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Merge Dragons Challenge Level Guide

Merge Dragons Challenge level Guide

From the world map, several types of levels are available in Merge Dragons!

  • the classic levels : easy to do, these are the normal levels of the adventure;
  • Secret levels : similar to the normal levels. The big difference is that they are hidden in the map's background;
  • Challenge levels : special levels that are more difficult to complete. They can be seen on the world map with their cup-shaped illustration.

In this guide, we will focus on the Merge Dragons! challenge levels you will encounter during your adventure!

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What are Merge Dragons challenges?

The challenge levels are mainly characterised by their time limit. The time limit is more or less demanding, which makes some of the challenges extremely difficult to complete within the time limit.
You have to choose the right strategy and use your dexterity to beat the timer. A mistake can be fatal. Fortunately, in some cases the challenge will actually be quite easy to complete.

Example of a challenge in Merge Dragons!
The challenges are characterised by a time limit

Did you know? You can play Merge Dragons! on your computer! Thanks to a PC emulator, you can play the game on a large screen, with mouse control (so handy for this game!).

Why are Merge Dragons challenges special?

The challenges are not just harder for the sake of it. They are also harder because they give access to a special reward: a dragon. This is the basis of the game and everyone knows it: dragons are important to progress in the adventure. In fact, they are the reason why you can build, harvest or attack in your base camp.

In addition, the challenges reward difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the more mature the dragon obtained. This makes it more efficient and gives it even more value.

Evolution of dragons in Merge Dragons!
The level of the dragon increases with the difficulty.

Each challenge has 3 levels of difficulty (with increasingly limited time). Each difficulty level rewards you with a dragon. Once you have successfully completed all the difficulty levels, the challenge becomes a normal level with basic rewards .

How to succeed in the most complicated challenges?

Some challenges are extremely complicated. To help you, you have access to a special shop, exclusive to each challenge level in Merge Dragons. The shop is a great help for two reasons:

  • it gives access to objects to facilitate the level or to repair an error;
  • she stops time to think, to take a breath and to take a little break.
Merge Dragons Challenge Shop!
Dragon jewels are rare resources that can be bought with real money.

Note that the shop is never mandatory, you don't have to spend your dragon jewels to pass a level. Merge dragons! is free-to-play and it's never fun to spend rare resources that have to be bought with real money.

The other solution is to read all our tips on Merge Dragons! 😉

List of Merge Dragons! challenge levels

Finally, to save you precious time, we have listed the most difficult challenge levels. Thus, we offer detailed guides for each of them:

With all this, you should become extremely fit 😉 ! Don't hesitate to give us more information in the comments!

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