Strategy and team for NB12 Summoners War

guide nb12 summoners war

This is our guide to NB12 in Summoners War which appeared at the same time as GB12 and DB12 in update The Shift. This level is more complicated, but it also seems to be the easiest of the three according to many players.

The new floors of Necropolis

In the Necropolis, two levels have been added (NB11 and NB12) as for the other two main dungeons of the Cairos Dungeon. For the rewards, it is the same since on level 12, it will be possible to obtain 6-star runes and the drop rate of the legendary 6-star runes is 2.5 times higher than on NB10.

The NB12 in Summoners War

But you'll need a good strategy to pass this level and hope to get some nice runes!

To do this, we will look at how the NB12 works as a whole, taking into account all the available waves.

The strategy for NB12 Summoners War

The different mechanics of the bosses and mini-bosses must be taken into account in order to adjust the team to be used according to this and to establish the best possible strategy for NB12.

The first wave

In the first wave, you will have to deal with two crystals and two golems. As in our guide to Giant's Caster and Dragon's Lair, the golems will be used to control the team being used and the crystals will inflict heavy damage.

The first wave of the NB12 Summoners War

The second wave

When you arrive in the second wave, you will have to face the NB12 mini-boss . He will be accompanied by two golems. Here is the list of his skills.

Soul Summoning NB12Soul Summoning Attacks an enemy with the soul of the dead 2 to 3 times with a 40% chance to reduce attack speed for 2 rounds.
Fatal hit NB12Fatal hit Attacks several enemies at random and weakens their defences for 2 turns with 35% chance.
King of the Dead NB12King of the Dead (passive) Reduces damage dealt and recovery amount by 50%. Attack power increases by 50% if an enemy or ally dies.
The NB12 Summoners War mini-boss

The third wave

In the third wave of NB12, three golems and two crystals will have to be fought. Their roles will be the same as in the first wave and in the previous dungeons.

Third Wave NB12 Summoners War

The boss of NB12 Summoners War

The boss of NB12 is the final stage of this dungeon. He has several skills that can handicap the engaged team. Here is the list of his skills.

Exploitation of the soul SWExploitation of the soul Attacks all enemies, recovering 50% of the damage inflicted in HP.
Borrow the soul NB12Takes on the soul Takes the soul of the enemy who has inflicted the most damage and controls them.
The time of death NB12Time of death (passive) The attack speed of all enemies is suppressed and cannot exceed a certain limit.
Barrier of souls NB12Barrier of Souls Each turn, a barrier is created that cancels a certain number of attacks.
Fallen Immortal NB12Fallen Immortal (passive) Resurrect with 50% of your HP. You will not be able to receive any reinforcements during the fight.
The Boss of NB12 Summoners War

The strategy for defeating NB12 in Summoners War remains the same as for NB10. But understanding the strategy won't necessarily help if you don't have the right team to defeat NB12 easily.

Farmable team for NB12 Summoners War

Here is an example of a team for the NB12 Summoners War to defeat it without much difficulty:

loren swLorenIt will reduce the attack gauge and defence but also remove the beneficial effects on its skill 2. It is rune in Violent/Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%.
raoq swRaoq (2nd awakening) It rune in Violent/Blade in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%. It is also better to awaken him a second time, as with Kro . Thanks to his skills, he will be able to attack with another monster that can inflict enormous damage.
raoq swRaoq (2nd awakening)Exactly the same as for his compatriot, but it is possible to use Combat runes to increase the ally's attack by 8%.
kro Summoners WarKro (2nd awakening)Kro is certainly one of the monsters that will inflict the most damage thanks to his skill 3. He can be rune in Rage/Blade or in Rage/Combat in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%.
fran Summoners WarFranThis monster will be the healer of your team. It rune in Violent/Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%.

This team has the advantage of being farmable, which makes it easier to obtain monsters. To get the best results, respect the second awakening and the runes!

Thanks to this guide, you can now farm the runes of NB12 from Summoners War to improve your monsters! All that's left to do now is to tackle the SB10 and PB10!

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