Tier List Harry Potter : Magic Awakened, the best cards

Tier List Harry Potter Magic Awakened of the best cards

As you begin to play Harry Potter : Magic Awakened, you quickly noticed that cards play a central role in your progress. Our Tier List Harry Potter : Magic Awakened allows you to discover all the cards available to date. This list will evolve as new cards, codes, and updates are added. In addition, it reflects our opinion and may differ from your own experience in the game.

Tier List Harry Potter : Magic Awakened, tier S cards

These different spells offer both offensive and defensive power. Discover the spells we classify as S in our Tier List Harry Potter : Magic Awakened!

Name of the cardMaximum powerEffects of the Card
Avada Kedavra375+As soon as the spell defeats an enemy, it gains 25% power.
After defeating 4 enemy units, Avada Kedavra directly eliminates the remaining enemies.
Bosses cannot be eliminated at once with this spell, but suffer high damage
Crucio754Inflicts continuous damage to the enemy unit furthest in front of the target and stuns it. Each marked enemy suffers additional damage equal to 100% of the initial damage. This effect can accumulate up to 3 times.

When used on a wizard, it deals half the damage and the wizard will not be affected by the stun.

When Crucio is used on a unit that has already been hit, it will take an additional 35% damage. This effect can be cumulative up to 4 times.
Sectumsempra720This spell sends a projectile in the specified direction, hitting the nearest enemy unit. Its effects also hit nearby enemies causing damage up to 4 times.
Lightning Storm615+This spell casts 15 lightning bolts that randomly attack enemies on the field.
Each time the lightning strikes an enemy unit, the damage will increase by 10%, up to 5 times.

After defeating 5 enemy units, each lightning bolt will attack all enemy units on the field.

Debuff: Units damaged by lightning receive reduced healing for a short period of time.
Wheasley's Wildfire Whiz-bangs737This spell creates a large area of continuous damage around the targeted point.

At the end of the spell, a giant firework dragon explodes, inflicting heavy damage on all enemies in the area.
Protego Totalum668This spell casts a shield that absorbs damage for allied units inside and blocks certain enemy spells.

The shield loses a portion of its protective power every 4 seconds and the shield disappears completely when it reaches 0.
Episkey567The caster will continuously heal the targeted allied unit.

Channeling can be interrupted by any control effect other than immobilization.
With our Tier List Harry Potter : Magic Awakened, collect powerful spell cards for a deck that will make a difference in the game!

Tier List Harry Potter : Magic Awakened, tier A cards

Our Tier List Harry Potter : Magic Awakened presents you the spells that we classify as Tier A. These spells are very useful during battles against units and wizards.

Name of the cardMaximum powerEffects of the card
Glacius330This lightning bolt fires a bolt of ice, which deals damage to the first enemy hit and creates a zone of slowdown around it.

After 3 seconds, any enemy unit still in the zone will be stunned and take additional damage (stun and slowdown are reduced by 40% on wizards).

A maximum of 8 units will be damaged by Glacius.
Confringo504Confringo sends a projectile in the defined direction. After hitting an enemy unit, it will bounce off other random enemy units up to 7 times, creating small areas that explode after a short delay, inflicting damage to all hit units.
Acromentula Venom496Upon summoning this card, cast a bottle of spider venom, dealing continuous damage and slowing all enemy units in the area of effect.
Aguamenti670This is a channeled spell, spraying a total of 10 streams of water in a straight line in front of the caster.

The caster can move during the spell, but cannot change the direction of the stream.

Each time the stream of water hits the same enemy unit, the damage dealt increases.
Accio363This spell draws the first enemy hit towards the caster, inflicting damage and immobilizing it.

In a battlefield with a separation, Accio can only pull the wizard unit towards the center line of the battlefield. There is no such restriction on other enemy units.
Atmospheric Charm589This card casts a storm cloud, periodically and randomly inflicting damage on an enemy unit within range.

The cloud always moves toward the nearest enemy. Units damaged by this spell will receive reduced healing for a short time.
Bludger (Cognard)637Using this card sends the bolt in the specified direction, hitting enemy units in its path, then returns to its caster, again causing damage to all enemy units in its path.

You can catch the quill by moving along its path, sending it back to a random enemy unit, up to 5 times. On the last hit, the quill will cause heavy damage and push back all enemy units in its path.
Orb of Water577This card generates a water orb prison, which traps all enemy units within its range, causing continuous damage.

The orb moves with the caster and wizards in the orb cannot move while other units are stunned.

At the end of its action, the prison orb explodes, causing heavy damage to enemy units.
Tebo Warthog
(Tebo Assault)
509This spell summons a Tebo Warthog that charges with power before rushing forward, pushing enemy units back along the way and causing damage.

The longer the charge time, the more damage is done, up to 300% more damage at full charge. The Tebo Warthog charge causes full damage to the first enemy hit and half damage to all the rest.

Tier List Harry Potter : Magic Awakened, tier B cards

Name of the cardMaximum powerEffects of the card
Oppugno306Oppugno summons 6 small birds that will start flying around you.

When there are enemy units nearby, the birds dive towards them and explode, inflicting damage.
Time Turner203You summon a doppelganger to fight alongside you.

The doppelganger moves with you and has the same normal attack damage and impact effects as you. It consumes your health with each normal attack.
Transfiguration Curse109After hitting an enemy unit, the spell bounces randomly among nearby units, up to 2 times. The hit enemy unit is transformed for 3.5 seconds.

Enemy units cannot attack during the transformation period, but can move, with the exception of wizards, the damage they take increases, and the transformation is released after a certain amount of damage is taken.

Automatic attacks by wizards will not trigger the damage bonus and the control time of the transformation spell on wizards is reduced by 40%.
Glacius Maxima211Create a straight line to the designated position, starting from the caster and any partner.

After 1.5 seconds, sends ice towards the target, causing damage. Anything hit by multiple lines at the same time will be frozen.
Incendio240Incendio casts a firestorm, inflicting continuous damage to all enemy units within range.

At the end of the cast, all units are drawn to the center of the spell.
Inflatus113Inflatus deals damage to enemy units in range and causes them to swell, floating in the air for 4 seconds, preventing them from moving. Control duration is reduced by 40% on wizards.
Nimbus 2000108This spell allows you to mount your broom, removing all slow and immobilizing effects.
Fly to the designated position before returning to the starting point.

The first enemy unit hit by the flying broom takes full damage, and enemy units along the way take 20% damage.

While flying, your character is considered an air unit and cannot use cards. In addition, flying protects you from any damage that only targets ground attacks.

Tier List Harry Potter : Magic Awakened, tier C cards

Name of the cardMaximum powerEffects of the card
Prior Incantato209Copy the last spell card you used
The level of the copied spell card is the same as that of Prior Incantato.
Incarcerous67This spell casts a curse to bind enemy units in the area, immobilize them, and then draw them toward the center and inflict damage.
Nebulus93Summons a thick fog to envelop an area.

All units in the fog will become invisible and regain health when the fog appears, and twice as much for the duration of the spell.

As long as there are enemy units in the fog, the invisibility effect will be cancelled.
Invisibility will also be cancelled for a short period of time when a unit takes damage.
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