KartRider: Drift Beginner Guide on Android, iOS and PC

KartRider: Drift Beginner Guide on Android, iOS and PC

Check out our tips and tricks in this KartRider: Drift beginner guide, on Android, iOS and PC. To triumph in the Nexon game's action-packed races, we tell you how to train to improve your performance by navigating game modes and mastering skids.

Tips from the KartRider: Drift beginner guide

To start the year 2023 off right, Nexon has given us the KartRider: Drift release on Android, iOS and PC. To help you get off to a good start in this racing game that lets you race karts on arcade tracks while skidding at full speed, we share our tips in this KartRider: Drift beginner guide.

Let's start this guide by going back to basics to make sure we're moving in the right direction. Although it may seem silly because it's so obvious, it's necessary to start by learning the basic controls. If you've ever played a mobile racing game, you'll probably already be comfortable with the arrow keys to steer the kart and the automatic acceleration.

At the start, don't forget to press the gas pedal at the right time to get a boost and start the race in the best way. You also have a brake button as well as a main button that allows you to skid with your kart.

Become the drift's king

Let's continue our KartRider: Drift beginner guide with the skids. As the name of the game suggests, Drifting is very important in the gameplay. Skids can help you gain speed and make sharp turns. Learning how to use them correctly will result in a significant improvement in your performance.

Drifting in KartRider: Drift

Our advice is to repeat some of the license tests several times to make sure you understand how the drifts work. Finally, you have slots available to accommodate two bonuses, such as nitro that increases speed for example.

The different game modes in KartRider: Drift

If you are a KartRider: Drift beginner, this guide recommends that you practice in the different game modes, starting with Licenses to understand all the gameplay mechanics. Then practice in the Time Attack mode to understand the different characteristics of each track and improve your driving skills.

Once you're ready, you'll be able to engage in multiplayer in Speed Mode for pure performance, and in Items Mode for fun and excitement. Finally, you can also participate in custom races to play with your friends.

KartRider Drift beginner guide : characters and karts

The kart choice is purely aesthetic and will have no influence on its performance. However, it is always more fun to have style on the top step of the podium. You can get new karts and accessories by completing quests or buy them in the store.

The karts customization allows you to modify the wheels, the trace of the turbo at the rear of the kart, the license plate, as well as the colors.

KartRider Drift beginner guide: characters and karts

The same goes for the drivers choice, which has no impact on the gameplay despite the presence of a rarity level for the variants of the 16 characters, all of which are available from the start in their original version. So there's no need to splurge on the most expensive karts and characters in the game to win races since all players are equal.

KartRider Drift beginner guide: Items

Before we finish our KartRider: Drift beginner guide, it is necessary to make a point about objects. Like Mario Kart, items such as boosts, missiles, barriers, and shields are scattered throughout the tracks of KartRider: Drift in single-player, duo and team modes.

Not often right, but always decisive, these bonuses and traps can change the ranking of the race until the last second. It is important to know how to manage the timing of objects to counter an opponent or attack him when he drops his guard.

KartRider Drift beginner guide: Items

The trick is to find the right balance to collect as many items as possible without using them unnecessarily. Sometimes it is better to save a bonus for the next turn, where it will allow you to gain one or more places.

That concludes our KartRider: Drift beginner guide on Android, iOS and PC. Now you know how to train and manage your items to defeat your opponents and cross the finish line first.

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