Genshin Impact Nahida guide : Build, Weapons and Artifacts

Genshin Impact Nahida guide : Build, Weapons and Artifacts

Nahida in Genshin Impact is the Sumeru's Archon. Just released, the 5-star heroine Dendro is already shaking up the Genshin Impact meta by establishing herself as one of the best characters in the game. She excels at creating elemental reactions with her excellent Dendro app. On top of that, Rani Kusanali will be able to do great damage and boost your team's elemental control. But to get the most out of her potential, you need to give her a proper build. With the tips and tricks in this guide, you'll know which artifacts and weapons to equip on Nahida in Genshin Impact.

How to get Nahida in Genshin Impact ?

You can only unlock Nahida in Genshin Impact when she is featured in an Character Event Wish.

Genshin Impact Nahida Wish

Nahida Wish

The Rani Kusanali was released on November 2, 2022. You can try to summon Nahida on The Moongrass' Enlightenment banner until 5pm on November 18.

Nahida constellations

Nahida can be played without any of her constellations. But if you like the character and want to make her even stronger, the trick is to opt for the C2 The Root of All Fullness.

Genshin Impact Nahida constellations

It significantly increases the elemental reactions damage performed by Nahida's elemental attack. On top of that, if the enemy suffers a Quicken, Aggravate or Spread reaction, their defense will decrease by 30%.

You will then also benefit from the C1 The Seed of Stored Knowledge. This one doubles the bonuses granted by Nahida's elemental unleashing.

How to play Nahida in Genshin Impact ?

Genshin Impact Nahida gameplay

Genshin Impact Nahida shines in support and sub-DPS roles. She is currently the best Genshin Impact Dendro character and will allow you to trigger Dendro related elemental reactions very easily. Especially since Nahida fights with a catalyst and thus performs normal Dendro attacks.

Nahida's normal attack statistics at level 8

But it's her elemental attack All Schemes to Know that interests us most. With it, Nahida projects karmic links around her and marks the touched enemies with a Seeds of Skandha.

For 25 seconds, targets will be linked together. Nahida will trigger a Tri-Karma Purification that inflicts Dendro damage when you perform elemental reactions. You can hit up to 8 enemies at once.

And if you launch the attack with a long press, you will activate the aiming mode. You will then simply spin around to mark all the enemies around you.

Statistics of Nahida's elemental attack at level 8

You can then switch to other characters, preferably Electro, Pyro or Hydro, to do elemental reactions.

But Nahida's gameplay in Genshin Impact does not stop there. While Illusory Heart, her elemental rampage, does not deal any damage or apply the Dendro element, it does grant buffs to Nahida's elemental ability depending on the characters you play in your team. Ideally, you should cast it before marking your enemies with Nahida's elemental ability.

By choosing a Pyro hero in Nahida's team, you will increase the damage of the Tri-Karma Purification. With an Electro character, you'll reduce the trigger interval between each trikarmic cleanse. Finally, by playing at least one Hydro character, you will extend the duration of the Maya Shrine invoked by the elemental rampage.

Nahida's elemental rampage statistics at level 8

As an added bonus, with the Shrine of Maya passive, Illusory Heart increases the active character's elemental mastery to 25% of the elemental mastery of the character on the team with the most elemental mastery (up to 250 points).

It is recommended that you first level up Genshin Impact Nahida's elemental attack, then her elemental rampage and finally her normal attack if you want to play her as a DPS.

What is the best equipment for Nahida in Genshin Impact ?

To get the best Genshin Impact Nahida build, the trick is to focus on increasing her elemental mastery. This will boost the damage of the elemental reactions and the damage inflicted by the Tri-Karma Purification thanks to the passive Awakening Elucidated.

For every point of elemental mastery that Nahida has above 200 points, the DMG inflicted by the Tri-Karma Purification is boosted by 0.1% (up to 80%) and the CRIT rate by 0.03% (up to 24%). Ideally, aim for an Elemental Mastery score between 800 and 1000 points.

To this end, we reveal the best artifacts and weapons to equip on Genshin Impact Nahida.

The best Nahida's artifacts

Best Artifact Set for Genshin Impact Nahida : Deepwood Memories
Deepwood Memories

The best artifact set to equip on Genshin Impact Nahida is the 4-piece Deepwood Memories set. With 2 pieces, you get a 15% Dendro damage bonus. The 4-piece effect will reduce the Dendro resistance of enemies by 30% for 8 seconds when an elemental skill hits an enemy.

Genshin Impact Nahida's artifact : Gilded Dreams
Gilded Dreams

But if you are playing Nahida with a character who already has this set, our advice is to start with the 4-piece Gilded Dreams set. This artifact set boosts elemental mastery by 80 points.

With the bonus 4 pieces of equipment, triggering an elemental reaction increases for 8 seconds the ATK by 14% for each member of the same elemental type as the equipped character (Dendro in this case) and the elemental mastery by 50 points for each member of a different elemental type.

If in doubt, prefer artifacts with the best statistics:

  • Hourglass: elementary mastery;
  • Cut: Elemental mastery or damage bonus Dendro;
  • Crown: elemental mastery or critical rate or critical damage.

Priority order for secondary statistics:

  • Basic mastery ;
  • CRIT Rate;
  • Critical damage ;
  • ATK% and ATK ;
  • Energy recharge.

The best weapons to equip on Genshin Impact Nahida

To complete Genshin Impact Nahida's build, we recommend weapons that increase the elemental mastery like :

Best Genshin Impact Nahida's weapon : A Thousand Floating Dreams
A Thousand Floating Dreams (5★)
Weapon for Nahida: Wandering Evenstar
Wandering Evenstar (4★)
Weapon for Nahida : Magic Guide
Magic Guide (3★)
  • A Thousand Floating Dreams: this is the best weapon for Nahida. It will grant her a significant elemental mastery bonus. The passive will also boost the elemental mastery of the other characters in the team;
  • Wandering Evenstar: The passive increases the equipped character's ATK to 24% of their Elemental Mastery for 12 seconds. The other members of your team benefit from 30% of this bonus;
  • Magic Guide: Really free-to-play oriented, this 3-star weapon is also a very good option. It will boost Nahida's elemental mastery, while increasing the damage done to enemies affected by Hydro and Electro.
Weapon for Nahida: Mappa Mare
Mappa Mare (4★)
Weapon for Nahida: Sacrificial Fragments
Sacrificial Fragments (4★)
Weapon for Nahida : The Widsith
The Widsith (4★)
  • Mappa Mare: Triggering an elemental reaction grants an elemental damage bonus for 8 seconds;
  • Sacrificial Fragments: elemental skills have a chance to reset their cooldown;
  • The Widsith: The weapon increases critical rate and its passive triggers a random melody for 10 seconds when the character is deployed. It can increase ATK by 60%, elemental damage by 48% or elemental mastery by 240 points.

Genshin Impact Nahida's ascension and skill materials

To raise Nahida to level 90 in Genshin Impact, you will need:

  • 168 Kalpalata Lotus: you will find them in the mountains of Sumeru. Locate them directly with the interactive map of Teyvat;
  • 18 Fungal Spores, 30 Luminescent Pollen and 36 Crystalline Cyst Dust. You will find them on the Fungus (you will also need them for the skills);
  • 1 Nagadus Emerald Sliver, 9 Nagadus Emerald Fragments, 9 Nagadus Emerald Chunks and 6 Nagadus Emerald Gemstones and 46 Quelled Creepers that you will obtain by facing the Dendro-Hypostasen.

And to increase Nahida's skills:

  • Teachings of Ingenuity, Guide to Ingenuity, and Philosophies of Ingenuity. You can loot these items on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays in the Steeple of Ignorance dungeon;
  • Puppet Strings that you will get by defeating the weekly boss Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal.

Which teams does Nahida play in ?

Nahida is a very flexible character. You can play her in any team based on elemental reactions related to the Dendro element. She is currently the best Dendro applicator. She will be much more effective in this role than Collei or the Dendro Traveler.

Among the best teams with Nahida we recommend :

Nahida / Nilou / Xingqiu or Yelan / Kokomi or Barbara: Nahida is ideal to create Dendro seeds with Hydro. You can play her with Nilou to increase the damage of the Dendro seeds, then Kokomi or Barbara for healing and another Hydro character like Yelan or Xingqiu.

Nahida in Genshin Impact

You can also rely on Hyperbloom by blowing up Dendro seeds with an Electro DPS like Cyno, Keqing or Raiden.

Among the best Exuberance teams we also find Nahida / Xingqiu / Shinobu / Kazuha or Sucrose.

Nahida in Genshin Impact

Also, you can burn the seeds by adding a Pyro character to a team composed of Nahida / Xingqiu / Xiangling / Bennett or Nahida / Ayato / Thomas / Zhongli.

Nahida in Genshin Impact

By playing Nahida with Electro characters, you will boost their damage thanks to the Aggravate reaction (Dendro + Electro). We recommend the team Nahida / Fischl / Yae Miko or Beidou / Kazuha or Zhongli. You can also replace Fishl by Shinobu to have heals.

Nahida in Genshin Impact
Yae Miko
Yae Miko

How old and how tall is Nahida from Genshin impact ?

Nahida is the current Archon Dendro, the Rani Kusanali. She is the successor to the former Dendro Archon, the Molrani Rukkhadevata. But even though Nahida is currently about 500 years old, she is still very young for an archon and is struggling to assert herself as such, especially because of the sages of Sumeru.

Genshin Impact Nahida Profile

She is one of the smallest characters on Genshin Impact at 1m38, but she is not to be taken lightly.

Genshin Impact Nahida picture

That's it for this guide dedicated to Genshin Impact Nahida, the Dendro Archon. You now know how to unlock Nahida, but also how to equip her best build. She is currently the best Dendro character, she will wreak havoc in the abyss. The character has the advantage of applying the Dendro element very easily, boosting your other characters, while doing good damage. All these qualities make her very flexible.

Plus, you'll be able to use Nahida's elemental attack in aiming mode to pick up plants from a distance for easy collection. And if you'd like to discover more character guides and tips on how to build the best characters, head over to our Genshin Impact tips page.

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