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Ice Beast of Summoners War | Strategy, Team and Rewards

guide Ice Beast summoners war

The Ice Beast of Summoners War is a challenge to overcome in the Rift of WorldsJust like the other five beasts the player will have to face. However, you will have to apply a different strategy to the other beasts, and in particular allocate monsters according to their attributes in order to achieve the SSS rank with your team.

What is Ice Beast in Summoners War?

The Ice Beast is an impressive creature with a special skill. It freezes the monsters attacking it, freezing also their health points. It will be necessary to apply monsters with a high number of HP and defence in the first line in order to protect the attacking monsters behind.

The Ice Beast in Summoners War

Moreover, as the Ice Beast is of water attribute, it will be necessary to privilege monsters of water and/or wind attribute. Here is a small explanation of the skills available to the Ice Beast.

The skills of the Ice Beast of Summoners War

The Ice Beast has the following competencies:

VisualCompetenceDescription of the competence
ice sweepingFrozen scan Attacks all enemies twice and places them under a freezing effect when the monsters are under the effect of frozen air.
frozen roar Ice Beast summoners warFrozen roarIncreases the freezing air effect on all enemies with a roar of ice. Frozen air freezes 75% of HP and causes engaged monsters to lose all abilities. HP is recovered in proportion to the attack gauge.
thorn of despair Ice Beast summoners war Thorn of despair Attacks all enemies in the front line twice. Damage increases as the defence weakens. If all monsters in the front line are dead, the attack will target the monsters in the second line.
condensed gel breath Ice Beast summoners warFrozen breath of angerRemoves all reinforcement effects from all enemies and attacks them with a frozen blast to deal damage that ignores damage reduction effects.
twisted body sw Twisted body (passive)Gains immunity to all harmful effects to weaken damage dealt based on HP. This skill increases the damage dealt to wind monsters by 50% and the damage dealt to fire monsters by 50%.

Having a high speed base is not necessarily helpful against Ice Beast. However, using an ATB boost can help turn the tide. You should also aim for a high attack to defeat the Ice Beast. You should aim for a minimum of 1500 attack on your backline monsters to ensure a win.

The monsters to be used in the Team for the Ice Beast

There are different teams, each one more useful than the other, but it is preferable to show a team with monsters accessible to all:

VisualMonsterDescription of the available runs
eirgar swEirgarHe rune in Blade/Rapid in VIT/DCC%/ATK%. It will serve as an ATB boost for the whole team.
homunculus dark swHomunculus DarkThis monster is rune in Violent/Focus in VIT/PV%/PV%. It will allow you to be the tanky monster of the team.
sabrina swSabrinaSeveral runages are available for this monster such as a Fatal/Blade or a Rage/Blade in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%. With its twin, it will inflict the most damage.
talia swTaliaShe runes to Violent/Blade or Violent/Combat in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%. The same as for Sabrina.
kro swKroHe rune in Rage/Blade in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%. To get a better chance, he needs to be awakened a second time. It will inflict enormous damage on the beast once it is stunned.
sigmarus sw Sigmarus It rune as Fatal/Blade in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%. It will also inflict enormous damage.
team for the Ice Beast Summoners War

As with other rift beasts, it is possible to mount the buildings available in the arena shop to help you get good stats.

buildings to be obtained in the Summoners War arena

The different rewards of the Ice Beast in Summoners War

Once the beast is defeated, it will be possible to obtain different rewards :

  • piece of rune;
  • arcenmon;
  • scroll mystic;
  • invocation stones ;
  • stones of metamorphosis.
rewards in the Ice Beast of Summoners War


Crystals will also be obtained depending on the score. It is important to note that pure magic crystals are guaranteed once the S rank has been reached;

  • burning fire crystal ;
  • frozen water crystal;
  • breaking wind crystal ;
  • crystal of blinding light;
  • crystal of total darkness ;
  • condensed magic crystal;
  • crystal of pure magic.
crystals to be obtained in the Ice Beast of Summoners War


It is also possible to obtain runes when the Ice Beast is defeated:

  • Combat rune (2 sets): Increases the ally's attack by 8% ;
  • rune determination (2 sets): increases the ally's defence by 8%;
  • Improvement Rune (2 sets): Increases the ally's HP by 8%;
  • Accuracy rune (2 sets): increases the ally's accuracy by 10%;
  • Tolerance rune (2 sets): increases the ally's resistance by 10%.
runes to obtain in the Ice Beast of Summoners War

Following the reading of this guide, I hope you now manage to defeat the Ice Beast in Summoners War! Good farming ! 😉

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