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Idle Heroes Celestial Island : How to optimize your resources?

Celestial Island Idle Heroes

In Idle Heroesto progress in the different game modes, there is no secret. You need to recruit the best characters and above all improve them to make them even more powerful. But behind the power, the best players distinguish themselves by their management skills. Among the different sources of resources, the Celestial Island requires a certain know-how to optimize its production. This sort of headquarters, which you get at level 30, will provide you with rewards on a regular basis. In order not to lose a drop of it, we advise you to read carefully our Idle Heroes Celestial Island guide.🤓
Between managing your Watchtower, organizing your Adventures and Ravaging the Celestial Islands, you can quickly get a headache. Every choice will have long-term consequences and it's best to think carefully before investing. Following the right tricks will save you resources, but more importantly a lot of time! 😎

Idle Heroes Celestial Island: Headquarters Guide

You come directly to your headquarters by opening the Celestial Island entrance from your menu. At first, it will seem quite empty, but will gradually become more charming as you fill it with buildings. Statues, pits or even furnaces, each building will have its own purpose.

Idle Heroes celestial island: headquarters
Show me your HQ and I'll tell you what you are worth.

Improvement of the Watchtower and the furnace

  • Watchtower: The Watchtower serves as a kind of barometer. By increasing its level (1 to 20), you increase your bonuses and your rewards. It is therefore a safe bet and your investment will always pay off at some point. We advise you to quickly rush level 6 to have access to the Adventure option which offers a lot of resources.
  • Furnace : The furnace allows you to convert chaos stones into other rare resources. However, we advise you to leave it aside at the beginning of the game. Your chaos stones will be used primarily to construct other buildings and these resources can be obtained in other ways.

Pits: turning your base into a factory

You can build up to 6 pits in your headquarters (Watchtower level 18). There are 3 types of pits and you can build 2 per type.

Gem pit
You don't have to get out your credit card to get gems.
  • Gem Pits: Gems are a valuable resource and if you've been following our guide to getting started with Idle Heroes, you'll know that they can be used for just about anything. Gem pits allow you to avoid the temptation to pull out your credit card and are very useful.
  • Gold pit : At the beginning of the game, you should be able to get by without it. But gold is still a useful resource. It is not very valuable, but you still need it. You have to spend gold to build and improve a gold pit, but the investment pays off quickly.
  • Magic dust pits: we advise you to buy these pits last. At the beginning of the game, they are almost useless. It is better to use your money and chaos stones elsewhere.

Statuses: getting bonuses for your heroes

The statues grant bonuses to your heroes depending on their origin (Fortress, Forest, Abyss, Shadow, etc.). It's up to you to decide what you need most between attack, speed or health points. It's logical, but favour statues that affect as many heroes in your team as possible.

  • Dark statue : Abyss, Shadow and Darkness.
  • Statue light: Forest, Light and Fortress.

The priority depends on your composition, but you are advised to concentrate on one type of statue rather than trying to improve symmetrically. It looks good, but it is not optimal for your progress.

Idle Heroes Celestial Island : adventure guide

As previously written, in order to access the Adventure, you must upgrade your Watchtower to level 6. You are advised to do this as soon as possible, as this feature is very resource-intensive, as well as adding a new extra entertainment. The Adventure takes you on a long cruise (about ten days). During your long journey, various events can happen (good and bad). But most of them give you treasures, which can only be opened at the end of your journey. Your patience will be rewarded.

In addition to the treasures, the adventure will always give you fixedrewards (experience, hero puppet, technology point, etc.). On paper, everything seems very simple. However, there are several tricks to know to optimize your gains and especially to save time!

Idle Heroes celestial island
The cruise will not be easy, but you will gain a lot!

How to choose the right Idle Heroes adventure?

Logically, the longer the adventure takes, the higher the rewards . However, there is another factor to consider: the type of puppet you want (Fortress, Forest, Abyss, etc.). Obviously, you should choose a puppet that can be used as an upgrade material in order to obtain the strongest heroes in the Tier List. Furthermore, if you are lucky, you can unlock hidden routes. These roads are temporary (you have to select them on your next trip or they disappear) and are more cost effective. We therefore advise you to always select them when they are available.

Finally, keep in mind that some trips are very long (more than 40 days) and that you need to play regularly to maximise your winnings. Therefore, if you are going on holiday to a distant country that does not have internet or to grandma and grandpa's in Creuse, remember to make a note in your diary. 😆

Don't joke about the durability of your ship

As a basic rule, your ship starts with 100 VP. In case of an accident or defeat, it will take damage. If, by misfortune, it falls to 0 VP, your journey stops immediately and your rewards disappear. You must therefore repair your ship at all costs before it is too late, even if it costs a few gems.

Durability of the Idle Heroes boat
Ideally you should finish your cruise with at least 90 in sustainability.

In addition, it is in your best interest to keep your ship in perfect health. At the end of your adventure, as soon as the ship has less than 90 VP, you will lose a percentage of your treasure. 80 VP is a 10% loss, 70 VP is a 20% loss and so on. You don't have to be a mathematical genius to know that these losses are very annoying.

Increasing the chances of looting

Among the various events possible in your adventure, looting another ship proves to be a double-edged sword. If you win, you gain an extra crate, gems and also a small acceleration of your journey. But if you lose, the durability of your ship decreases. To maximise your chances, we advise you to organise your battle composition well.

Before you set sail, the game asks you to form 3 teams. Each team is attached to a specific system. There is no need to split your forces evenly, put your best heroes in the same team, as only one team is fighting. Often, players make the mistake of filling the 18 slots in descending order, placing the strongest characters in team 1. To counteract this logic, put your best characters in your team 3 (auxiliary system), which will make short work of its often weak opponent.

Idle Heroes Celestial Island: which technology should be the priority on your boat?

Each trip gives you technology points toimprove your boat for your next expedition. The two elements that should be optimised first are the engine (faster travel) and the hold (increase in rewards). The ship's armour is not a priority, except to save a few repair gems. As for the arsenal, it is not very interesting, better to increase the power of your heroes and use our previous tip for looting. 😈

Idle Heroes Celestial Island : expedition guide

The expeditions are accessible as soon as you open your Celestial Island. The operation is very basic and does not require much knowledge. You just need to know that islands appear regularly. You can then plunder them to receive rewards: gold, chaos stone, fragments of skin. The quantities are not pharaonic, but in Idle Heroes, every resource is good to take. Here are some tips on how to get as much as possible.

exploration Idle Heroes Celestial Island
Tick, tick, tick... Come back at the right time so you don't lose a minute!

Set your alarms to be there at the right time

In the expedition function, you will find two types of islands that you can loot. The basic islands and the Void's Nest. The number of basic islands depends on the level of your Watchtower, but there is only one Void's Nest in each case. In all cases, only one looting is possible, and you must then wait for the environment to regenerate. To avoid wasting time, keep in mind that recovery times are fixed, regardless of your level.

  • The basic islands: 6 hours to regenerate.
  • The Nest of Nothingness: 8 hours to regenerate.

The countdown starts from the moment you open the expedition. After 6 and 8 hours, all islands regenerate automatically.

Beat the boss of the Void's Nest

The Void's Nest will be a little more complicated with the presence of a Boss. Defeating it will give you a well-deserved reward in your mailbox. You should also know that if you lose, you can try your luck again without the Boss having had time to recover his life. Determination is the key. There are 6 different Bosses that appear randomly:

  • Shadow Mage: reduces your attack.
  • Fortress-Mage: that burns you.
  • Abyss-Assassin: which inflicts heavy damage.
  • Forest-Combatant: that makes you dizzy.
  • Darkness-Mage: who inflicts greater damage with his skills.
  • Light-Priest: who can counter-attack.

Ask for help if needed

Buy a purple daffodil
To get more daffodils, you will have to spend gems. You might as well not waste them!

There is no need to play hero and spend purple daffodils unnecessarily. If a boss blocks you because you lack power, which can be the case at the beginning of the game, you can ask a friend for help. You will get one invitation point every 12 hours (2 storage points max). For those who multiply friends, you can quickly get lost and their power is not directly displayed in the expedition. You will have to check their strength in your friends list to know which horse you should bet on.

This is already the end of our Idle Heroes Celestial Islands guide. With all these tips, you are now able to optimize your resources and get a maximum of rewards. Never forget that in this game, power isn't everything and that you have to be a good manager first 😉

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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