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Saint Seiya Awakening guide to getting started

saint seiya awakening guide getting started

We will give you several tips in this guide on Saint Seiya Awakening to get you started because if there is one thing to take into account in a game of this type, it is obviously that a gacha cannot be tamed in a few moments. And, if some of them can be tamed in a few moments, most of them will require a good involvement before being fully taken in hand.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of ways to get used to the game content and become a very good player without getting sick of the game with hours of practice and thought, including the following method.

1. Make the main scenario

This is one of the simplest tricks in this guide. The storyline is quite interesting, as it follows the history of the manga and the anime (it was even approved by Masami Kurumada, the creator of Saint Seiya.) and really rewards the effort, offering many diamonds and gems for the summoning of the knights who will, of course, be the lifeblood of the game.

This is the kind of reward you get in a main quest

2. Make the arena in the training ground

Thearena is a well-hidden feature of the game, as you have to go through a PvP category to access it.

But, once you arrive in the arena, you will see numerous categories designed to teach you how to handle the most powerful but also the most complicated knights (or gods) in the game and which, in addition to teaching you numerous tactics, reward you at each stage with about thirty diamonds and on numerous exercises, different each time.

Each category contains at least 5 activities
Each category contains at least 5 activities

3. Adapt and don't get discouraged

An important point of the "gachas" games is luck. Certainly, not everyone has as much luck and some people have a strong advantage (why shouldn't you?).

But the advantage of the game is that it strongly rewards strategy and allows you to organise yourself around a team that does not necessarily have the best skills but can compete with the rarest knights.

Also, while it's not that rare to get a golden knight, hang on until you get one so you can tailor your strategy around their skills, as the power of knights becomes quite paltry if not managed well.

fairly standard combat formations developed over time
One of my rather lambda combat formations developed over time

As for the unlucky ones that everyone knows, you should know that even without luck and without summoning the best knights, some activities will give you a golden knight at the beginning of the count, and many knight shards afterwards, allowing you to reconstitute them without relying on luck.

slivers of knights
The shards of knights, saviours of those who lack luck!

4. A little attendance and involvement

If you want to improve quickly, you should also log in as regularly as possible(at least once a day). The game offers rewards and activities that can be completed a certain number of times per day.

If you log in once a day to complete them (tasks can be completed in about 15 minutes), you will be able to obtain many rewards, attempt invocations more regularly, and improve your skills accordingly!

In addition, all the tasks, if not automated, are particularly interesting. For example, you can try a game of grabbing diamonds or gold as well as shards. There are many PvE challenges to do solo or in cooperation with your friends.

activities that can be carried out daily
Small example of activities that can be carried out daily

5. Join a legion (that suits you, of course)

Legions, usually called Guilds or Clans in other games, will give you access to exclusive content, bosses to do with friends and even attacks on other legions at the weekend.

This will allow you, in addition to finding friends to play with and tips on how to improve, to get even more content and rewards.

activities added by the legion
These are the activities added by the legion

6. Have fun!

Many people will try to improve, no matter what, and always in a hurry for more output, but remember that the aim of the game is to have fun!

Log in when you want to and never force yourself, if today didn't bring you luck, maybe tomorrow Lady Fortune will smile on you, and allow you to hit the jackpot without too much effort!

Now that this list is complete, you normally have all the cards in your hand to quickly reach the endgame content and thus the PvP.

And, although it is accessible from the beginning, it improves greatly in the higher levels, pushing the strategy to the maximum, forcing the player to think and to always invest more if he wants to be among the best.

From here, it's important to pay attention to all the other aspects of the game, luck alone won't win, and thoughtfulness will be further encouraged before each fight, displaying your opponent's previous games to force you to think about a better composition, even allowing you to banish a knight you couldn't counter, and, from there, allowing you to ' customise ' your knight's power, strengths, weaknesses, and even characteristics.

saint seiya knight awakening

A game where strategy is omnipresent

You will have to be patient and think hard to customise a knight to your liking, tointegrate himinto a composition and give him a role, improving his characteristics on certain points rather than others thanks to cosmos, fragments of improvement obtained on farm instances or activities, which can be improved and customised to the exact characteristic and according to what you wish to do with them.

For one composition will not fill all roles, some for PvE, some for PvP (usually more than one to be able to counter more formation types) as well as one formation for legion bosses and another for bonus instances. The only limit is your imagination, as even B-ranked knights or fighters can allow a victory over S-ranked golden knights or even SS-ranked gods.

cosmos saint seiya awakening
These are the "cosmos" that allow customisation

The creativity will come before even luck and conformity as some some particularly original teams can work their way through the most basic the most basic and usually most effective compositions, allowing and encouraging compositions, allowing and encouraging you to further explore all the to explore all the possibilities rather than remain anchored to a single anchored to a single formation that may not be valid the next week. the following week.

From then on, it is up to you to prove your worth in the game. So have fun getting involved at your level, pushing your imagination beyond its boundaries and maybe, before long and with a little luck, you'll be one of the game's elite and few opponents will be able to defeat you. I also advise you to play on pc for better performance and graphics 😉

I hope this guide to getting started with Saint Seiya Awakening has served you well and I wish you well in your adventure, knight.

Let your cosmos burn!

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