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Guide Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery | Tips and Tricks to get started

Guide Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Welcome to this guide to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery! Here you'll find lots of tips and tricks to get you started in the game. The idea is to avoid making small mistakes as a beginner, to optimize your resources (gold, energy, pet food, etc.) and to progress in the game in the most efficient way. HP: HM is quite an addictive game, we must admit. So we're happy to share our tips on how to make your life easier! Hogwarts easier! History, rewards, classes, mini-games, magical creatures, the attribute system, Hogwarts, etc., we go over everything in this article to help you know and master the basics! Follow the guide Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery! 🧙🏼♀️

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How to play Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery: Basic Rules

To begin with, you should know that in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (or Secrets at Hogwarts), you play as a character, a young wizard's apprentice freshly arrived at Hogwarts. You begin your adventure in Year 1 (your first year at the school) and as you go on quests, you progress through the school years. The story is totally new since you are not playing as Harry Potter, nor one of his sidekicks, but as your avatar, customizable from head to toe. The main thread of your years of study at Hogwarts revolves around the disappearance of your older brother, who came a few years before you to Hogwarts and discovered the famous Cursed Caves, the mysteries of which you will seek to unravel.

Gryffindor House
Welcome to Hogwarts !

The general operation of the game is very simple. The engine of progress revolves around energy. Without energy, you'll be stuck, and it's energy that allows you to progress through the quests and advance your story at Hogwarts. By the way, I've put together a dedicated article to help you manage your energy in Hogwarts Mystery and get the most out of it 😉

How to advance in the story: the quest system

To progress in the story, you must complete quests by talking to different characters in different places. You must also take classes, learn new spells and gain experience.

The main quests

The main story takes you through the different locations of Hogwarts and requires you to interact with many characters. Each quest is validated by filling in a progress bar to reach the required number of stars (from 1 to 5) within a defined period of time (1 h, 3 h or 8 h). If sometimes several quests and lessons appear at the same time, be aware that each quest or course must be completed to start a new one. So you have to complete all 5 stars (even if only one star was needed to complete the quest) or wait until the end of the time limit before you can start the next quest. 

It can be a bit frustrating when you have enough energy to continue the story to have to complete all 5 stars or wait for hours, when you only had to clear one star for the current quest. But the advantage of validating all 5 stars is that you will get rewards bonuses.

5 Star Quest Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery
5 stars are needed to achieve this goal!

Finally, some quests can only be unlocked by paying a certain amount in gems or by patiently waiting a certain number of hours (3 h, 5 h, 7 h...).

Follow the courses

Just like in school, in this guide Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, I recommend that you follow your lessons whenever possible. First of all, because you learn new spells, sometimes usable in duels, but also because they allow you to progress in the main story. Indeed, you can sometimes get stuck, and be forced to follow your lessons to progress in the adventure. The teachers will have to ask you technical questions about certain aspects of the course. For that, we'll reserve a special article for you 😉

Guide Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery
Be a good student, follow your lessons!

Side quests

As their names suggest, these quests do not advance the main story or the progression through the years at school. Instead, they allow you to obtain all sorts of rewards (gems, experience, attribute points, reputation with a friend, etc.) and unlock certain magical creatures from Hagrid. A must-do, but not a priority.

HP HM Sidequest

However, what is very important in the side quest tab isthe"timetable". Indeed, every 24 hours, 3 objectives are proposed to you in order to gain all kinds of rewards. Honestly, most of the time, it is extremely easy to achieve them, these objectives validate themselves a bit "by themselves" when you do your quests. The rewards are well worth the effort, so try to complete these objectives every day.

HP HM schedule
Complete your daily goals to earn rewards.

Play Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery on PC for more comfort

Let's continue this guide Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery with a big tip! Even though the game is very well optimized for smartphones and tablets, you should know that it is possible to play HP:HM on your computer. To do so, it's very simple, just follow the few quick steps in our installation tutorial Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery on PC. The trick is simply to install an Android emulator for PC (free, secure and authorized) to continue your adventure as if you were on your smartphone. Personally, I regularly use this solution which allows me to see at a glance when my energy bar is full!

Download an Android emulator to play at Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery on PC

Choice of rewards : which ones to choose?

As you progress through Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you will be awarded rewards for your actions. At the end of each quest, sometimes by simply validating a star during a class or by feeding a magical creature, you will systematically be offered to choose between 3 rewards. The ideal is to choose the one you need the most at the moment, but above all to succeed in making the most optimal choices. 

The different rewards which can be proposed to you classified by increasing level of rarity: 

  • Coins (5 to 1,000): used to buy clothes in the shop and cosmetic items. 
  • Attribute points (from 5 to 40): Courage, empathy and knowledge (see next chapter).
  • Pet Food: Increases the levels of your magical creatures.
  • Energy: Allows you to complete quests and advance in the story
  • Gems: allow you to instantly unlock the waiting time between quests. It is also a currency for the shop (special clothes, pets).
  • Notebooks: offer the possibility to acquire new magical creatures.
rewards Guide Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery
Choose the most interesting reward!

As you can see, notebooks, gems and energy are rare and valuablerewards . It is quite judicious to select them when they are proposed to you. For the rest, you will have to estimate what is the most profitable. For example, note that 1,000 coins are much more profitable than 40 attribute points, since you can buy stuff at the shop for 500 coins increasing your attribute points by 60... The calculation is quickly done, no need to have a bachelor degree. 😅 If, on the other hand, you are missing a few attribute points to unlock this or that event, then go for this choice which will be more profitable in the short term.

Attributes: what are they for and how to increase them?

There are 3 attributes: Courage,Empathy and Knowledge. These 3 attributes each have their own experience level. The further you progress in the levels, the longer they take to complete. What are the attributes for? First, they represent a level of difficulty when you interact with your friends through the mini-games (Chatterbox and Eat with a Friend). Secondly, they allow you to make advanced answer choices to questions you are asked during certain quests.

Guide attributes Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Guide Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, the 3 attributes

Basically, understand that if your attribute level is too low, you won't be able to earn friendship points during mini-games with your friends (we'll talk about this below), nor to have all the answer options available during quest questions. Indeed, some of them will simply be locked.

  • Courage: it represents your strength of character, your bravery and your power.
  • Empathy: This attribute represents loyalty, friendship and the ability to understand others.
  • Knowledge: It represents your academic skills, your deductive mind and your overall knowledge.
HP HM Questions
Some answers are locked.

How to increase the level of attributes?

There are several ways toincrease your attributes in the game. Overall, they will increase quite naturally as you progress through the story and quests. Here are the ways to increase your experience in attributes:

  • Buying clothes in the shop: Each item of clothing available in the shop for coins or gems increases one of the attributes. This is a good way to quickly increase the attribute of your choice! For example, for 500 coins, your attribute increases by 60 points and for a garment costing 1,600 coins, your attribute increases by 200 points.
  • Buying animal looks: No animal looks can be bought with coins. You will have to spend your gems or brown books.
  • Follow the course: answer the course questions.
  • Complete quests: earn stars and get rewards.
  • Feeding your magical creatures: Ideally, always keep some magical creature food on you and feed them as soon as the timing allows. 
Courage attribute in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Throughout the game, you will have choices to make or questions to answer. Your choices and answers will always bring xp to one of your attributes. You cannot know in advance which answer will increase which attribute, except by using your common sense 😉. Since each answer will be able to be characterized by Courage,Empathy or Knowledge

By the way, your level in the attributes will also be very important during your Quidditch season 1 journey! 

Minigames or how to increase your friendship level in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

What would a good Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery guide be without mentioning the mini-games? 2 mini-games with friends are available at the start of your story at Hogwarts. These are Bavballs and Eating with a Friend. These 2 games are located on the lower floor - West, one in the Courtyard, the other in the Great Hall. In these games, you will need your attribute points to be high enough to advance.
In both games, you will go one-on-one with the friend of your choice. You have to give the right answers to his 4 or 5 questions, on a precise theme, without making mistakes. The more correct answers you give, the more friendship points you earn with that person. For each level you pass, you get rewards (energy points or gems).

Bavballs guide Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery
Choose your playmate.

Bavballs 🎱

  • The aim of the game is to distract your opponent by giving the most disturbing answers.
  • Cost: 65 pieces (year 1)
  • Available every 16 hours or by paying gems to unlock instantly (but personally, I don't see the point).

Eat with a friend 🍽

  • The aim of the game is to answer the questions asked by your friend on a specific theme. To be sure to have the right answers, you must read the story and the different interactions in the game.
  • Cost: 95 pieces (year 1)
  • Available every 10 hours or by also paying gems to unlock.
Eating with a friend HP HM

💡 Important: the more you advance in years at Hogwarts and the more you increase your experience level, the more these mini-games will cost you! A little advice if you're new to HP: HM, always keep a few coins in reserve to access the game as soon as the timing allows!

This advice also applies to Duels in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, but for that I'll save a specific guide for you 😉

Guide Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, the 3 Clubs of Hogwarts

The Clubs of Hogwarts are unlocked in chapter 7 of year 1. After a series of quests proposed by Professor Mc Gonagall, you must choose your favourite Club. Don't worry, this choice won't disturb your progress with the other clubs, it's only for "form".

There are 3 clubs at Hogwarts: the Sphinx Club (pink), the Dragon Club (yellow) and the Hippogriff Club (green) that you can visit by clicking on the map.

Club House of Hogwarts

The more you increase your experience in these clubs, the more you get rewards. That's what they're for, to get gifts that you can use to advance in the adventure (coins, player experience, notebooks, pet food, energy, gems).

Clubs of Hogwarts, advance in levels

Each club is represented by a color. To increase the level of one of the Clubs, you just have to choose to click on green, pink or yellow during the quests. I advise you to click on the blue color only if you have no choice. Indeed, blue will not allow you to increase your level in one of the Clubs of Hogwarts, it will only give you player xp. Less profitable, therefore.

Quest color guide Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery
Click on the blue one as the last choice!

That's the end of this guide Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. I really hope you've found these tips useful. Please feel free to comment with any other tips and tricks for beginners that we may have missed. Have a good game everyone and get your magic wands! 🪄

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