Strategy and team for Summoners War GB12

guide gb12 summoners war

Check out our guide to Summoners War GB12 to find the best strategy and a viable team to complete it. Indeed, Summoners War recently announced a big update called "The Shift" which added a lot of new content including two extra levels in the first dungeons of the Cairos Dungeon.

What are the advantages of the new floors in Summoners War GB12?

These two new stages (GB11 and GB12) provide better rewards than the previous stages, including GB10.

The GB in Summoners War

For example, in GB11, it will be possible to get better runes than GB10. But for GB12, it is more interesting because players will only be able to get 6-star runes and the rate of getting 6-star legendary runes is 2.5 times higher than stage 10.

But you'll have to be careful to organize yourself well in order to pass the 12th floor of the Giant's Castle and have a good team to make your runs safer!

The strategy for the GB12 Summoners War

The strategy of GB12 is more complicated than GB10 and GB11, but it is also the most interesting in view of the rewards to win. You need to have a good knowledge of the strategies to apply and the skills of the mini-boss and the boss.

First wave

In the first wave of GB12 you will have to fight two crystals and two golems. The golems allow you to control the team, while the crystals will inflict heavy damage.

First wave of the GB12 Summoners War

Second wave

In the second wave of GB12, you will have to face the mini-boss of this dungeon. It is a golem accompanied by two other golems which has the following attacks:

Impact GB Summoners War ImpactCreate a shockwave that stuns the enemy with a 25% chance. In addition, there is a 10% chance that the attack will provoke the targeted enemy . This damage increases according to the golem's defence.
Summoners War GB frostbiteFrostbite Attacks all enemies dealing damage proportional to its defence with a 50% chance of freezing them
Summoenrs War gb barrierBarrier (passive)Reduces the damage done when the golem has less than 50% of its HP
Mini-boss GB12 Summoners War

Third wave

In the third wave of GB12, three golems and two crystals will be required. As in the first wave, the golems are used to control and the crystals are used to inflict heavy damage.

Third Wave GB12 Summoners War

The Boss of GB12

The strategy to use against the Summoners War GB12 boss is not totally different from the GB10 boss, but he is more resistant and hits harder. So you'll have to destroy him pretty quickly!

landslide gb12 summoners war Rock Slide Attacks all enemies by causing a landslide with a chance to freeze enemies for 1 turn
Great Earthquake Summoners War GBGreat earthquake Causes an earthquake, inflicting heavy damage on all enemies and reducing their attack gauge for 3 rounds
Push back GB Summoners War Push back (passive) Counter-attack the enemy after 7 turns
Boss gb12 summoners war

As in the previous dungeons, we will focus on ATB reduction, DoT and armour debuff. You will have to avoid fire monsters and favour wind monsters.

Which team for Summoners War GB12?

It is important to note that for GB12, the boss and mini-boss skills do not change, only the stats. Here is an example of a Summoners War GB12 team that you can use.

To defeat them, you will need a well organised team with good statistics.

VisualMonsterRunage for GB12
kro Summoners WarKroKro is certainly one of the monsters that will inflict the most damage thanks to his skill 3. He can be rune in Rage/Blade or in Rage/Combat in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%.
Lushen Summoners WarLushenLushen will allow you to successfully pass waves without taking much damage. It can be rune as Rage/Blade or Fatal/Blade in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%.
sigmarus swSigmarusSigmarus allows you to freeze enemies and put a lot of damage on the boss. It rune as Blade/Fatal in ATK%/DCC%/ATK% or in ATK%/DCC%/PV%.
fran Summoners WarFranThis monster will be the healer of your team. It rune in Violent/Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%.
loren swLorenIt will reduce the attack gauge and defence but also remove the beneficial effects on its skill 2. It is rune in Violent/Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%.

Thanks to this guide, you will now be able to farm Summoners War GB12 with your team without any worries! Don't hesitate to check out our other guides on Summoners War.

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