How to register to TeeTiny Online beta?

How to register for TeeTiny Online beta

After a first phase of test last March, let's find out how to register for TeeTiny Online beta. We also reveal the information available on this multiplatform MMORPG with cartoon graphics.

Climb to the top of the Tower of Despair

Before we find out how to sign up for TeeTiny Online beta, we take a look at what's in store for the new game from Smilegate, the studio behind Lost Ark and Epic Seven. Developed by Teeny Studio, TeeTiny is an MMORPG in which your main objective is to progress from floor to floor within the Tower of Despair to reach its summit. This is at least the case for the main story since a second tower is accessible for PVP battles.

Also team up with other players to defeat numerous fearsome enemies in increasingly dangerous dungeons.

As in most MMORPGs, different classes are available in the TeeTiny Online beta. However, you won't have to make the difficult choice of freezing your character's fighting style at the beginning of the game. Indeed, to change your class in TeeTiny Online, you just have to change your weapon and the corresponding class will be automatically assigned to your character.

How to register to TeeTiny Online beta?

Let's see now how to register for TeeTiny Online beta. Only available for Android devices and PC, you can find the download links on the official game website. The mobile version has been graphically optimised to allow for a smooth experience for even the weakest configurations.

Players from all over the world will be brought together on a single global server. An automatic translation system has been set up so that you can communicate regardless of the language of the other player. For the moment, 6 languages are available: English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese.

How to register for TeeTiny Online beta

The Teetiny beta will end on 7 July 2022 and all data will be deleted.

Finally, now that we've seen how to sign up for TeeTiny Online beta and what to expect with this title, pre-registration is open on TapTap for Android and iOS devices. In the meantime, I invite you to discover other similar games in our top of the best MMORPGs on mobile.

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