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All about the Arena in Idle Heroes rewards

Idle Heroes Arena

During your adventure Idle HeroesDuring your adventure, it is impossible to miss the Arena during your progression. The arena allows you to compete with other players in different game modes. It's up to you to show your worth in order to climb the various rankings and to boost your ego. But beyond the glory, the Arena allows you to collect various rewards. Any good Idle Heroes player knows that every resource is good to take to progress and build your dream team little by little. This is why you will discover in our Idle Heroes Arena guide everything you need to know to maximize your performance. Even beginners who don't yet have Top Tier characters will find it useful.
The Arena is also integrated with daily quests, achievements and events. All the more reason to open your eyes wide and dive into our guide and its tips 😉

How does the Idle Heroes Arena work?

The Idle Heroes Arena can be unlocked very quickly through level gains. Simply level up to level 18 with the Campaign mode to jump into the fight. However, there are several areas and not all of them are accessible from the start.

Game modes in the Idle Heroes arena
  • Crystal Crown League (level 18): A basic 6 vs 6 battle.
  • Test of the champion (level 55): a massive battle where you have to build 3 teams of 6 heroes who will fight against 3 teams of 6 heroes of the same opponent.
  • Team Building Arena (level 60): A team building arena where players form teams of 3, each with a team of 6 heroes.
  • Interdimensional Arena (level 80): also known as the World Arena, in this part of the arena it is possible to play against all players in the world, regardless of their server. There is however a specific bracket for Android and another for iOS. There is a basic 6 vs 6 battle.

The rules are different depending on the type of Idle Heroes Arena but the principle remains the same. To start a fight, you have to spend Arena Tickets. You then score points according to your results and unlock rewards, in victory but also in defeat.

Tier List of the Idle Heroes Arena

For players who are looking for the best heroes in the game, we recommend you visit our Tier List Idle Heroes. However, when it comes to arena and pure PvP, some heroes shine more than others. This game mode puts the attack in the spotlight, as your fighters automatically heal themselves between each fight. So there is no need to have a balanced composition. In the Idle Heroes arena, whoever strikes first and is outnumbered often has a big advantage.

  • Scarlet Queen - Halora: Hard to come by, this transcended version of Queen is a gem in arena mode. She deals huge AoE damage and also reduces the damage dealt by hit enemies. When you add to that a counter mechanic and a debuff of the opponent's resistances, you get one of the biggest DPS in the game. We may regret her relative fragility, but unlike the original Queen, Scarlet Queen Halora has sustain. Indeed, she can regain up to 24% of her HP each turn.
  • Sword Flash - Xia: Another hero of transcendence who also shines with her offensive abilities. She obviously has a lot of damage to show for it, but she also has two very interesting mechanics for the arena mode. On the one hand, she focuses on targets with the lowest HP, which is ideal for gaining a numerical advantage. On the other hand, with its huge sustain and dodging abilities, it is perfect against your opponents' offensive heroes.
Carrie, champion of darkness
  • Carrie : Some will say that her skills are a bit too OP, but if you have the character at hand, it would be silly to deprive yourself of them... She can make her enemies silent by suppressing their energy, which will greatly limit the damage of your opponents. Moreover, she can also resurrect in case of death... Already with one life it is a real poison, we let you imagine with two!

How to get Arena tickets

There is not only one way to get Arena Tickets. As you might expect, they are not free and at some point you will have to pay for them with gold or gems. Doing well in the arena is not mandatory and those who don't want to conquer the ladder, can settle for the bare minimum to receive the basic rewards , before moving on. Here are the most common ways to get tickets:

Idle Heroes Arena: tickets in the market
It is impossible to beat the market in terms of price.
  • In the market (15): Every day you can buy a lot of 5 tickets (300k gold) and a lot of 10 tickets (120 gems).
  • In the quests (5): A daily quest allows you to earn two extra tickets. A quest in the interdimensional arena also allows you to collect three more.
  • Merchants in the adventure.
  • Merchants in the Aspen dungeon.
  • Purchases in the arena: 20 gems per ticket.

Gems are valuable resources and are very useful. It is therefore best to save them. We therefore advise you to buy the 5 gold tickets in the market every day and to buy the gold tickets in the dungeon. For the rest, your gems can be used for more useful purposes, especially for players who are just starting out and are not among the best on the server. 😥 There's no need to exhaust yourself running a losing race.

How not to miss any of the Idle Heroes Arena awards

Even with a less than optimal team full of 10-star heroes, the Arena is a place not to be missed. Indeed, it provides a whole lot of rewards.

Idle Heroes Arena Daily and Seasonal Reward
  • The rewards daily Idle Heroes arena (Crystal Crown League): Simply log in to receive glory coins, magic powder and gems. The resources are delivered to your mailbox every day at 9 pm. So remember to open your application every day.
  • The rewards seasonal (Crystal Crown League): This league is open all the time. The seasons follow each other and each season lasts 14 days. Depending on your ranking, you can win up to 600 gems, 3,000 magic powders and 800 glory coins.
  • The rewards of the test of the champion: the test of the champion lasts only 4 days a week and always ends on Sunday. You can win gold and glory coins.
  • The rewards team arena: to participate, you will need to find a teammate. You are free to invite a friend or to apply to another player. The rewards at the end of the season can offer you up to 5,000 gold, 5 prophet orbs, 500 gems and a special avatar.
  • The rewards interdimensional arena: Depending on your ranking, you can win up to 3,000 gems, 40k magic powders and 200 5-star fragments.

What to buy in the arena shop?

The Idle Heroes arena has its own shop where you can spend glory coins. There you will find a whole bunch of special avatars. These look good on the CV, but don't do much good and cost a lot of money (1,000 glory coins). The hero fragments are not very good value either (350 coins for 10 fragments).

On the other hand, we advise you to convert your coins into Prophet Orbs (200 coins). This is the resource that has the best quality/price ratio and will allow you to progress quickly by obtaining 4 and 5 star champions of a chosen faction. 😎

Idle Heroes Arena, the shop
You can't go wrong buying orbs of the prophet.

You now have all the knowledge you need to excel in Idle Heroes' arena mode. Now all you have to do is get into the battle. Collect as many rewards as you can and do your best to climb the rankings. If you're interested in more general tips on how to progress beyond the arena, check out our beginner's guide.

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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