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Xinyan Guide Genshin Impact : Build, Weapons and Artifacts

Guide to Xinyan in Genshin Impact

Xinyan is a 4-star Pyro character. Fighting with a claymore, the heroine does mostly physical damage. She has the advantage of being able to generate a shield, which in addition to providing protection, increases physical damage. This allows her to be played as a main DPS, but also as a support. We detail the strengths and weaknesses of Xinyan from Genshin Impact in this complete guide. Our tips and tricks will help you know which artifacts and weapons to equip for an optimal build.

How to get Xinyan in Genshin Impact ?

You have a small chance of unlocking Xinyan in Genshin Impact when you make wishes on Standard Wish or Character Event Wish.

Xinyan banner

Your chances of summoning Xinyan are higher when she is featured in a Character Event Wish.

Xinyan Constellations

Xinyan constellations in Genshin Impact

To be truly relevant, Xinyan depends heavily on its constellations.

Its C2 Impromptu Opening increases the physical damage critical rate of the elemental rampage by 100%. As a bonus, a level 3 shield is generated upon activation.

Wildfire Rhythm (C4) lowers the physical RES of enemies hit by Xinyan's elemental skill by 15% for 12 seconds.

Rockin' in a Flaming World (the C6) reduces the stamina consumption of its charged attacks by 30% and increases its ATK to 50% of its defence when it makes a charged attack.

How to play Xinyan in Genshin Impact ?

Gameplay of Xinyan in Genshin Impact

Xianyan is mainly played as a physical DPS. To deal maximum damage, the trick is to start by casting his elemental attack Sweeping Fervor. Xinyan wields his guitar to inflict area Pyro damage and generate a shield. It absorbs damage in proportion to Xinyan's DEF. The level of the shield increases according to the number of enemies hit. It lasts 12 seconds and applies the Pyro element to Xinyan.

With the passive ... Now That's Rock'N'Roll! The physical damage of characters benefiting from Xinyan's shield, including her, is increased by 15%.

Statistics of Xinyan's elemental attack in Genshin Impact
Statistics for Xinyan's elemental attack at level 11

Then cast his Riff Revolution elemental rampage. Xinyan unleashes shockwaves with his guitar inflicting heavy physical damage, but also Pyro.

Statistics of Xinyan's elemental rampage in Genshin Impact
Xinyan's elemental rampage statistics at level 9

Then, switch characters if you are playing Xinyan as a support or perform charged attacks if you are using her as a DPS. Xinyan will swirl her claymore around her, being able to hit several enemies at the same time.

Xinyan's normal attack statistics in Genshin Impact
Xinyan's normal attack statistics at level 8

For a DPS build, our advice is to increase all his abilities, but especially his normal attack. For a support build, focus on his elemental attack and elemental rampage.

What is the best equipment for Xinyan?

For a DPS build, you'll want to increase Xinyan's physical damage as much as possible with his gear, but also his damage and critical hits. For a support build, focus more on DEF and energy recharge.

We've listed the best artifacts and weapons to equip on Xinyan in Genshin Impact.

The best artefacts for Xinyan

Artifact for Xinyan: Pale Flame
Pale flame
Artifact for Xinyan: Bloodstained Chivalry
Bloodstained Chivalry

For maximum damage with Xinyan, the best artifact option is a combination of 2 pieces of equipment from the Pale Flame set and 2 pieces of Bloodstained Chivalry. You will gain a 50% physical damage bonus.

Artifact for Xinyan: Noblesse Oblige
Noblesse Oblige
Artifact for Xinyan: Gladiator's Finale
Gladiator's Finale

You can also choose 2 pieces from one of these sets and 2 pieces from the Noblesse Oblige set to increase the damage of Xinyan's elemental rampage by 20% or 2 pieces from the Gladiator's Finale set to get an 18% bonus to ATK (or other equivalent set).

Statistics to focus on:

  • Hourglass: ATK% or DEF if you have C6;
  • Cut: physical damage bonus;
  • Crown: critical rate or critical damage.

Secondary statistics :

  • ATK% ;
  • Critical rate ;
  • Critical damage ;
  • Energy recharging ;
  • DEF%.

The best weapons for Xinyan

To complete Xinyan's equipment, we recommend the following two-handed weapons:

Best weapon for Xinyan: Skyward Pride (5★)
Skyward Pride (5★)
Weapon for Xinyan: Wolf's Gravestone (5★)
Wolf's Gravestone (5★)
Weapon for Xinyan: The Unforged (5★)
The Unforged (5★)
Weapon for Xinyan: Serpent Spine (4★)
Serpent Spine (4★)
  • Skyward Pride: This is the best weapon to equip on Xinyan in Genshin Impact. The claymore increases the energy recharge and its passive allows you to do extra damage after attacking;
  • Wolf's Gravestone: the weapon increases the ATK considerably, especially when the enemies have few HP;
  • The Unforged: The claymore boosts ATK and shield strength by 20%. Hitting an enemy will further increase ATK ;
  • Serpent Spine: The Battle Pass weapon provides a significant critical rate bonus. The passive increases the ATK, but also the damage received.

The best free-to-play weapons for Xinyan in Genshin Impact :

Weapon for Xinyan: Prototype Archaic (4★)
Prototype Archaic (4★)
Weapon for Xinyan: Sacrificial Greatsword (4★)
Sacrificial Greatsword (4★)
Weapon for Xinyan: Immaculate Shadow (4★)
Whiteblind (4★)
  • Prototype Archaic: The weapon provides ATK and normal and charged attacks have a 50% chance of inflicting an additional 240% damage from ATK ;
  • Sacrificial Greatsword: This weapon is ideal for playing Xinyan in support. In addition to giving him energy recharge, the recharge time of his elemental skill has a 40% chance (at level 1) of resetting.
  • Whiteblind: The sword increases DEF and normal and charged attacks also increase DEF, but also ATK, by 6% when they hit (cumulative up to 4 times). This weapon is recommended if you have Xinyan's C6.

Xinyan's ascension materials

In order to raise Xinyan to level 80+ and mount his attack in Genshin Impact, you will need the following resources:

  • 1 Shard, 8 Fragments, 8 Chunks and 6 Gemstone of Agnidus Agate as well as 46 Everflame Seeds to collect from the Pyro Regisvine;
  • 18 Treasure Hoarder Insignia, 30 Silver Raven Insignia and 36 Golden Raven Insignia;
  • 168 Violetgrass: these flowers grow on the cliffs of Liyue. Find them on the interactive map of Teyvat. You can grow them in your garden. Serenitea Pot.

Which team should Xinyan play in?

Team to play Xinyan in Genshin Impact : Eula / Fischl / Bennett / Xinyan

Xinyan, due to her nature as a physical DPS, fits into few teams. She will not be optimal for Pyro reactions.

So, for a main physical DPS role, you could play it with Bennett to take advantage of Pyro resonance and boost his damage, then two Geo characters to increase the 15% damage of characters under the protection of a shield.

As a sub-DPS, it will work very well with Eula: it will increase the physical damage and reduce the physical resistance of the enemies (with C4). Add to the team an Electro character such as Beidou or Fischl to perform Superconduction and support Diona or Bennett.

How old and how big is Xinyan in Genshin Impact ?

Profile of Xinyan in Genshin Impact

Xinyan is about 16 years old and 1.57m tall. She has a passion for rock music and does not hesitate to give concerts in Liyue, even if not all the locals like it.

Photo of Xinyan in Genshin Impact

That's it for this guide to Xinyan from Genshin Impact. Now you know our tips and tricks for playing this character, which is particularly fun and practical in the open world. With a good build, she'll be able to do decent damage, especially if you've unlocked her constellations. However, her shield, while handy, does not rival Zhongli 's or Diona's. It does have the advantage of boosting physical damage, which makes it a good ally for Eula.

Hazulia Passionate about fantasy and science-fiction, I am constantly exploring many worlds in my head, in my texts and of course in video games! These last few months, it's Genshin Impact that takes up part of my days... But I also enjoy card games, fighting games, management games, manga, series, movies, etc.

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