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How to play TFT: Game play from A to Z

How to play TFT

Want to know how to play TFT, but don't really know how? Here's a complete guide to understanding how a game of TFT works from A to Z. We explain how to play TFT by following the 3 logical steps of a game. What are the rules of the game? How do you win a game of Teamfight Tactics? Discover all the answers to your questions in this article.

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Rules of the game Teamfight Tactics

First of all, you should know that TFT is a free-to-play game. It is therefore not necessary to pay a single cent to play it. Developed by Riot GamesTFT is a League of Legends game mode. It is an auto-chess game where 8 players compete by building their own team composed of different champions from the LoL universe. Rest assured, you can play TFT without ever having played LoL. The gameplay is completely different. To access the TFT game mode, simply click on the "TFT" tab in the League of Legends game.

💡 You may know the Battlegrounds mode in Hearthstone? It's the same principle! An integrated game mode, with a totally different gameplay from the base game.

Step 1: The importance of the start of the game in TFT

The rules of TFT are simple: the 8 players start with 100 HP. Each player must build a team of champions by activating the best possible synergies, with the aim of beating the others.
The early game is one of the most important phases in TFT.

The first question to ask is: how do you play TFT at the beginning of the game? To answer this question, the first thing to do is to play with what the game gives you. That is, you should not "force" a composition at the beginning of your TFT game. For example, the Chosen mechanic, which came into being in Set 4, allows you to find a champion who is already level 2 and where one of the traits (origin or class) counts for two in the synergy bonus. Don't wait to get the chosen one you are most interested in at the beginning of the game. Take one of the first ones that falls into your shop and try to win the duels in the first phase of combat.

The mechanics of the elected representative in TFT
The mechanics of the elected representative in TFT

Also, one of the important rules of TFT is saving. Indeed, to win a game of TFT, it is necessary to accumulate a certain amount of savings in order to spend your money and find your champions. To do this, you should know that for every 10 PO (the money of the game), you will receive 1 additional PO (+2 at 20, +3 at 30 and up to +5 at 50). Also, after each battle you win, you receive 1 OP. Finally, you can also earn points for winning or losing series. From 2 onwards, you receive 1 PO, from 4 onwards 2 PO and from 5 onwards 3 PO.

Economy, one of the most important rules of TFT.
Economy, one of the most important rules of TFT

Step 2: Setting up the composition

Ideally, the beginning of the game has allowed you to build up a good economy and not lose too many VPs. To win a game of TFT, you must create the best possible composition. In most cases, your first chosen one will have to be sold in the middle of the game to find a new one later on. However, there are several exceptions. For example, playing a Hyperollcomposition, i.e. a composition based on several tier 1 champions of level 3, of which your first chosen is part, is an exception.

In the middle of the game, you have to ask yourself a very important question: which compositions to choose? To answer this question, you must look at your items. Indeed, your potential carriers must be equipped with specific items in order to win a TFT game. It is therefore necessary to analyse the best TFT compositions to play in the best way.

Items on the carry
Items on the carry

Step 3: The end of a TFT game

This is it! You've set up your final composition, you've found all your level 2 champions and you feel ready to make a top 1. To win your TFT game, you have one more thing to think about: your placement. Good placement involves analysing your opponents' compositions. For example, consider protecting your carries with your other champions to prevent them from being destroyed by opposing assassin champions.

Placement in TFT
Placement is very important in TFT

Note that a TFT game lasts between 35 and 45 minutes. During this time, you will have to analyse, think, understand and implement your strategy in order to win.

To go further and understand all the intricacies of TFT, see our TFT guide to getting started.

How to play TFT Mobile ?

TFT has been available on mobile for a while now. You can play it on your phone by downloading it via the stores(Google Play Store or App Store). On iOS, TFT Mobile is compatible with iPhone 6S and higher. On Android, your phone must have at least 2 GB of RAM, Android version 7 or higher. If you are unsure whether your phone is compatible to play TFT, you can still try to download and install the game. If an error message appears, it means that your phone is not compatible.
Finally, the gameplay is almost identical to the computer version. Of course, your finger replaces your mouse. As a result, it can be more complicated to manage your time and place your champions in the best way.

Now that you know how to play TFT and you know how a game is played from A to Z, don't hesitate to try the game. It is by playing that you really understand what Teamfight Tactics is all about! 😃

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