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How many levels in Candy Crush Saga?

How many levels in Candy Crush Saga?

Since its release in 2012, King's famous game has continued to grow by adding new levels. But in the end, ten years later, how many levels in Candy Crush Saga? We give you the answer in this article and explain in detail how the worlds and episodes are composed.

The different games of the license

Before answering the question: how many levels are there in Candy Crush, it is necessary to clarify a point. When talking about Candy Crush, it is easy to confuse the different titles of the license.

Currently, there are four games in King Studio's Match 3 franchise:

  • Candy Crush Saga, released November 15, 2012;
  • Candy Crush Soda Saga, released November 11, 2014;
  • Candy Crush Jelly Saga, released January 6, 2016;
  • Candy Crush Friends Saga, released on May 29, 2018.

If each opus includes several thousands of levels, it is Candy Crush Saga, the very first game, which has the largest number. And it's a good thing, because it's this game that we're going to talk about.

How many levels in Candy Crush?

Now that we are on the same page, how many levels in Candy Crush Saga? The different levels are divided into worlds, which in turn are divided into episodes. A world has 5 episodes. Each episode has 15 levels, except for the first two in each world, which only have 10 levels.

In the latest update, released on October 26, 2022, the world 173 has welcomed episode 861, which contains levels from 12,891 to 12,905.

Level 12 905, the last level in Candy Crush

Nevertheless, from world 98 onwards, the episodes share the same level rotation every 10 episodes. This is the case for the worlds from 98 to 133, and for the worlds from 134 to 173.

In total, there are 12,905 levels in Candy Crush Saga at the moment. However, new episodes will arrive in the next updates of the game. To keep up with the news of your favorite games, I invite you to visit our page dedicated to mobile news.

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