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King of Avalon Guide to Getting Started | Tips and Advice

King of Avalon Guide

The mobile game King of Avalon is a building and management game. This time you have to manage your fortress and your whole city against the evil forces of the witch Morgana! Connoisseurs of the legends of the Round Table will be delighted with this game, as King of Avalon features characters from the legends of King Arthur. Moreover, the main plot takes place after the death of the king! Soldiers, horsemen, dragons... this is a game worthy of a Forge of Empire (PC)! For beginners, we've put together a little King of Avalon guide to help you become strong right from the start! Let's go ! 👑

King of Avalon: aim of the game and basic rules

In order to help you get the hang of the game, let's first highlight the rules of the game and the purpose of King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare. This strategy RPG is a perfect management and construction game like Warpath or Star Trek Fleet Command, which we know well at JeuMobi! Developed by FunPlus, this game is known on iOS and Android for being one of the best Pay-to-Win strategy games. Indeed, in this game, you have to build your city, your training camp, your stables, etc. And all this while fighting monsters and the evil troops of the witch Morgana! To do this, you'll either have to be patient or pay for resources!

Like all games of this type, you need to collect and produce resources to build your buildings, deploy your troops and train your soldiers. These resources take some time to arrive in your inventory, so this game is a game of patience. Your goal is to manage your own kingdom by improving what you build. To do this, you will need a lot of resources, but also boosters, which we will call bonuses, construction acceleration objects, or even gold coins to go faster! Fortunately, this game offers rewards daily, rewards main, side and daily quests, as well as rewards login!

The plot takes place after the death of the famous King Arthur. He is now resting beside his sword, Excalibur! In this context, you play as his successor and must take over the reins. In order for a new person to be crowned, you must defend the fortress and collect heroes such as Tristan to lead your armies! Summon heroes, build hospitals and towers, gather wood and iron, and attack the monsters and enemies of your alliance!

King of Avalon logo

Take advantage of bonuses and free rewards to get started in KoA!

What's pretty cool about starting King of Avalon is that the rewards don't take long to drop! Among the rewards and possible bonuses, you will find something to get you started in the game without having to worry about it. Too many of you forget to use the bonuses and forget to claim your rewards. And yet, you already know that you are entitled to rewards (gold, accelerations, wood, etc.) as soon as you complete a quest, secondary or main.

It is the same principle with the daily quests. When you complete these daily quests, you unlock chests. These chests contain some very interesting rewards ! Anyway, one of your main quests will be to do daily quests even before you reach level 6, you won't be able to avoid it!

rewards are also available for your daily logins, so don't forget them! Also, you gain strong rewards when you level up, or when you do research. Other rewards are available when you win against enemies, that's why you also have to go and attack evil troops!

At the beginning of the game, you will also be asked to link your social accounts. Do it! You will earn resources and bonuses! Many of these rewards are available in your in-game mails, so always check your mails at the beginning and end of the game.

Recovering your rewards in King of Avalon
Get your rewards back!

Priority to resource and troop training buildings!

In this game, you have to focus first on resources and buildings related to your combat troops. Now, you should know that you can't get more side quests if you haven't unlocked the main quest first. That's why you have to do all the quests. Improving and constructing buildings, even without completing one of the quests, will make you go faster. If you see a small green arrow next to a building, you can upgrade it. If there is no building on a plot of land, you have unlocked a new building that is useful for future quests!

We recommend, for example, that you get at least 3 farms between level 6 and level 10 on King of Avalon. It is also recommended to have the same number of hospitals, to heal your soldiers wounded in battle as quickly as possible. The same goes for sawmills! At the same time, check several times a day to see if you can improve your training camp, stables, archery and artillery and train your troops.

To go faster, use the acceleration bonuses, which you have in abundance in the inventory. If necessary, use gold coins to make the required or necessary upgrades and trainings instantly! If you are unlucky enough to run out of gold coins, go and do side quests in the meantime and do daily quests! Use your gold bonuses from the beginning of the game in the inventory. These bonuses give you gold up to hundreds of coins. This is often enough for upgrades and training at the beginning of the game.

The training ground for the troops - King of Avalon guide
Train your troops!

Improve buildings and troops with resources

As mentioned above, you need to build and improve your buildings. The same goes for your fighting troops, it is important to progress quickly in the game! To do this, do the side quests and the main quests in order to collect as many resources as possible (iron, gold, wood, etc). To get more and more resources, improve your harvesting buildings (farm, sawmill, etc). Harvest resources as they are produced by pressing the harvest icon.
💡 Good to know: you can harvest manually by clicking on "Harvest" in the building menu. However, this is more time consuming.

To get more iron, go on a monster hunt! Among the first quests in King of Avalon, you have to fight level 1 monsters, then level 2 monsters and so on. These quests will earn you iron and other resources and bonuses.

Speaking of bonuses, you may have noticed that your inventory is full ofconstruction accelerations, but also of resources to give to the people. Use these bonuses! You have over 200 bonuses on each common bonus already available when you enter the game. Use them whenever you need them. For example, don't hesitate to use 60-minute accelerations for the most important improvements (fortress...)! You will save a lot of time and become stronger in King of Avalon in no time!

Use gold resources and acceleration bonuses totrain your troops! You will quickly have access to horsemen, archers or artillery. You need to improve your buildings (stables, barracks) AND train your soldiers in order to fight victorious battles and thus obtain more useful rewards .

The fortress in the game King of Avalon
The fortress in King of Avalon

Play King of Avalon on PC to get started

This King of Avalon guide is also here to make your life easier! There are several advantages to play King of Avalon on PC :

  • Firstly, playing on a PC allows you to enjoy the convenience of keyboard and mouse controls. Many of you prefer to play this way than with the touchpad on your mobile phone.
  • Management games on PC are more immersive! Indeed, in King of Avalon, you have to have your eyes everywhere! You have to watch out for enemies, keep an eye on your buildings, keep an eye on construction or improvement times... It is true that the smartphone is not very practical to have an overview. You have to drag the city map to see what needs to be done! On a PC, you can see everything in real time.
  • Playing on PC also means easier and faster access to forums, game codes and articles like ours that help you progress in the game 😉
Download King of Avalon to play on PC

Getting started in King of Avalon means getting your first dragon!

But what would King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare be without dragons? Well, the game would probably have less style given all the beautiful cinematics the developers have created with the game's dragons! From the very beginning of the game you will be able to hatch a dragon egg. This dragon will be used to replace the large specimen that was killed by the witch Morgana during one of her attacks.

Your dragon is an integral part of your kingdom's fighting forces. Indeed, the dragon will grow and evolve according to the attention you give it. Few quests will involve your dragon, so it's up to you to think about it! As with all the buildings in the game, a green arrow will indicate when it's time to take action to improve your animal's skills!

Among the possibilities, the dragon can be improved. Its strength can be increased tenfold, but so can some of its other skills. You must also feed your dragon withmeat. This meat is available in the inventory. Please note that the way you use your dragon is very important. Your behaviour in the game determines your experience gains. If you use the dragon to attack other players, you will gain assault experience. Do you use it more for exploration? Then you will be given research experience. If you send it out to collect resources, you'll get guardian experience! These experiences will later determine what kind of dragons you can get!

The first dragon in one of KoA's cinematics
The first dragon in one of KoA's cinematics

King of Avalon guide: 5 mistakes not to make

In this management game, it often happens that we make mistakes at the beginning of the game. Here are some actions to avoid doing in order not to be delayed in the main progression of King of Avalon :

  • Rushing at the enemies. Indeed, you must absolutely maintain your fighting forces and resources before rushing headlong into battle! Fortunately, the game mentions if evil forces are too strong for us! "Heavy losses" is then written in red when you are in the troop formation phase! Never go on the attack when this threat is present, you risk spending time healing your soldiers!
  • Dwell on the quests alone. We can't stress this enough, but the quests are there to guide you. However, you don't have to follow the quests to the letter as soon as they are posted! Follow your instincts and upgrade the buildings that can be upgraded as soon as you can. In any case, you will be asked to upgrade sooner or later!
  • Do not fortify the walls. Enemies attack regularly. So do players who may come and spy on you! Whenever possible, fortify your walls and use your talent points to unlock spy blocking abilities.
  • Do not use your talent points. Talent points are useful in this game when you want to unlock talents. For example, if you ever get stuck on a monster hunting mission due to lack of stamina. Use your talent points to unlock the talent associated with monster stamina. These points can help you considerably. Be careful though, your talents can be used every 24 hours.
  • Use all invocations at once. It is better to wait to do several summons at once rather than a series of five summons. You'll have a better chance of getting interesting heroes! Again, it's a game of patience if you don't want to pay!

Now you know how to get started with King of Avalon! Given the complexity of this strategy game, we'll be back very soon with more tips and tricks on how to progress in King of Avalon. Leave us a little comment to tell us about your successes, but also about your possible difficulties, we will try to bring you solutions!

Eleysiss Survival, craft, BR, FPS, MMORPG... In short, discovery and fighting! What more could you ask for?

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