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Guide Infinity Kingdom to getting started | Tips and Advice

Guide Infinity Kingdom beginner

Have you just discovered Infinity Kingdom and are looking to conquer your kingdom? This quest will be within your reach by following this guide on Infinity Kingdom to get started. I'll give you lots of tips on how to progress quickly and advice on how to avoid some beginner mistakes. Let's get started!

Joining an alliance from the start on Infinity Kingdom

Maybe you don't want to do this and would rather discover the game on your own, but this is one of the best tips I can give you to progress quickly on Infinity Kingdom. Joining an alliance will allow you to ask for help from other members and thus make your buildings progress very quickly. Especially at the beginning, as buildings are quite fast to build. You will save boosts and your levels will increase very quickly.

Alliance aids

Good to know, you can only join an alliance with the same kingdom as you. Similarly, alliances can only have alliances from the same kingdom as an ally. The final goal of a kingdom (and therefore of all the alliances that make it up) will be to capture the heart of the world.

Realm areas Infinity Kingdom

Optimise the use of boosts, gems and VIP points

The right use of your boosts and gems at the beginning of the game will make you level up very quickly. Moreover, by choosing your objectives and determining your needs, you will avoid wasting your resources.

At the beginning of the game, you should not hesitate to use your boosts to quickly increase your structures, troops and general level. Be careful not to build or increase buildings that are not required in the main mission. This will cause you to lose boosts unnecessarily and you will get stuck very quickly. Also wait a few seconds / minutes for your alliance members to have time to help you. This will save you many boosts!

optimising building construction Infinity Kingdom

The second piece of advice I can give you concerns gems. You should only use them to buy :

  • VIP points that will give you privileges (account boosts) not to be neglected;
  • boosts to build your buildings faster;
  • the day 6 pack which costs 3000 gems. I advise you to save up to get to day 6 with this number of gems in stock;
  • x2 wishes per day (10 gems) to get to 15 wishes and unlock the 3rd goddess gift. According to my calculations, you save about 70% compared to buying these resources so it's very profitable. The wish fountain is unlocked when your castle is level 10.
Rewards of wishes

Finally, don't forget to use the VIP points you have in your inventory! There's no point in storing them 🙂

The most profitable pack to start on Infinity Kingdom

If you want to support the developers of Infinity Kingdom or if you usually spend a few euros on the games you play, don't miss out on this pack! This pack will give you a real boost to your progress. This is the Head Start pack available in the special packs.

Best pack to buy on Infinity Kingdom

This pack will allow you to unlock a construction queue for your buildings as well as other bonuses. In addition to this, you will unlock the First Recharge pack which contains :

  • 1 free legendary immortal: Merlin (water);
  • 3 Philosopher's stones ;
  • 10 scrolls of medium exp;
  • 100 VIP points ;
  • 100 gems.
First refill pack Infinity Kingdom

Merlin will help you greatly in your early days. He will be a pillar for your first water composition and will make you win your PVE fights quite easily.

For even more rewards, I recommend downloading the game via Huawei's Game Center, which will give you access to additional exclusive rewards on Infinity Kingdom and many other advantages.

The map: Ruins, crops and fighting

It can be a bit confusing on such a large map. This can also cause you to make some bad decisions in the early game, but don't worry, this guide on Infinity Kingdom is here to help you out.

PvP and PvE combat

First of all, I advise you not to attack other players to get a good start in Infinity Kingdom. Even if it is very tempting when you see a defenseless prey, it is not a good idea because your protection barrier will be broken.

Protective barrier

This will leave you at the mercy of stronger opponents who can raid your garrisons. I advise you to rush the 30,000 of power at least (and to be above the average of the players around you) before attacking.

However, when it comes to gnomes and bosses, show no mercy! ⚔ This will allow you to get equipment, experience and to increase your equipment.

Collecting resources on the map

Very quickly, you have to send your units to collect resources on the map. But you will have many packs in your inventory and will run out of very few resources in the first few days, so don't focus too much on this at the beginning of the game. There is no need to neglect harvesting completely, as it keeps your troops busy when you leave the game.

Harvesting resources from Infinity Kingdom

Stone and iron are the resources you will miss the most during your climb. Therefore, give preference to these during your farm sessions.

The exploration and ruins ofInfinity Kingdom

Exploring the map and finding the ruins is very important. Even if the process is repetitive and time-consuming, you absolutely must do it. Here's a little tip: you don't have to scour the map looking for every ruin because we've put together a little guide to the ruins Infinity Kingdom with a complete list of all their coordinates to make it easier for you! Isn't life great?

Playing on a PC and with multiple accounts at the same time

Infinity Kingdom is a graphically beautiful mobile game and it would be a shame not to enjoy it. If you have a phone that struggles to cope with it, or if you want to save your battery, you can download Infinity Kingdom on PC!

This system also has other advantages as it allows you to set up a multi-instance of Infinity Kingdom. This is ideal if you are a big farmer! You can play on several accounts at the same time and build a real empire on your own.

Multi-instance Infinity Kingdom on PC

The Immortals (heroes)

Immortals will lead your troops into battle. They each have an attribute that can form bonuses when deployed with Immortals of the same attribute. The number of bonuses depends on the number of Immortals of the same attribute in your formation.

Attributes of immortals

The easiest way to start on Infinity Kingdom is to make a team of 4 water Immortals and the water dragon. This is the element where you normally have the most Immortals at the beginning of the game.

Good to know about the attributes:

  • Water wins against Fire;
  • Fire wins against Wind;
  • Wind wins against Lightning;
  • Lightning wins against Earth;
  • Earth wins against Water;
  • Shadow wins on all previous elements;
  • The Celestial wins against Shadow.

Obviously, you will have to increase your Immortals and make them wear equipment. I advise you to increase only the Immortals you use and to increase your equipment by level (+5, +10, +15,...).

Finally, never use your philosopher's stones to summon immortals 1 by 1. Be patient and wait until you have 9 of them to get 1 free summoning each time!

Buildings and troops

Infinity Kingdom is no exception. As with most mobile strategy games, you mainly need to level up your castle (which is the most important building) to unlock new aspects of the game and train your troops.

You must build the buildings needed to increase the level of your castle or to advance the chapters of the story. Don't dwell on the others at this stage of the game.

Castle level 21 Infinity Kingdom

Regarding the troops in Infinity Kingdom, you have to create as many as possible from the beginning. The goal will be to increase your technologies in number and power as quickly as possible to improve your troops.

Troops level 3

Quests, events and rewards

For a fast and efficient progression, don't forget to finish all the quests which will give you very nice rewards. When a server opens on Infinity Kingdom, you will have a series of events waiting for your participation that will really boost your progress. So don't miss out.

Even though you are an outsider by nature, as I said above, you have to follow the quests as much as possible to advance in the chapters. If you want to upgrade all your buildings or do things outside of those quests, you'll be slowed down very quickly and fall behind the other players. It's all about optimising your progress.

Bonus of this guide Infinity Kingdom : TP level 7, become a jumper

If you like over-optimisation, this last trick will please you! After level 8, it will no longer be possible to teleport to another server with your castle. The server jump technique consists of raising an account to castle level 7 and then increasing all your buildings to the maximum and optimising your immortals to the highest level.

TP on another server Infinity Kingdom

Once you have done this, simply wait for a new server to open on Infinity Kingdom and then teleport your castle to this new server. This will give you a huge head start on all other players who start the game on that server. 😎

And that's it, this Infinity Kingdom guide to getting started is coming to an end. I hope you found it useful and please feel free to share your own tips in the comments to help beginners. Have a good conquest! 🔥

Hakio Co-founder of JeuMobi and passionate about virtual worlds of all kinds. It seems that Try Hard is also part of his vocabulary.

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