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How to play Idle Heroes on PC or Mac?

how to play idle heroes on pc or mac

In this new guide, we'll look at how to play Idle Heroes on a PC or Mac. You'll see, it's very simple. Just follow these few steps.

In order to play a mobile game on a computer, you need to download and install a program called an emulator. This program allows you to play as if you were on your smartphone while being on your PC.

For all our tests and game tricks, we use the most secure and efficient emulator on the market. It is BlueStacks, compatible with Windows and MacOS. Icing on the cake, it's free!Download Idle Heroes on PC

Install an Android emulator to play Idle Heroes on PC

First step: download your future Android emulator on your PC. Then we will download the game Idle Heroes.

Go on this download area.

download BlueStacks to play Idle Heroes

Once you have downloaded the emulator .exe file, double click on it to start the installation. This operation may take several minutes. You need to give the Android engine time to start.

Next step, BlueStacks will ask you to connect to your Google account. This is normal, it wants to synchronize with your Android environment.

Make sure you sign in with the Google account with which you usually download your games and applications via the Play Store.

Install and play Idle Heroes on PC

Withthe BlueStacks installation complete, we will now get the Idle Heroes game. Go to the emulator homepage to find Idle Heroes, or look for it in the Google Play Store available on your emulator.

Click on the "Install" button.

Install Idle Heroes on your PC

You know everything aboutinstalling Idle Heroes on your PC!

Recovering mobile progress on PC

Have you started playing Idle Heroes on mobile? No problem, we'll tell you right now how to recover your progress. So you can pick up the game where you left off.

When the game starts, it will finish downloading its latest update. Normally, you don't have to go through the tutorial again, you can click on the icon in the top right corner to get to the login page.

If you haven't done this, it doesn't matter. Just after the start-up tutorial, which will take a few minutes, click on "Settings" at the bottom right.

Idle Heroes game settings icon

Then click on "Change account".

Idle Heroes settings

You open the same login window with email and password.

Changing accounts in Idle Heroes

However, if you have not already done so, you will need to log in on your mobile before trying to log in on your PC. Otherwise, it won't work. And if you were previously playing without being logged in, then you will need to create your account on your mobile.

Playing Idle Heroes on PC is now a breeze! We hope you enjoy this new and much cooler gaming experience than on mobile.

Any questions or suggestions? Leave us a comment! And if you want to go further in setting up your emulator, check our BlueStacks optimization guide!

FAQ: installing Idle Heroes on a PC

Installing an Android emulator for Idle Heroes: is it legal?

If you want to play Idle Heroes on PC legally, the BlueStacks emulator (which we use every day) is the safest and most legal way. The role of the emulator is to simulate an Android environment, as if you were on your phone. There is nothing illegal about it, it is perfectly allowed, and even recommended, to enjoy a great gaming experience!

What are the minimum system requirements to play Idle Heroes on PC?

To play Idle Heroes on PC with the BlueStacks 4 emulator, the minimum system requirements are as follows

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 (or higher) or MacOs ;
  • Processor: Intel and AMD ;
  • RAM: at least 4 GB ;
  • HDD: 5 GB of available disk space;
  • up-to-date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor.

Here are the recommended settings to optimize your Idle Heroes experience:

  • Operating system: Windows 10 or MacOs Sierra ;
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 with virtualization extension enabled in the BIOS;
  • graphics card: Intel/Nvidia/ATI ;
  • RAM: 6 GB or more ;
  • HDD: SSD (or fusion) ;
  • Up-to-date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor.

Can I transfer my Idle Heroes account from iOS to Android?

You can totally find your progress on Idle Heroes from iOS to Android. As mentioned in our guide, after downloading the BlueStacks emulator, you just need to log in with your email and password. It will be necessary to create a game account on your mobile first before trying to log in on the Android emulator for PC.

What are the differences between the PC and mobile versions of the game?

Whether you play on mobile or on PC via an Android emulator, it is the same game. The gameplay will be exactly the same on either medium. Where there are noticeable differences is in the comfort and experience of the game. As you are playing on a big screen and via a computer, the graphics will be much better. In addition, you will be able to play with a keyboard and mouse, or even a joystick.

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Uninstalled the game 1 week ago and downloaded again but it will not allow me to log into my account.

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You don't have to log in as a guest on the game but create an account / link your account to your Google Play account so that your game is saved and you can retrieve it.

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