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TFT Hextech Augments Set 6 Tier List, Gizmos & Gadgets

Tier List of the Hextech Augments TFTs of the Set 6

TFT's Set 6 , Gizmos & Gadgets, introduces a new mechanic: Hextech Augments. Thanks to our TFT Augments tier list for this Set 6 and 6.5, make the right choices in game! These powerful optimizations are key to your strategy and may define the best team composition for your game. The 140 available augmentations come in a variety of combinations and help make each game unique. Mobile or PC player, you want to lanch Teamfight Tactics after a break, but you feel lost? Don't worry. After the champions guide, I walk you through the best TFT Hextech Augments in Set 6 Gizmos & Gadgets.

What is the purpose of TFT Hextech Augments Set 6 ?

Hextech Augments will accompany you throughout the 6 months of Gizmos & Gadgets. At the beginning of phases 1-4, 3-3 and 4-6, the game offers you 3 permanent bonuses. But which optimization should you pick? Some are more advantageous than others and we will present them to you with our advice on this mechanic from Set 6. Augments affect both your economy and your board. Not all of them will be suitable for your usual compositions.

Hextech improvements are divided into 3 categories: silver, gold and prismatic. The tier is common to all and thus avoids a harmful impact of randomness. To further reduce your bad luck, Teamfight Tactics preselects interesting optimisations for your composition. You can't get a spatula Academic if you play Mutant ! Now that you know what Augments are for and what they are used for, let's discover the list of the best Hextech augmentations of Set 6 at all levels.

How to choose the best Hextech Augments TFT Set 6

Which are the best TFT Hextech Augments for my composition in Set 6?

Before we move on to the phase-by-phase ranking of Hextech Increases on the Set 6 of TFT, here are some preliminary tips according to your compositions :

  • Don't throw them at emblems, hearts, books and souls at the start of the game! They are a bait! They push you in a unique direction that forces you to make questionable decisions. Be patient!
  • Don't spread yourself too thin! There is no point in multiplying effective bonuses over short periods. Think about your strategy and don't hesitate to change your mind at the right moment. Be smart!
  • Do not consider this tier list as infallible. I guide your choices based on the average stability of the Hextech Augments. Victory in TFT does not depend on your luck, but on your ability to adapt. Be flexible!

Tier 1 - Hextech Silver Improvements

For this tier list, we might as well start at the beginning. By presenting you the best TFT Hextech Augments by phase, you should be able to use this table while playing. Otherwise, to optimize your Teamfight Tactics games, the best way is to use a specialized gaming tool like Mobalytics.

The first stage of improvement has some interesting optimisations. It is most often offered in phase 1-4 and determines your strategic approach. Be careful to choose versatile optimisations to keep your freedom of action later in the game. Don't get stuck in an impossible composition !

NameRankDescription of the optimisationAdvice onAugment Hextech
Hyper Roll Icon Augment
Hyper roll
SIf you have less than 10 gold coins at the end of a turn, +2 PO.Versatile, it gives you tempo at the beginning of the game and revitalizes your economy in the last phases.
Phony Frontline Icon Augment
Phony Frontline
STwo target dummies are added to your set.Despite a health nerf in patch 11.23, these mini-tanks retain a real robustness.
Icon Item Grab Bag Augment
Item Grab Bag I
SWin a complete item at random and a reforger.A Augment Hextech TFT from Set 6 flexible in all phases of the game. Works with all compositions.
Built Different Icon Augment
Built differently I
SYour champions without an active trait gain +300 HP and 40% attack speed.This original optimization leads you to play your TFT game in an unusual way. It provides a huge power gain in the early stages, but you should not hesitate to abandon it later.
First Aid Kit icon Augment
First Aid Kit
SHealing and shields received by your units are increased by 35%.A strengthening of your sustain that synergizes perfectly with the compositions of Set 6 with heal, whether it is innate like the Enchanters or acquired through your items.
Calculated Loss Icon Augment
Calculated loss
SEach time you lose, you get +2 PO and a free shop refreshment.A perilous game that can pay off. To succeed in your comeback, you will have to lose your innings without sacrificing your VPs. Difficult, but formidable!
Thrill of the Hunt Icon Augment
Thrill of the Hunt I
SYour units regenerate 300 HP by killing an enemy. Better than Celestial Blessing at the beginning of the game, its regeneration will surprise your opponents.
Stand United icon Augment
Stand United I
AYour units gain 3 Attack Damage and Ability Power per active Trait in your team.An optimization for the endgame. 9 units on the board and a maximum of legends such as Jayce, Yuumi or Tahm Kench ensure a substantial buff.
Cybernetic Icon Augment
Cybernetic Implants I
AYour units equipped with an item gain 200 HP and 10 attack damage.A relevant statistical addition on AD carrys. It shines with characters like Yone, Urgot or Jinx.
Exiles icon Augment
Exiles I
AYour units that begin combat without adjacent allies gain a maximum 35% VP shield for 8s.A huge shield on your units in exchange for reduced stress. It is particularly suitable for Bruisers and Bodyguards.
Pandora Icon Augment
Pandora's Items
AWin a random component. At the beginning of each round, the items on your bench are randomised (except for the crown, spatula and tactician's consumables).The assurance of always finding the component for your champion! The best Hextech for experienced players who will be able to use and abuse this constant reforging by planning their champions' build in advance.
Ardent Censer Icon Augment
Ardent Censer
AAllies healed or protected by Enchanters gain 15% cumulative attack speed for the rest of the fight (max once every 2s).An excellent choice for the late-game. The attack speed boost makes your carrys even more devastating.
On Guard Icon Augment
On Guard
BThe first time an enemy is attacked by a Challenger, it is Disarmed for 3s.3 decisive seconds of CC help turn your Challengers into a real steamroller.
Self-repair icon Augment
BWhen the Innovation dies, it becomes impossible to target and is repaired if an Innovator is still alive.This Augment strengthens your front line and contributes to the stability of your set.
Runic Shield Icon Augment
Runic Shield I
BArcanists start the fight with a shield equal to 350% of their power which lasts 8s.Its recent adjustment has ruined its performance. 8 seconds is far too fast for your rear units to take advantage of.
Scoped Weapon Icon Augment
Scoped Weapons
BDouble the hex range of your ranged units and their attacks cannot miss.A useful addition to composition Repeaters or Snipers.
Weak Spot Icon Augment
BYour units' attacks ignore 25% of the enemy's armour and reduce the healing received by 50% for 10s.Without having a phenomenal impact, Weakspot is versatile, flexible and effective in the compositions AD. An excellent default choice in this tier list of Hextech Augments TFTs from Set 6!
Knife's Edge Icon Augment
Knife's Edge I
BYour units that start combat in the first two rows gain 30 attack damage.This augmentation brings some extra damage to your frontline, but its usefulness is relatively limited.
Celestial Blessing Icon AugmentCelestial Blessing IBYour units heal for 12% of the damage inflicted by their attacks and skills. Excess healing is converted into a shield up to 300 HP.Very weak at the beginning of the game, prefer the TFT Hextech Augment Thrill of the Hunt if possible.
Unstable Evolution icon Augment
Unstable Evolution
CMutants randomly gain one of the following when they reach 2 stars: 500 HP, 35% attack speed, 35 attack damage or 35 power. These bonuses are cumulative.It fits perfectly into the compositions Mutant , which is omnipresent in the meta. Think about scouting before you bet everything on this talent!
Sniper's Nest Icon Augment
Sniper's Nest
CSnipers gain +8% damage per turn when they started combat in the same hex. (max +40%)Immobilising your carrys is still a very bad idea in the Set 6 of TFT. A dead DPS does you no good!
Cutthroat Icon Augment
CAssassins reduce the mana of their first target, increasing the mana cost of its next spell by 65%.This upgrade allows Assassins to cast before their opponent. If your composition is solid and your placement rigorous, you won't need it: the first enemy is dead long before that!
Make Shift Armor Icon Augment
Makeshift Armor I
CYour units without items gain 30 armour and magic RES.Your core units usually carry items. If you lack items for your tanks, consider this option.
One For All icon Augment
One For All
CWhen your Syndicate champions die, they grant your other Syndicates 20 attack and power damage.Despite an interesting principle, this bonus lacks too many statistics to shine.
Chemtech Overload Icon Augment
Chemical Overload I
CChemtech explode when they die, inflicting 20% of their maximum HP in magic damage in the 2 hexes around them.The damage leaves something to be desired, and the mechanics do not add anything to a distance carry like Urgot.
Underdogs icon Augment
DWhenever your team has fewer units alive than your opponent, your units regenerate 12% of their missing VPs every second.Greatly appreciated on the Colossus at 11.22, its 200 HP per second nerf has definitely buried it.
Dual Rule Icon Augment
Dual Rule
DThere are now two tyrants.An interesting Augment for an Imperial-oriented composition . At the moment, this emblem does not shine in the Set 6 TFT meta.
Dominance Icon Augment
DAfter winning your battle, gain +1 OP for two surviving units.Teamfight Tactics does not lend itself to Win More. Betting on Dominance can be a losing proposition.
Stand Behind Icon Augment
Stand Behind Me
DAt the start of combat, Bodyguards grant 100% of their armour bonus to non-Bodyguard allies directly behind them (does not stack).Who wants to play Bodyguard? Anyone? That's what I thought.
So Small Icon Augment
So Small
DThe Yordles gain a 35% chance to dodge.Too random and too niche to be useful.
Feather Wieghts Icon Augment
Featherweights I
DYour cost 1 and 2 units gain 35% movement speed and attack speed.Featherweight allows 1 or 2 star Carries like Garen, Twitch, Ezreal or Tristana to shine.
Smoke Bomb Icon Augment
Smoke Bomb
DAt less than 60% HP, Assassins become temporarily stealthy, impossible to target, and get rid of all negative effects.The single activation of this talent significantly impacts its effectiveness and ranking in our tier list of TFT Hextech Augments.
Duet Icon Augment
DSummons an additional Socialite projector.The random placement of the second square prevents your new Socialite from making a spectacle of itself.
Pirates Icon Augment
DMercenary units have a 50% chance of dropping an OP when killing an enemy.Only works if you manage to get a Miss Fortune or a well-equipped Ganplank at the start of the game. Otherwise, your pirates will spend your coins on rum without giving you anything in return.
Lifelong learner icon AugmentLifelong LearningFScholars who survive combat gain +3 power permanently.Moved to patch 11.23 in tier 1, it remains unfortunately useless.
Ascension Icon Augment
FAfter 15 seconds of combat, your units deal 100% more damage.One of the worst Hextech! It lacks impact in early and loses its little power in late. Only the composition Mutant Elderwood of the 11.22 managed to make it work.
Tinker icon Augment
FFor each round of combat with the Scrap trait active, gain a Magnetic Remover or Reforger.What do you want to do with so much reforging?
Enforcer Heart Icon Augment
Enforcer Heart
?Your team gains 1 emblem from Enforcer.
Enchanting Heart Icon Augment
Enchanter Heart
?Your team gains 1 emblem from Enchanter global.
Syndicate Heart Icon Augment
Syndicate Heart
?Your team gains a Syndicate global emblem.

Twin Shot Icon Augment
Twinshot Heart
?Your team gains 1 emblem from Twinshot.
Socialite Heart Icon Augment
Socialite Heart
?Your team gains 1 emblem from Socialite.
Sniper Heart Icon Augment
Sniper Heart
?Your team gains 1 global Sniper emblem.
Scrap Heart Icon Augment
Scrap Heart
?Your team gains 1 emblem from Scrap .
Scholar Heart icon Augment
Scholar Heart
?Your team gains 1 Global Scholar emblem.
Protector Heart Icon Augment
Protector Heart
?Your team gains 1 Global Protector emblem.
Icon Mutant Heart Augment
Mutant Heart
?Your team gains 1 emblem from Mutant.
Mercenary Heart Icon Augment
Mercenary Heart
?Your team gains 1 global Mercenary emblem.
Innovator Heart Icon Augment
Innovator Heart
?Your team earns 1 Global Innovator emblem.
Imperial Heart Icon Augment
Imperial Heart
?Your team earns 1 Global Imperial emblem.
Academy Heart icon Augment
Scholar Heart
?Your team gains 1 emblem from Academic global.
Clockwork Heart Icon Augment
Clockwork Heart
?Your team earns 1 Global Watchmaker emblem.
Chemtech Heart Icon Augment
Chemtech Heart
?Your team gains 1 emblem from Chemtech.
Challenger Heart Icon Augment
Challenger Heart
?Your team wins 1 global Challenger emblem.
Bruiser Heart Icon Augment
Bruiser Heart
?Your team gains 1 Global Bruiser emblem.
Bodyguard Heart Icon Augment
Bodyguard Heart
?Your team gains 1 Global Bodyguard emblem.
Assassin Heart Icon Augment
Assassin Heart
?Your team earns 1 Global Assassin emblem.
Arcanist Heart Icon Augment
Arcanist Heart
?Your team gains 1 emblem from Arcanist global.

Tier 2 - The Hextech Augments Gold

Of the 3 tiers, the second tier of TFT increases Set 6 offers you some decisive advantages. Mostly available in phases 3-4 and 4-6, they help strengthen your composition for the endgame. The statistical improvement of the optimisations' versions does not make up for their lack of long-term usefulness and prevents them from making their mark on the game. I generally prefer single talents in this tier rather than upgraded money. With this phase, you can begin to refine your Teamfight Tactics strategy and focus your composition mid-game by choosing well from the best Hextech Augments TFT of Set 6.

NameRankDescription of the optimisationMy opinion on theAugment Hextech
Trade Sector icon Augment
Trade Sector
SGet a free refreshment from the shop each round.This free reset ensures that you always have a resilient tray.
Rich Get Richer Icon Augment
Rich get Richer
SEarn +10 PO. Your maximum interest is 7 PO.The richer you are, the richer you are. Simple, effective, indispensable.
Salvage Bin Icon Augment
Salvage Bin
SWin a complete item at random. Selling a champion gives you back the components of the item he had equipped.An interesting upgrade to get in phase 1-4. Use your items early and sell your units later to build your favourite composition . A must-have for fast level 8 teams who don't want to sacrifice too many VPs.
Built Different Icon Augment
Built Differently II
SYour units without active traits gain +300 HP and 45% attack speed.The opposite of Stand United II, a Hextech Augmentation that is fun enough to keep its composition a mystery.
Metabolic Accelerator Icon AugmentMetabolic AcceleratorAYour Little Legend moves faster and heals 2 health points at the beginning of each turn.The regeneration is ideal for enduring a lose streak, and the mobility gain ensures you get the item you want during the carousel phase.
Stand United 2 icon Augment
Stand United II
AYour units gain 4 attack damage and power per active trait in your team.Effective for boosting versatility, one of the Hextech Augments TFTs that are also effective for beginners at Set 6.
Binary Air Drop Icon Augment
Binary Airdrop
AYour units equipped with 2 items temporarily gain a random completed item at the beginning of the battle.Its recent upgrade to 2/g has not impacted its performance. By reducing your need for items, this Augment TFT is one of the best and allows you to multiply carrys. Ideal for a composition Sniper around Jhin !
Clear Mind Icon Augment
Clear Mind
AIf you have no units on the bench at the end of a turn, gain +4 XP.Playing without your bench is disturbing but rewarding. A good option for those who want to acquire legendary units quickly.
Knife Edge 2 Icon Augment
Knife's Edge II
AYour units starting the fight in the first 2 lines gain +45 attack damage.It's all about mastering the placement.
Wise Spending Icon Augment
Wise Spending
AEarn +1 XP by updating your shop.One of the best augments of this Set 6 for your economy. You can refresh the shop for free and level up.
Thrill of the Hunt Icon Augment
Thrill of the Hunt II
AYour units regenerate +450 HP when killing.
Junkyard icon Augment
BEvery 3 rounds of combat with the Scrap trait active, gain a random component.2 Scrappers on the board are enough to enjoy it all game long. If you get it in 4-6, it loses all its interest.
Sunfire Board icon Augment
Sunfire Board
BAt the start of combat, burns all enemies of 20% of their maximum health in 16 seconds and reduces healing by 50%.Very powerful at the beginning of the game, its damage fades, but its anti-heal remains relevant.
Cybernetic Icon 2 Augment
Cybernetic Implants II
BYour units equipped with an item gain +450 health and +30 attack damage.
Ancient Archives Icon Augment
Ancient Archives
BWin 1 Tome of trait.The tome only takes into account the units on your board if you have more than 5 characters. Don't use it too early in the game!
Celestial Blessing 2 Icon AugmentCelestial Blessing IIBYour units regenerate 15% of damage from attacks and abilities into HP. Excess healing is converted into a shield up to 450 HP.
Runic Shield 2 Icon Augment
Runic Shield II
BArcanists start the fight with a shield equal to 600% of their power.
Cram Session Icon Augment
Cram Session
BAfter casting their 1st spell, Students restore 80% of their maximum mana.Ideal for a team with Lux or Yone. The mana regen on the first spell will allow you to snowball quickly.
Instant Injection Icon Augment
Instant Injection
CChemtechs now additionally trigger their bonuses at the start of combat.A considerable asset for a composition with Chemtech.
Sharp Shooter Icon Augment
CRanged attacks and Twinshots abilities can bounce once, inflicting 45% less damage.A solid addition to enhance the potential of Jinx or Urgot.
Exiles 2 icon Augment
Exiles II
CYour units that start combat without an adjacent ally gain a maximum health shield of 60% for 8s.
High Roller icon Augment
High Roller
CWin 2 piped dice.The ultimate party. It can be the best Hextech Augments of Set 6 as well as the worst. Feeling lucky?
Makeshift Armor 2 Icon Augment
Makeshift Armor II
CYour units without objects gain +45 points of armour and magic resistance.
March of Progress Icon Augment
March of Progress
CGain +4 bonus XP per round. You can no longer use gold to gain experience points.Interesting only in round 1-4 to play a game centered around the reroll.
Share the Spotlight icon Augment
Share the Spotlight
CAllies adjacent to a searchlight at the start of combat gain 75% of its bonus.It is perfectly suited to a composition with 3 Socialites and Carry APs like Viktor, Lux or Malzahar.
Titanic Force Icon Augment
Titanic Strengh
CYour units with more than 1100 HP max gain attack damage equal to 3% of their maximum health.Struck by the relentless hammer of balancing in 11.23, it is now a shadow of its former self.
Shrug Off Icon Augment
Shrug It Off
CBruisers regenerate 2% of their maximum health every second.An interesting addition to a composition 6 Bruisers.
All for One 2 icon Augment
All For One
DWhen an ally dies, it grants the tyrant (Imperial) 25% of its maximum health.An excellent optimization for playing Sion Carry. Fun then, but not meta, hence its D rank in our tier list of the Augments TFTs of this Set 6.
Armor Plating Icon Augment
Armor Plating
DColossi are invulnerable for 2 seconds the first time their HP drops to 60% and 30%.A substantial reinforcement for your frontline of Colossus. However, the lack of space on your board prevents you from taking full advantage of it.
Chemical Overload Icon AugmentChemical Overload IIDChemtechs explode upon death, dealing 75% of their maximum health as magical damage to enemies within 2 hexes.
Feather Weights 2 Icon Augment
Featherweights II
DYour cost 1 and 2 units gain +60% movement and attack speed.
Payday icon Augment
FAfter winning your battle, gain a bonus of OP for each surviving Syndicate unit.Negotiating with the mob to get your pay? Not a good idea.
Gold Reserves Icon Augment
Gold Reserves
FMercenaries deal +1% damage for every 1 OP you have. (Maximum +60%)You're still loaded! You are dead though, that can be embarrassing.
Spell Blade Icon Augment
Spell Blade
FArcanist attacks deal additional magical damage equal to 30% of their power.Essential to impress your lobby with the famous Ziggs Ad, recently buffed by Riot (don't do that).
Academy Emblem icon Augment
Academy Honors
?Your team gains 1 emblem from Academic .
Arcanist Emblem Icon Augment
Arcane Sigil
?Your team gains 1 emblem from Arcanist global.
Assassin's Emblem Icon Augment
Hidden Blade
?Your team earns 1 Global Assassin emblem.
Bodyguard Emblem Icon Augment
Safety Vest
?Your team gains 1 Global Bodyguard emblem.
Bruiser Emblem Icon Augment
Beef Up
?Your team gains 1 Global Bruiser emblem.
Challenger Emblem Icon Augment
A New Challenger
?Your team wins 1 global Challenger emblem.
Chemtech emblem icon
Element X
?Your team gains 1 emblem from Chemtech.
Imperial Emblem Icon Augment
Imperial Banner
?Your team earns 1 Global Imperial emblem.
Mercenary Emblem icon AugmentHired Gun?Your team gains 1 global Mercenary emblem.
Icon Mutant Emblem AugmentExperiment 13-37?Your team gains 1 emblem from Mutant.
Protector Emblem icon Augment
?Your team gains 1 Global Protector emblem.
Scholar Emblem icon Augment
?Your team gains 1 Global Scholar emblem.
Scrap Emblem Icon Augment
Metal Detector
?Your team gains 1 emblem from Scrap .
Sniper Emblem Icon Augment
?Your team gains 1 global Sniper emblem.Don't forget that since patch 11.23, the Sniper emblem also gives 1 extra range to its wearer.
Syndicate Emblem Icon Augment
Shady Business
?Your team gains 1 emblem from Syndicate .
Clockwork Emblem icon Augment
Tick Tock
?Your team gains 1 emblem from Clockwork .

Tier 3 - The Hextech Augments Prismatics

The final tier of Mad Gadgets promises nothing but powerful optimisations! All of them are capable of turning a game around and propelling your composition into orbit. But if you don't want to end up like Team Rocket, you need to choose the best prismatic Hextech Augments of this tier. As with the Gold upgrades, the III versions offer improved stats. Most of them can only barely compete with the bonus game changers in this tier. Let's take a look at the last part of the tier list of TFT Hextech Augments, on phase 4-5.

NameRankDescription of the optimisationMy opinion on Hextech Augments
High End Shopping icon Augment
High End Shopping
SChampions appear in your shop as if you were one level higher.Access to the level 9 shop gives you a head start on the other players. You complete your line-up in round 5-1 easily and secure your top 4 for sure.
Level Up icon Augment
Level Up!
SWhen you buy XP, gain 4 more XP. You can now reach level 10.The extra experience guarantees that you reach level 9 before anyone else. One of the best optimisations possible if you get it in round 1-4.
Built Differently Icon 3 Augment
Built Differently III
SYour units without active traits gain +400 HP and 60% attack speed.Unlike versions I and II, Built Different III allows you to assemble one of the best compositions of the meta.
Golden Ticket Icon Augment
Golden Ticket
SEach time your shop is updated, you have a 35% chance of getting a free reroll.Free rerolls when you make a reroll! We never turn down a gift.
Portable Forge Icon Augment
Portable Forge
SOpen an armoury and choose one of three unique artefacts made by Ornn.The TFT Set 4 is back in full force! With its up in patch 11.23, the blacksmith's items all give you super-powerful bonuses.
United Stand Icon 3 Augment
Stand United III
AYour units gain +6 attack damage and power per active trait in your composition.
Wind Fall Icon Augment
AEarn PO according to the number of Augments you have.
0 = 20 PO,
1 = 25 PO and
2 = 30 PO.
A well-filled purse gives you a significant advantage over the tempo of the game. It speeds up your pace and multiplies your development possibilities.
New Recruit icon Augment
New Recruit
AWin a champion slot.An extra character on the board. Free of charge. Do you really need an explanation?
Knife Edge 3 Icon Augment
Knife's Edge III
AYour units that start the fight in the first two lines gain 60 attack damage.
Icon Item Grab Bag III
Item Grab Bag II
AWin two random completed items and two Reforgers.
Woodland Charm Icon Augment
Woodland Charm
BAt the start of combat, your highest HP champion creates a 1500 HP copy of himself. The clone does not include the elements of the champion it copies.Its performance at the Gold level led it to be prismatic at patch 11.23. Drowned in the middle of overpowered optimizations, it lost a lot of its interest as aAugment Hextech TFT mid-game.
Makeshift Armor 3 icon Augment
Makeshift Armor III
BYour units without items gain 60 armour and magic res.
Runic Shield 3 Icon Augment
Runic Shield III
BArcanists start the fight with a shield equal to 800% of their power.
Cybernetic Icon 3 Augment
Cybernetic Implants III
BYour units equipped with an item gain +600 health and 40 attack damage.
Thrill of the Hunt Icon Augment
Thrill of the Hunt III
CYour units regenerate 600 VPs by killing a unit.
Feather Weight 3 Icon Augment
Featherweights III
CYour cost 1 and 2 units gain 80% movement and attack speed.
Celestial Blessing Icon 3 AugmentCelestial Blessing IIICYour units regenerate health for 20% of the damage done by their attacks and abilities. Excess healing is converted into a shield up to 600 HP.
Broken Stopwatch Icon AugmentBroken StopwatchD8s after the start of combat, all enemies and non-Clockwork units are frozen in time for a total of 4s.Stopwatch has a niche use in synergy with Jhin. Well-prepared, your sniper decimates the opponent's board without even giving his units time to move.
Chemical Overload 3 icon AugmentChemical Overload IIIDChemtech units explode upon death, dealing 100% of their maximum health as magical damage to enemies within two hexes.
Band of Thieves Icon Augment
Band of Thieves
DWin two Thief's Gloves.These complete items look attractive, but their constant randomness makes them really uninteresting. This does not allow this optimisation to stand out in our tier list of Hextech Augments TFTs of Set 6.
Exiles 3 icon Augment
Exiles III
DYour units that start combat without an adjacent ally gain a shield of 80% of their max HP for 8s.
Arcanist Soul Icon Augment
Arcanist Soul
?Your team gains 2 global Arcanist emblems.
Academy Soul Icon Augment
Academic Soul
?Your team gains 2 global Academic emblems.
Assassin Soul Icon Augment
Assassin Soul
?Your team gains 2 global Assassin's emblems.
Bodyguard Soul Icon Augment
Bodyguard Soul
?Your team gains 2 global Bodyguard emblems.
Bruiser Soul Icon Augment
Bruiser Soul
?Your team gains 2 Global Bruiser emblems.
Challenger Soul icon Augment
Challenger Soul
?Your team wins 2 global Challenger emblems.
Chemtech Soul Icon Augment
Chemtech Soul
?Your team gains 2 global emblems from Chemtech.
Clockwork Soul Icon Augment
Clockwork Soul
?Your team gains 2 global emblems from Clockwork.
Enchanting Soul Icon Augment
Enchanter Soul
?Your team gains 2 global Enchanter emblems.
Enforcer Soul Icon Augment
Enforcer Heart
?Your team gains 2 global emblems from Enforcer.
Imperial Soul Icon Augment
Imperial Soul
?Your team gains 2 global Imperial emblems.
Innovator Soul Icon Augment
Innovator Soul
?Your team earns 2 Global Innovator emblems.
Mercenary Soul Icon Augment
Mercenary Soul
?Your team gains 2 global Mercenary emblems.
Icon Mutant Soul Augment
Mutant Soul
?Your team gains 2 global emblems from Mutant.
Protector Soul Icon Augment
Protector Soul
?Your team earns 2 Global Protector Emblems.
Scholar Soul icon Augment
Scholar Scoul
?Your team gains 2 global Scholar emblems.
Scrap Soul Icon Augment
Scrap Soul
?Your team gains 2 global emblems from Scrap.
Sniper Soul Icon Augment
Sniper Soul
?Your team gains 2 global Sniper emblems.
Socialite Soul Icon Augment
Socialite Soul
?Your team gains 2 global emblems from Socialite.
Syndicate Soul Icon Augment
Syndicate Soul
?Your team gains 2 global emblems from Syndicate.
Twinshot Soul icon Augment
Twinshot Soul
?Your team gains 2 global emblems from Twinshot.

And that concludes our tier list of TFT Hextech Augments in Set 6 and 6.5. With this ranking of the best optimizations, you should know what to choose in phase 1-4, phase 3-3 and phase 4-5 whatever your composition. We are preparing a guide to the best compositions Gizmos & Gadgets to come.

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