Genshin Impact best characters tier list - 5 and 4 star ranked

Genshin Impact best characters

In Genshin Impactthere is no shortage of characters to choose from! But, for all that, they are not all equal. So you're wondering what are the must-haves, the essentials to face the abyss calmly? Well, the main thing is to choose characters whose gameplay you like! You can then combine them with maximum power thanks to our Genshin Impact best teams tier list.

Every twenty days, miHoYo aka Hoyoverse offers new event banners with each time a five star character, or even two, to summon. Alas, the Primogems being quickly limited, especially when playing free-to-play, you have to make choices. To assist you, we have written this Genshin Impact best characters tier list with only the S Tier. You will know thanks to our ranking which hero to bet on first and why.

This tier list of the best Genshin Impact characters takes into account the heroes available at the time of the 3.5 update.

Genshin Impact best DPS characters tier list

We start this ranking with the Genshin Impact best DPS characters. With this tier list, you will know on which characters to bet to make a maximum of damage in the Abysses but also against the bosses.

Ayaka: one of the best DPS in Genshin Impact

Portrait of Ayaka

Ayaka is without a doubt one of the best Genshin Impact DPS! The swordswoman has the advantage of infusing Cryo into her blade all the time with her dash. She also has great offensive potential with her elemental ability inflicting area Cryo damage. To end on a high note, her elemental unleash unleashes a massive frosty vortex that wounds all enemies in its path.

Ayaka is often found in teams that use freezing to freeze enemies. Among his best options in character synergy Genshin Impact, we can mention the team Ayaka / Shenhe / Kazuha / Kokomi.

Alhaitham : the best Dendro DPS

Alhaitham the best DPS Dendro

Released in the 3.4 update of Genshin Impact, Alhaitham has immediately become one of the most played characters in the Abyss. He is able to infuse his one-handed sword with theDendro element almost permanently through the mirrors he summons with his charged attack, elemental attack, and elemental rampage. Alhaitham's mirrors also generate extra damage. This way you can trigger elemental chain reactions related to the Dendro element. This is what makes Alaitham one of the best Genshin Impact characters.

We recommend the team Alhaitham / Nahida / Xingqiu / Kuki Shinobu in order to use Spread to boost its Dendro damage but also Hyperbloom (the Dendro Cores will be projected on the enemies). However, to be played well, Alhaitham requires precise rotations. We detail all this in his guide.

Hu Tao: an excellent Pyro DPS in single-target

Portrait of Hu Tao

Hu Tao is one of the strongest Pyro DPS on Genshin Impact. She shines in single target DPS and can easily take on the toughest enemies in the Abyss. When she switches to Paramita Papilio mode with her elemental attack, Hu Tao unleashes devastating normal and charged Pyro attacks. Because of her element, she benefits from excellent synergy, especially with Hydro heroes to produce evaporation regularly. However, her gameplay is more difficult to pick up and gains in fluidity with her C1.

To increase its damage, it is recommended to play it with Hydro characters like Xingqiu and Yelan. Thanks to their abilities, Hu Tao's normal attacks will trigger Hydro coordinated attacks. By playing two Hydro characters, you will also increase her HP by 25%. Zhongli will be a great addition to this team as he will protect Hu Tao with his shield. This makes Hu Tao an excellent hero in this Genshin Impact characters tier list.

Raiden Shogun : the queen of electro

Portrait of Raiden Shogun Genshin Impact

Raiden is one of the best DPS bursts in the RPG. Her elemental rampage allows her to unleash colossal damage, enough to finish off your enemies with panache. On top of that, her elemental attack increases the rampage of all your characters and generates 25 seconds of Electro damage when your characters attack. The Archon Electro will assist you in generating maximum elemental reactions.

The Raiden Shogun can be played as the main DPS in a Hyper Raiden team (Raiden Shogun / Kujou Sara / Kaedehara Kazuha / Bennett) or in a team based on elemental reactions (Raiden Shogun / Xingqiu / Xiangling / Bennett).

Ganyu: a formidable Cryo archer

Portrait of Ganyu tier list of the best characters of Genshin Impact

Although being one of the oldest characters of Genshin Impact, Ganyu is still a formidable character. TheCryo Archer is able to inflict enormous damage with her charged attacks. In addition, her elemental attack draws in enemies. Her elemental rampage creates a large area that will inflict Cryo damage for 15 seconds. She is also an excellent support.

Ganyu will shine in a reverse melt-based team with other Genshin tierlist characters; you first apply the Pyro element, then switch to Ganyu to perform melt with charged attacks.

For example, we can advise you the team Ganyu / Xiangling / Bennett / Zhongli. Or replace Xiangling by Nahida or another Dendro character in order to also make Burn.

Kamisato Ayato : a formidable Hydro DPS

Portrait of Ayato

Ayato is a Hydro character that can be played as a main DPS or sub-DPS. He has an excellent Hydro application with his Elemental Unleash which, like Ganyu's, summons a huge area for 18 seconds that will continuously deal Hydro damage. This is ideal for reactions related to this element. But it doesn't stop there, as Ayato can also do a lot of damage with his elemental attack. For 6 seconds, his normal attacks are replaced by fast and powerful Hydro attacks.

Among his best teams, we find the team Exuberance with for example Ayato / Nahida / Kazuha / Shinobu.

However, Ayato has an important rival in Genshin Impact : Tartaglia (Childe). He also shines in the role of DPS Hydro. Feel free to check out their guides to get a better idea.

Tier list of the best 5 star characters support

As powerful as they may be, DPS can only reveal their full potential if they are backed up by good support. We reveal the Genshin Impact 5 stars support characters tier list. These heroes are often ultra versatile and will work in most teams in the game. They are sure values to invoke.

Kazuha: the best Anemo hero

Best 5-star character from Genshin Impact : Kazuha Kaedehra

Kazuha Kaedehara is undoubtedly one of the best characters of Genshin Impact. The hero Anemo fits into almost any team! He provides a huge elemental damage boost when he triggers a Scatter. But that's not all; he makes elemental reactions much easier and attracts enemies so he can target them more easily. All these arguments make him a more than convincing support! As a bonus, Kazuha works very well even without any constellation. As a proof of its efficiency, it is played in 97% of the teams in the Abyss.

Zhongli: the strongest shield in Genshin Impact

Photo of Zhongli

TheGeo Archon deploys the most powerful shield in the RPG. With it, your characters will be protected and their spells will not be interrupted by the enemy. His elemental attack also reduces the elemental and physical resistance of nearby opponents to do more damage. Zhongli also hits his enemies with his elemental rampage; he drops a meteorite. This meteorite causes a lot of damage and immobilizes monsters for a few seconds. The hero Geo can be added to any team to strengthen it. He is an ideal defensive support among the Genshin Impact best characters tier list.

Nahida: an excellent Dendro application with a huge elemental mastery boost

Portrait of Nahida, one of the best characters of Genshin Impact

Nahida is the Archon Dendro. She is unsurprisingly at the time of the 3.5 update, the best Dendro applicator out there. She can apply this element with her elemental attack on up to 8 enemies at the same time and link them with each other. You can then switch to another character to perform elemental reactions.

But that's not all, as his elemental rampage summons a large area that remains on the field for 15 seconds. This will bring a boost of up to 250 points of elemental mastery to the active character.

Nahida will often be the best solution in a team where you are looking to apply the Dendro element and boost the elemental mastery of your characters.

Yelan: an impressive off-camera Hydro application

Portrait of Yelan de Genshin Impact

The gameplay of Yelan is reminiscent of one of Genshin Impact's best 4 star characters : Xingqiu. Indeed, his elemental unleashing allows him to perform coordinated Hydro attacks when the active character uses normal attacks. But it doesn't stop there, as the die Yelan summons also boosts the active character's damage.

In short, Yelan will be one of genshin Impact's best characters for applying the Hydro element off-screen and doing elemental reactions. As a bonus, she will boost your active character's damage. She will also be able to do good damage with her elemental attack. It works best with characters that use mostly normal attacks like Hu Tao, Alhaitham, Yoimiya, etc.

Yae Miko: an excellent off-field electro application and synergy with the Dendro element

Portrait of Yae Miko

Yae Miko has the advantage of being able to easily apply the Electro element out of the field while inflicting important damage with its elemental attack. You will be able to place 3 totems on the field. They remain present for 14 seconds. If they are connected to each other, you will do more damage.

You'll always have an excellent Electro application, especially for boosting Dendro DPS like Alhaitham for example. In addition, you'll be able to do a lot of damage by blowing up totems with Yae Miko's elemental rampage.

Sangonomiya Kokomi : a healer applying the Hydro element to perfection

Portrait of Kokomi

Initially shunned at the time of its release, Sangonomiya Kokomi has finally revealed her full potential with theDendro element and is now one of Genshin Impact's best support characters Very versatile, she is able to apply the Hydro element, heal and do damage.

His elemental attack summons a jellyfish that will remain in the fight for 12 seconds. It inflicts damage, applies Hydro and heals the active character. With the jellyfish, you can easily provoke elemental reactions and create Dendro Cores when the Dendro comes into contact.

Kokomi's Elemental Unleashing will heal all characters while attacking. But be careful, Kokomi can't do critical damage.

The best 4 star characters support Genshin Impact (S Tier)

The 4-star characters of Genshin Impact are not to be outdone, some of them are even essential to create a successful team.

Bennett: the best supporting character in Genshin Impact

Best 4-star character from Genshin Impact : Bennett

Bennett is the character that is used in almost every team at Genshin Impact. And for good reason, he quickly heals your team with his elemental rampage and boosts all characters in his circle at the same time. With it, you will do much more damage, while benefiting from healing. Furthermore, he is a Pyro hero, which is quite useful for elemental reactions. For all these qualities, Bennett is often considered the best character in Genshin Impact.

Xingqiu: the best Hydro applicator

Portrait of Xingqiu Genshin Impact

Very popular and in the lead in all tier list, Xingqiu stands out for his ability to apply the Hydro element. His ability and elemental unleashing allow the active character to perform coordinated Hydro attacks when performing normal attacks. With it, you can easily trigger elemental reactions. It is often played with Pyro, Dendro or Cryo characters present in our tier list Genshin of the game characters.

Xiangling: Pyro everywhere

Portrait of Xiangling

Xiangling is there to inflict great damage with its elemental rampage, which takes the form of a tornado of fire spinning around it. Once launched, you can switch to another character and enjoy great elemental reactions for 10 seconds.

Yaoyao: an excellent Dendro healer

Portrait of Yaoyao

TheDendro element has quickly established itself as one of the best in the game because of the reactions it generates. So any character who can apply Dendro off-screen already has good potential. But Yaoyao has the advantage that she can also provide quick and effective healing, either with her elemental attack or her elemental rampage. She will fill two roles on her own and leave room for other characters in your team. Also, once her first constellation is unlocked, she will provide a Dendro Damage bonus.

It is one of the best supports heroes for characters like Nilou or Alhaitham.

Kuki Shinobu : an Electro healer that works in almost all teams based on the Dendro element

Portrait of Kuki Shinobu

Kuki ShinobuKuki Shinobu, like Yaoyao, also offers two roles in one: off-camera electro applicator and healer thanks to her elemental attack. This one takes the form of a lightning ring that will follow the active character for 12 seconds (for only 15 seconds of recharge). You will be able to heal your DPS while allowing him to perform elemental reactions with the Electro element.

Shinobu is one of the best Genshin Impact support characters for teams working around the Dendro element.

Fishl: one of the best Electro support characters in Genshin Impact

Portrait of FIshl

Some of the best applicators of theElectro Offsetelement are Fischl. With her elemental attack and elemental rampage, she summons Oz, a raven that will stay on the field even when she's gone to inflict Electro damage on enemies. This is ideal if you want to do elemental reactions with the elements Dendro and Hydro for example.

Sucrose: elementary mastery boost

Portrait of Sucrose

Sucrose plays a very good character Anemo and an honorable substitute for Kazuha or Venti if you don't have them. In addition to gathering enemies and doing Dispersals, it boosts your characters' elemental control considerably. This will increase the damage caused by melting, evaporation, etc.

Diona: heal and protect

Photo by Diona

We finish this Genshin Impact best characters tier list with Diona. This adorable Cryo heroine is particularly versatile. She can protect your characters with her shield, heal them with her elemental rampage, boost them if you have unlocked all her constellations and apply the Cryo element.

That's it for this tier list of the best characters in Genshin Impact. Of course, it's not exhaustive given the amount of heroes that exist, let alone those to come... But with this ranking with only the S Tier, you can compose excellent teams. If your characters are lacking in power, don't hesitate to check out our guides and our article oncharacter upgrades in Genshin Impact.

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