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How do you make your first GB10 in Summoners War?

guide gb10 summoners war

In this guide, we'll look at how to successfully complete your first GB10 in Summoners War. This is the dungeon to farm when you start to get your first legendary runes!

In Summoners War, you will have to go through the Cairos Dungeon as mentioned in our guide to getting started in Summoners War. These dungeons require several strategies in order to defeat the bosses on each floor.

The Giant's Castle from Summoners War

The Giant's Castle is part of the Cairos Dungeon which includes three main bosses :

  • Castel du Géant ;
  • Dragon's Lair;
  • Necropolis.
the main dungeons available in summoners war

In contrast to the scenario, the Cairos Dungeon allows the player to obtain various rewards such as runes unique to each boss and materials to craft runes or items.

Summoners War GB10 strategy

GB10 in Summoners War will be the first real challenge for a player starting the game. This dungeon contains 12 floors that are each divided into four waves. Let's take a closer look at what awaits you in the GB10 floor and the strategy to adopt.

First wave

In the first wave you will have to fight two crystals and two golems. The golems allow you to control the team, while the crystals will inflict heavy damage.

the first wave of gb10

Second wave

In the second wave of GB10, you will have to face the mini-boss of this dungeon. It is a golem accompanied by two other golems which has the following attacks:

  • Impact : Create a shockwave that stuns the enemy with a 25% chance. In addition, there is a 10% chance that the attack will provoke the targeted enemy . This damage increases according to the golem's defence;
  • freezing blow : attacks all enemies inflicting damage proportional to its defence with a 50% chance of freezing them;
  • Barrier (passive ): Reduces the damage taken when the golem has less than 50% of its HP.
the gb10 mini-boss

Third wave

In the third wave of GB10, three golems and two crystals will be required. As in the first wave, the golems are used to control and the crystals are used to inflict heavy damage.

the third wave of gb10

The boss

We arrive at the boss of GB10 in Summoners War and this is where things get complicated. You'll have to apply several strategies to defeat him and have a good team.

the final boss of gb10 in summoners war

First of all, you should know that the boss counter-attacks every 7 turns and has several attacks at his disposal:

  • Rockfall : Attacks all enemies by causing a rockfall with a chance to freeze the enemies for 1 turn;
  • great earthquake : causes an earthquake inflicting heavy damage on all enemies and reduces their attack gauge for 3 turns;
  • repel (passive): counter-attack the enemy after 7 turns.

To ensure a victory you will need to combine several skills to reduce the damage caused by the boss:

  • reduce ATB : reducing the attack gauge prevents boss attacks from killing monsters. You must therefore reduce this attack gauge to keep a team alive;
  • doT: the Giant has a lot of HP. It will be necessary to place DoT (Continuous Damage) in order to defeat it;
  • armour debuff : this one is very important, because if the player has a monster with a big attack and this debuff is placed, the attack will hurt him a lot and it will be easier to defeat him.

Obviously, as this is a water element boss, you'll have to avoid fire monsters in favour of wind monsters.

Farmable team for Summoners War GB10

There are a number of teams that can be used to defeat GB10, but some are more popular than others because of their effectiveness .

team farmable gb10 summoners war

Don't start with a speed team when you're first starting out as you'll need rare runes and monsters. Here is a fully farmable team to succeed in your first GB10 of Summoners War:

  • Veromos : it allows to stun waves before the boss and to place DoT on the boss.
    It rune in Violent/Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%;
  • Bernard : it allows to increase the attack gauge and to put a debuff on the boss.
    It is rune in Quick/Focus in VIT/PV%/PV%;
  • Shannon : Increases the defence and attack gauge of allies while reducing the ATB of the boss.
    Runes in Despair/Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%;
  • Darion : reduces the boss's ATB and puts a debuff on its defence.
    It rune in Violent/Energy in HP%/DEF%/PV% or in VIT/PV%/PV% ;
  • Belladeon : It increases allies' HP and attack gauge while putting a debuff on the boss.
    It is rune in Violent/Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%.

All of these monsters can be obtained through mergers and some are even given as a result of missions. To be sure of success, you should aim for 15,000 HP on the monsters and a minimum of 50% accuracy on your runes.


Once the GB10 boss is defeated, it will be possible to obtain different runes of 5 to 6 stars (the strongest in the game), of different ranks (from rare to legendary). These runes are the strongest that can be given, so you'll have to try to make the right selection!

It is also possible to obtain Arcenmon, scrolls, summoning stones, metamorphosis stones and essences.

List of runes to be obtained by doing the GB10

  • Desperation (4 sets): Increases the chance to stun the enemy by 25%;
  • Energy (2 sets): Increases the ally's HP by 15%;
  • Fatal (4 set): Increases the ally's attack by 35%;
  • Blade (2 sets): Increases the ally's critical rate by 12%;
  • Fast (4 sets): Increases the ally's speed by 25%.
example of a rune obtained in gb10

The drop rate for runes in Summoners War GB10 is 84.3% for 5 star runes and 15.7% for 6 star runes.

In addition, there are also main missions to enhance the experience of the game and to get nice extra rewards .

summoners war giant's castle missions

For example, the one concerning the Giant's Castel allows you to obtain a legendaryscroll at the end (which is not negligible).

With this guide, you have everything you need to succeed in your first GB10 in Summoners War. Now all you have to do is conquer the DB10 or even the GB12!

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