Summoners War HoH (Hall of Heroes)

Summoners War HoH

Summoners War's Hall of Heroes (HoH ) is a monthly event available on certain occasions, such as the game's anniversary. It is the perfect opportunity toget 4 and 5 star monsters for free without scroll ! In this article we'll look at how it works, the opening times and everything else you need to know about this temporary dungeon.

HoH Process and Progression

The operation and progression of the Summoners War Hall of Heroes is quite simple. It is composed of 10 floors with increasing difficulty. You get coins every time you complete a floor. When a HoH is available, it will appear in the list of Cairos Dungeons at the top of the list.

You will face 6 waves on each floor which contain 1 mini-boss on wave 3 and a final boss on wave 6. The monsters that make them up are different depending on the floor.

FloorsNumber of piecesCrystals
1 à 1025 rooms on each floor5 crystals per stage

In the Hall of Heroes, you can drop 25 coins on each floor for a total of 250 coins if you complete all 10 floors. Knowing that to summon a 4 star monster you need 50 coins, you can summon 5 times. So you can skill up your monster 4 times.

For the record, before the 2017 redesign, there were only 3 floors with a 40% drop rate on the first floor and a few coins on the 2nd and 3rd floors. So you had to farm like in the secret dungeons to get the coins. Much easier now!

How to do 10 summons in Summoners War HoH?

There is a little trick that allows you to make 10 summonses with the HoH coins from Summoners War. It is quite simple but there is a procedure to follow. To do this, you will need to use Almighty Summoning Pieces that you can buy in the guild shop. You will need to use 25 HoH summoning coins + 25 Almighty Summoning Pieces for a total of 250 coins of each (10,000 guild points are needed for 250 Almighty Summoning Pieces).

10 Summoners War HoH Summons

Be careful, for this to work, you must summon after each floor of the Hall of Heroes because it will not be possible to segment the summoning rooms afterwards as you can see on the screenshot.

Opening hours of the Hall of Heroes

The hours of the Hall of Heroes are fixed. In general, it opens at 12:00 PST (-8 UTC ) and the HoH closes on Sunday at 11:00 PST (-8 UTC). It appears on the second weekend of every month!

Since the launch of HoH on 4 July 2014, over 200 monsters have completed your bestiary via this temporary dungeon. You can see the full list of monsters that have appeared in the Hall of Heroes on this site. In order not to miss any HoH and to prepare yourself, you can also follow the news on the official website.

So, I hope this guide to Summoners War's HoH and the tip to summon 10 times has been helpful! Feel free to share your tips for the Hall of Heroes in the comments.

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