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List of free Summoners War 2021 codes

codes summoners war 2021 free

Looking for a way to get extra scrolls? Here's a tip to get some rewards thanks to the free valid Summoners War 2021 promo codes!

These are monthly coupons that are valid only in the current month. First, I will show you how to add them and get the rewards on your account, before listing the monthly promo codes which you will be able to use.

How do I add a code in Summoners War?

There are 2 ways to add a promo code in Summoners War and get its reward: either in game or via a link that will automatically apply it to your game account.

Validate an in-game promo code

To validate a SW promo code directly inside the game, touch the Event icon available on your island:

event sw icon

Then, open the "Game Guide" tab and scroll down to the bottom before selecting "Enter your coupon code here".

validate code summoners war

Once on the page, all you have to do is enter the promo code and touch the "Enter" button. A message will pop up to confirm that your code has been applied.

enter code summoners war

Now, the reward you just got with your SW promo code is available in your chest! You'll have to touch "Receive" to be able to use it on your account.

Add a SW code with a link

To apply a Summoners War promo code via a link (for iOS and Android), you'll have to use the link then paste the code at the end.

For example, the code for the month of October 2021 is: http: //

You can do this from your phone browser (with the game installed on your device).

All valid Summoners War 2021 codes

Here is the list of all the free 2021 Summoners War codes. For monthly codes, these are only valid for a given period (1 month). For example, the October code is available between October 1st and 31st but is not available before or after. For the event codes (at the end of the article), they are available for the duration of the event so use them quickly!

The codes below will give you access to different rewards like scrolls, gems and summoning stones! The perfect way to get new monsters for free! 🙂

award scroll sw
Month of January (verified) :
Code: SW2021JAN41
Reward: 1 scroll

award scroll from the late sw
Month of February (verified) :
Code: SW2021FEB25
Reward: 1 scroll of fire

award scroll d'eau sw
Month of March (verified) :
Code: SW2021MAR36
Reward: 1 scroll of water

award scroll from vent sw
Month of April (checked) :
Code: SW2021APR47
Reward: 1 scroll of wind

award stones invocation sw
Month of May(checked):
Code: SW2021MAY58
Reward: 50 Summoning Stones

award scroll from vent sw
Month of June (checked ):
Code: SW2021JUN69
Reward: 1 scroll of wind, fire and water

award scroll sw
Month of July(checked) :
Code: SW2021JUL71
Reward: 1 scroll

award scroll from the late sw
Month of August(checked) :
Code: SW2021AUG82
Reward: 1 scroll of fire

award scroll d'eau sw
Month of September(checked) :
Code: SW2021SEP93
Reward: 1 scroll of water

award scroll from vent sw
Month of October(checked) :
Code: SW2021OCT01
Reward: 1 scroll of wind

award stones invocation sw
Month of November (to be checked) :
Code: SW2021NOV64
Reward: 50 Summoning Stones

award scroll sw
Month of December (to be checked) :
Code: SW2021DEC89
Reward: 3 scrolls mystics

Please note that all codes marked as "to be checked" will be checked on the 1st day of each month. Thus, if the code is not valid, come back on the following day or a little later on the 1st to get the right promo code. 🙂

Summoners War temporary event codes

In addition to the monthly codes, there are codes for Summoners War events such as SWC 2021. Here is the list of other sw codes valid as of 01/10/2021:

  • swplay2gether: 3 scrolls mystics

SWC 2021 has started: the codes of this event are already there!

If you know other valid Summonners War promo codes which are not listed here, feel free to share them with everyone in the comments! Feel free to also read through our other Summoners War tips to get a better hang of the game.

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  1. Anthony

    The November code that works is: SW2020NOV64

    There is also: POKBANEUCUP ,SW2020AINI , SHOBUAPAC20 , I forgot the rewards data, sorry...

    • Hakio

      Thanks to you, I just updated the article! 🙂

  2. Gomez Sanchez

    I did not receive 100 diamonds but 3 scrolls mystical diamonds for the December code!

    • Hakio

      Indeed, little typo on our part... That's corrected. Thank you for the report! 🙂

      • Peepoodoo

        New code :
        Give 1 scroll mystic

  3. Rehmet Lucas

    There are two New special codes from the sheisou live
    READY4LT17 1 scroll of each attribute and 150 000 mana I think
    STAYSAFELT16 1 scroll mystic and 100 energy

    • Tipsalewo

      thank you it's added 😀

    • Julien Driant

      Thank you for the answer I just made the code and it works but the reward is not 100 crystals but 1 scroll of fire water and 1 of wind.

      • Hakio

        Thanks for the feedback, indeed they have changed the reward on this month compared to previous years! I have changed it 🙂

  4. Julien Driant

    The June code does not work ???

  5. Estéban

    The July code does not work.

    • Hakio

      It has just been updated, Com2Us hasn't released it yet, so I had to test all the codes 1 by 1 for July xD

      The code for July 2021: SW2021JUL71

  6. GalaxDad

    promocode = frenchcup2021

    • Hakio

      It's added, thank you!


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