Friends tab in the main menu.

friend list Pokémon Unite

Here you will have the choice of two tabs: your friends list and the Pokémon Unite friend search by Trainer ID / Trainer ID. Choose the friend search and enter the Trainer ID of the person you wish to add.

Activate the trainer ID in Pokémon Unite

Then press the Add Friend button. You are already halfway there. The other player still has to accept your request. It's not a big deal: they have to go to their friends list (the other tab in the Friends menu) and click on the Requests button. They should see your friend request with your Pokémon Unite trainer name.

Add a friend Pokémon Unite

All that remains is to validate. And there you go, you now know how to add a friend to Pokémon Unite. But what if instead of playing only with your IRL friends, you found other competitors to form your own team?

Find and play with other Pokémon Unite players

You know how to add more players. It's time to find out where you can find new teammates. First of all, if you are looking for players who are as passionate as you are and who want to have a good time, don't hesitate to post your Trainer ID in the comments. Remember that if you've made it this far, others will too, and those of you reading this article are looking to add others to your friend list. So why not you?

team Pokémon Unite

Secondly, the most practical method is to join a discussion group dedicated to finding other Pokémon Unite trainers. For example, this Facebook group brings together many competitors looking for players to progress as a team. Alternatively, players can try their luck on the Reddit page. But the place where you really do more than just share your Pokémon Unite Trainer ID is often Discord. As this is the place that seems to me the most adapted to the discussion to find your future mates, I propose youcheck out this page listing Discord servers which gather players of the Nintendo MOBA.

Once you've found your playmates, you'll need to create a lobby and invite them to enjoy the teamplay in Pokémon Unite.

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