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Tower of Fantasy King guide: Build, matrixes and teams

Tower of Fantasy King guide: Build, matrixes and teams

Tower of Fantasy King Simulacra gives you access to the Scythe of the Crow, a fire and DPS weapon. It is one of the best SSR weapons on Tower of Fantasy for breaking down enemy shields. On top of that, King deals high damage with his fast attacks that take advantage of a wide range. This guide explains how to equip and play the Scythe of the Crow,Tower of Fantasy King's weapon. You'll know which matrixes to choose to give him the best build and which teams to play.

How to get the Scythe of the Crow, Tower of Fantasy King's weapon ?

The Scythe of the Crow is an SSR weapon. You can unlock Tower of Fantasy King by performing invocations on the permanent banner with either Gold Nucleus or Black Nucleus.

Tower of Fantasy King Profile

If you already own the Scythe of the Crow, you can later buy another one for 120 Black Gold and upgrade the weapon. You can also get King on the event banner by losing a 50/50.

Finally, some world bosses such as Robarg, Apophis, Lucia or Sobek offer a small chance to loot King.

How to play Tower of Fantasy King's weapon ?

King breaking a shield in ToF

King is currently the top shield breaker at Tower of Fantasy with a Shatter score of 12.50. This will rise to 14.30 once his first constellation is unlocked. On the other hand, the Simulacra is limited to 5 for Charge. It is recommended that you use King's weapon primarily to break shields and then switch to a DPS that will charge faster for ultimate attacks.

Tower of Fantasy King's skill

King will be able to quickly destroy enemy shields with his Lethal Circle skill. Then follow up with normal attacks, preferably aerial, to multiply your damage until the shield gives way. By performing a normal attack right after a successful dodge, you will execute a quick feint (499.9% of ATK + 1734 at level 12).

Tower of Fantasy King's normal air attack

King's Discharge removes all damage from the wearer and creates a flaming scythe that deals heavy damage. The target will then be set on fire for 8 seconds and will receive continuous damage.

Scythe of the Crow Discharge, Tower of Fantasy King's weapon

In short, King is ideal for weakening the enemy, especially since you can reach your targets from a distance thanks to the long range of its scythe.

King's Constellations

To take full advantage of the Scythe of the Crow, Tower of Fantasy King's weapon, we recommend that you at least unlock his first constellation. It increases his Shatter score by 15% to 14.30. And after breaking an enemy's shield, the target receives burn damage equivalent to 120% of ATK every second for 15 seconds.

Scythe of the Crow Progression

With C2, you increase your HP growth by 16%. Particularly useful when facing multiple enemies, C3 boosts damage by 10% for each enemy within 6 meters for a maximum bonus of 30%. As a bonus, it will unlock a rather classy alternative skin . The fourth constellation increases the growth of ATK by 32%.

And with C5, you boost damage to LP shields and enemies under the protection of a shield by 100%. Finally, with the last constellation, each defeated enemy will increase the damage inflicted by 10% (up to 30% max) for 30 seconds.

Activate Tower of Fantasy King's awakening

Tower of Fantasy King's awakening

Tower of Fantasy King's awakening is not necessarily the best option, but it will allow you to enjoy the benefits of care.

With 1200 awakening points, you get 8% of your maximum HP back for every 7 enemies you defeat. And with 4000 awakening points, the bonus will increase to 10% and will activate once you have defeated 5 enemies.

To increase your friendship, you'll need to give gifts to King's Simulacrum. He will appreciate Warren's fossils and Crown's tokens, which will each give you 80 awakening points.

Which matrixes to equip on King to have the best build?

For King to benefit from an optimal build in Tower of Fantasy, we advise you to equip 2 pieces of King's matrix set on the Scythe of the Crow. When an enemy's shield is fractured, you get a damage bonus of 8%/10%/12%/14% (depending on your matrix level) for 25 seconds.

Add to this 2 pieces of Shiro's matrix set. The set will increase damage and fracture on enemies with more than 50% of their HP by 15%/19%/22.5%/26%.

Best Matrix for Tower of Fantasy King
Shiro's matrix

As a more free-to-play alternative, we recommend Robarg's 3-piece set, which you can get by farming Robarg. You will poison your opponent after breaking his shield. He will take 45%/56%/67.5% damage from ATK every second for 10 seconds.

Robarg's matrix

Weapon upgrade materials for King in ToF

Upgrade Tower of Fantasy King's weapon

To level the Scythe of the Crow, Tower of Fantasy King's weapon, you will need to collect the following resources:

  • Pyrocores as well as Hearts of Lava, which you will find on ores in the open world;
  • Acidproof Glaze I and II;
  • Nanofiber Frames I and II.

You can obtain these materials from password chests, Dimensional Trials, Interstellar Explorations, laying an Omnifer Beacon, or by purchasing them in the Weapons Shop.

In which teams should King's Scythe of the Crow be played?

Best team to play King : Nemesis / King / Samir

The best team to play as Tower of Fantasy King is definitely King / Samir / Nemesis. In this configuration, you will break shields with King, then inflict heavy damage with Samir. Nemesis, in addition to inflicting extra damage, can heal you.

However, she will be more effective with her first constellation. You can replace Samir by Crow or Echo and Nemesis by Pepper.

King also works with Colbalt-B, which gives him the benefit of his fire resonance. This one gives you a 15% bonus for fire attacks if you play at least two characters of this element. But she is also a shield breaker. To complete this team, choose a weapon that can heal you.

Tower of Fantasy King picture

That's it for this Scythe of the Crow guide, Tower of Fantasy King's weapon This is an excellent weapon, especially for beginners. With it, you'll have no problem breaking through your enemies' shields quickly. In addition, the scythe is ideal for exploration in the open world of ToF because of its fire type.

We also appreciate the long range of its attacks and their speed. Its gameplay does not lack fun. But to take advantage of all its potential, it is preferable to unlock at least its first constellation.

If you're still short on DPS, be sure to check out how to up your CF count in ToF. And for more mock guides, check out our Tower of Fantasy tips page.

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