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Goblin Clash of Clans: the detailed troop guide

Clash of Clans Goblin Guide

Of all the troops available, the Clash of Clans goblin is my favourite and, in fact, my best unit. They don't have a lot of health points, but they are still an excellent ally for many types of raids.
Who is the Clash of Clans Goblin? What does it do? How do you deploy it? Follow me as we take a look at what makes this garrison so unique.

General description of the group

According to legend, a fairy creature living in a magical clearing is said to be able to hear the sound of gold coins and smell the elixir from miles away. This mysterious creature, the Clash of Clans goblin, would even be able to strip you of your resources before you could react 😲.

You'll recognise him by his green skin, his ears - large and pointed - and his protruding nose which turn yellow when the sunlight hits them. He wears a pair of mini-pants that are held in place by straps over his bare chest. He also has a magic bag in which he stores loot of various sizes.  

Clash of Clans goblin features and stats

The Clash of Clans goblin wears shoes with the tip pointing up to the sky - which is probably why he can walk so fast. He is thefastest unit in the game.

Goblin Clash of Clans level 7

In addition, the goblin is a ground unit, fighting in close combat, with resource buildings (gold and elixir reserves, clan castle, town hall) as its preferred target. It has the ability to inflict twice as much damage on them. It is therefore very easy to destroy an extractor for example or a mine with one or two goblins. 

Also, unlike other Clash of Clans troops, the goblin will not defend itself against skeletal traps, skeletons, heroes or buildings that attack it. In order for the goblin to fight back against attacks, all resource buildings must be destroyed.

All Clash of Clans goblin levels

You unlock the goblin when you reach level 4 of your barracks. But a goblin at level 1 is not really efficient. You will have to improve it by raising its level thanks to the laboratory to boost its statistics. Here is a summary of the different information on this subject.

LevelCost of improvementDurationLevel
Laboratory required
Life pointsDamage per secondCost of training
250 00012 hours1301440
3200 0001 day3361960
4600 0001 day 12 hours5462480
51 200 0002 days65632100
62 500 0003 days 12 hours77642150
74 000 0006 days810152200
89 500 00012 days1012662250

When you level up the Clash of Clans goblin, it's not only its stats that change. Its appearance also changes. For example, at levels 3 and 4 the bag changes its appearance and at level 5 it gains a crest.

Battle strategy with the goblin

Attack strategy with the Clash of Clans goblin

The goblin can be used in several types of attack composition . Its preference for resource buildings makes it a perfect unit if you play Clash of Clans in farming.

Furthermore, the number of these units you form will depend much more on your player status. While a Clash of Clans player in farming mode will only train goblins in his military camps, another in hybrid mode (farming-rush) will try to keep a certain ratio between other troops and goblins. On the other hand, if you are purely rush style, the goblin will be of no use to you.

However, if you decide to form one, there are some rules to follow to take advantage of its full potential. For example, avoid deploying your entire group of goblins in one shot (especially near a high-damage defensive building like the mortar). Not only do you expose your troops, but you prevent them from looting the remaining resources available in the opposing village.

Instead, send small groups to several locations (about 5 goblins per area). If you notice that a resource building is not protected by a defence, send a single goblin. The key is to save as much as you can so that you have enough left when you attack the heart of your opponent's village.

On the other hand, you need a rage spell if you are training goblins. Enraging a group of Clash of Clans goblins makes them faster, more efficient and more formidable. It is also a real advantage if you have a village capable of training or receiving siege engines. One strategy is to fill the siege engine with goblins by reserving a freeze or rage spell.

So, while you are attacking the rest of the village, your siege machine will transport the goblins to the opposing town hall. If it is equipped with a giga tower, freeze it to allow the goblins to attack freely. If you don't have a freeze, use a rage spell to make the goblins quickly destroy the HDV. This strategy ensures you gain at least one star and maximises your win rate.

Defence strategy with the Clash of Clans goblin

The Clash of Clans goblin is not necessarily the most suitable troop to defend your village against enemy attacks. Indeed, its very low life points and its vulnerability to air units do not play in its favour.

However, it can be very interesting to fill your clan castle only with goblins. The speed of movement will allow them to quickly reach the enemy troops and the number could annoy, distract and confuse your opponent, especially if he is not in control of his emotions.

Goblin booster in stealth goblin

Clash of Clans Stealth Goblin Features

The Stealth Goblin is the enhanced and boosted version of the Clash of Clans Goblin. To unlock it, you must have HDV 11 and upgrade the goblin to at least level 7. He wears a leather mask over his eyes, keeps a pickaxe in his right hand. His muscles are also more developed than those of the classic goblin.

Stealth goblin statistics

In addition, the stealth goblin has the special ability Veil, which allows it to remain undetected for the first 5 seconds after deployment.

All levels of the Stealth Goblin

Unlike most Clash of Clans troops that have at least 3 levels in super troop mode, the stealth goblin only has 2.

LevelDamage per secondDamage per attackLife pointsCost of trainingCity Hall level required

Furthermore, the stealth goblin occupies 3 places while the classic goblin occupies only one.

Combat strategy with the stealth goblin

Attack strategy with the stealth goblin

The Stealth Goblin in attack mode is capable of doing everything the classic Clash of Clans Goblin does. Including it in your composition attack will add weight to your firepower. Indeed, its Sail ability will allow you to attack more buildings while spending less units.

For example, a stealth goblin can destroy two extractors before the defences detect it.

Stealth goblin strategy in defence

While the classic goblin can be advantageous for defence, this is not really the case for the stealth goblin. Indeed, the number of units you can park in your clan castle is limited in relation to the number of spaces it occupies.

In addition, it can take more than 5 seconds to reach the enemy troops and will no longer have its special ability when attacking the enemy troops and will therefore remain exposed like the simple goblin. This is the end of this Clash of Clans goblin guide. I hope that it has met all your expectations and helped you to optimize your attack with this troop. If you have any questions or tips to add to this Clash of Clans troop review, feel free to share them in the comments 😉.

Neriya David, or Neriya in the game, is very passionate about digital strategy, writing and video games. Learning and sharing my knowledge is my raison d'être.

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