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Guide to Brakus the Shifter - Artifacts and masteries

guide brakus raid shadow legends

In this New guide to the champions of RAID: Shadow Legendschampions, we're going to break down Brakus the Shifter! A legendary type champion, he is very rare to obtain. It is an interesting champion for all game content. How do you get it? What artefacts and masteries to give him? Without further ado, here is our guide to Brakus the Shifter.

Who's Brakus the Shifter inRAID: Shadow Legends ?

Brakus is a legendary champion of the attack type. This means that he will have to inflict the most damage on the enemy(s). He belongs to the affinity of the Force and he belongs to the faction of the "Skinwalkers".

Brakus the Shifter in RAID: Shadow Legends

What gives him the ability to be a champion and very appreciated by the players of RAID: Shadow Legends, are his very interesting skills.

How to get Brakus the Shifter in RAID: Shadow Legends ?

Brakus the Shifter is obtained as follows:

Way of obtainingPhoto
Radiance Ancient Void
Radiance Legendary Radiance
legendary glitter RAID: Shadow Legendsflash of nothingness RAID: Shadow Legendsancient shine RAID: Shadow Legends

Guide to Brakus the Shifter: the different skills of the champion

Brakus the Shifter has 4 skills that make him a very interesting champion for the players of RAID: Shadow Legends.

Blood of InnocentAttacks an enemy and heals up to 15% of the damage done.

Level 2: Damage + 5%
Level 3: Damage + 5%
Level 4: Damage + 5%
Level 5: Damage + 5
Fury of the Full Moon Brakus the Shifter Raid; Shadow LegendsFull Moon FuryAttack 6 times an enemy, the first attack has a 75% chance to weaken the enemy by 25% for 3 turns and allows this champion to heal up to 25% of the damage dealt.
If the target is under an effect of fear or absolute fear, this champion is healed up to 50% of the damage dealt.

Level 2: Damage + 10%
Level 3: Damage + 15%
Level 4: Buff/buff chance + 10%
Level 5: Buff/buff chance + 15%
Level 6: Cooldown - 1
Level 7: Cooldown - 1
Howl of the Shifter Brakus the Hunter Raid: Shadow LegendsHowl of the HunterIncreases the attack for 3 turns by 50% on all allies and attacks 3 times an enemy.
Each attack has 50% to place a start of absolute fear on the enemies. If they are already affected by this debuff, this attack has a 50% chance to place a 1-turn fear debuff on 2 random enemies.

Level 2: Damage + 10%
Level 3: Buff/ Debuff Chance + 10%
Level 4: Buff/ Debuff Chance + 15%
Level 5: Cooldown - 1
Mod bestial Brakus the Shifter, Raid: Shadow legendsBestial ModeWhen that champion's VPs drop below 40%, that champion's attack increases by 40%.
Roots this champion with 20% of his VPs when he dies. Also grants an additional turn.

Level 2: Cooldown - 1
Level 3: Cooldown - 1

As can be seen, the strength of this champion's attacks depends on his attack figure. In addition, thanks to the skills just listed, Brakus can recover VPs depending on the damage he deals.
His skills give him the advantage of being a versatile champion in all scenarios of RAID: Shadow Legends.

Where to use Brakus the Shifter inRAID: Shadow Legends ?

As we said earlier in this Brakus guide, this champion can be used in all the available contents of RAID: Shadow Legends. Indeed, thanks to these skills, it is a good nuker that can inflict important damages on the enemies. Of course, it will have to be coupled with a support to give it a definite advantage.

Here is a ranking of places where it is possible to use Brakus the Shifter:

Arenascore 9
Minotaur Labyrinthscore 9
Ice Golem Peakscore 10
Castle of the Knight of Firescore 10
Campaignscore 10
Dragon's Denscore 9
Spider's Denscore 4
Clan Bossscore 8
Dungeon of the Forcescore 8
Dungeon of Emptiness score 8
Spirit Dungeon score 3
Magic Dungeonscore 9

Artifacts to use on Brakus the Shifter

Important elements of a Brakus the Shifter guide, the artifacts! Some artifacts provide him with a very great attack because, as we explained, his skills are based on his attack.

The artefacts you will assign may vary depending on the location of use, here are a few ideas:

Arena artifacts, main PvE and factional warfare

These scenarios require different artifacts depending on the desired use.

LocationsSet 1Set 2Set 3
Faction Wars
2 attack sets
1 speed set
1 retaliation
set 1 speed set
1 frenzy
set 1 speed set

As some will have noticed, the speed on Brakus the Shifter must be set to allow him to play quickly. The other sets of artifacts vary according to the ambitions of each one, but especially according to the player's envy.

Artifacts to be used for Clan Boss and Dungeons

In these game modes, you will have to apply a different set or sets of artifacts than what has been shown previously because the strategies are not the same.

Boss Dungeons
1 life
flight set 1 speed set

The Life Steal Set allows Brakus to get more VPs from his attacks as he absorbs VPs based on the damage he deals.

Overall, the following artifacts will need to be applied to Brakus:

Artifact TypeProperty
Weaponattack artifact Raid: Shadow Legends
Helmet life artifact Raid: Shadow Legends
Shielddefence artifact Raid: Shadow Legends
Gauntletscritical rate artifact Raid: Shadow Legends
Critical Rate
Pansièreattack artifact Raid: Shadow Legends
Attack in %
Bootsglazing artifact
Ringattack artifact Raid: Shadow Legends
Amuletcritical damage artifact
Critical Damage
Bannerprecision artifact

Of course, this is an example of how to best use Brakus in the different game modes. It is possible for a more experienced player to create his own sets of artifacts.

Guide to Brakus the Shifter: the to masteries be awarded

To understand everything about masteriesI invite you to take a look at our guide tmasterieso the . It will greatly help you 😉.

Brakus the Shifter: to masteries be applied

Thanks to this Brakus the Shifter guide, you know everything about the champion! You can play him easily by following the sample artifacts to be attributed to him.

Finally, we invite you to consult the other RAID: Shadow Legends guides of the different champions we have made! And for more info and tips on the game, don't hesitate to consult all our tips!

We wish you good progress in RAID: Shadow Legends !

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